Sony Xperia 1 V 256GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty],Black

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  • Next-gen sensor & computational processing for stunning low light shots
  • Create cinematic color expression with S-Cinetone for mobile
  • 4K HDR native 120fps video recording[2] on all rear lenses
  • Latest AI to deliver exceptional camera results
  • Capture beautiful and natural skin tones under various light situations.
Product Dimensions

6.5 x 2.8 x 0.03 inches

Item Weight

187 Grams

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 11, 2023



Country of Origin


Memory Storage Capacity

256 GB

Standing screen display size

6.5 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

12 GB

Battery Capacity


35 reviews for Sony Xperia 1 V 256GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty],Black

  1. Joe

    I bought this phone when it launched (US version). The construction and quality of the phone is fantastic, and loved the dual-sim versatility and idea of a slim, lighter-weight flagship phone. The software experience is clean and crisp, and the screen bright and sharp.

    However, being so slim, or better to say narrow, creates a real cramped typing experience. It became too frustrating to type (tons of errors, and corrections) and scroll content on such a narrow screen that I decided to return it. This could easily be my own issue, that others may not have.

    If it wasn’t for the user experience I would have kept it as I really liked the light weight, build quality and over all clean interface.

  2. Hlórriði Sönnungr

    I just upgraded from the two-year-old Xperia Pro-I (same generation as the 1 iii) to this, and I’m very happy I did!

    First, they plugged some of the glaring holes that Sony had vs. the competition.

    * The 1iii/Pro-I had “5G”, but was limited to low-band (n5) on Verizon, and none at all on AT&T. (On T-Mobile you’d get low-band n71 as well as mid-band n41). It was “fast enough” – I got around 300 Mbps down / 75 Mbps up on Verizon. With the 1V, I also have n77 on both Verizon and AT&T (I measured ~900 Mbps the other day), as well as UW. In theory it should also support NR SA (standalone 5G), but no US carrier has deployed this yet.

    * Display brightness has improved from “ho-humm” to “excellent”, and is now clearly visible in direct sunlight.

    * The camera was primarily intended for professional users who tend to post-process a bit; for casual use vibrancy was a bit lackluster. With the new “creative effects” Sony has finally added a bit of AI processing for more “instantly sharable” photos and video. Also the main camera sensor is larger than the 1iii or 1iv (1/1.3), which helps with detail, natural bokeh, etc.

    * Front camera went from ho-humm to best in class.

    * Sony had a bad rep for overheating after prolonged video recording. Turns out this is common among phones with the Samsung chipset that was used in the 1iv – in fact, while the Google PIxel 7 would not give an equally obvious warning about overheating, it would actually shut down sooner with the same video settings when compared to the Pro-I (or even 1iv). In any case, with a newer chipset from TSMC, those issues are largely gone – you can now record 4K/60 fps video for well over an hour before you get any kind of warning.

    * The industrial design changes are subtle, but elegant. The sides and back each have textured surfaces which not only looks and feels great, but helps to prevent slipping. Sony’s own case for this phone is also excellent, covering the back and surrounding the 4 corners without adding much of a girth at all. (Except for at the bottom where the kickstand is located). The updated camera stack also looks fantastic – better than any phone I’ve seen thus far.

    * Also on the Pro-I, but not on the 1iii or 1iv: A third voice-optimized microphone.

    * Improved front-facing speakers. They were already excellent before but didn’t score very high on “loudness tests” (as if anyone ever really use phone speakers for volume). Certainly beats the imbalanced iPhone/Samsung/Pixel setup where one of the speakers blows out from the bottom.

    As before, the things unique to Sony include:

    * A hardware shutter button to open the camera. (Though unlike the Pro-I, there is no dedicated button to launch Video Pro – you’d have to open the app from the launcher instead. Or you can capture a quick video by launching the camera; the Basic mode has a button that switches to “standard” video capture).

    * Expandable storage, with a couple of caveats. (1) The US version of this phone does not have built-in eSIM, but instead two physical SIM slots. The 2nd SIM slot is shared with the µSD card, so you can only expand memory if you use a single SIM. (2) Built-in storage on the US version went down from 512GB in the Pro-I and the 1 iv to a “meager” 256GB. Still plenty for most people, but beware that the bitrate for video capture is higher on the Sony than on other phones, given similar resolution/frame rate/file format.

    * 3.5mm headset jack; no USB DACs required. Superb quality.

    * 21:9 screen aspect ratio, which is perfect for movies & gaming. (This turns out to be a 2.33 ratio, whereas movies tend to be 64:27, or 2.35.) To me this is also more ergonomic, since it makes the phone slim enough for one-handed operation.

    There are of course rumors that Sony might release a Pro-I update soon (“Xperia Pro-I ii” or something equally confusing I gather), but as far as I’m concerned there is little they could improve upon from the 1V without making the phone significantly bigger.

  3. Kindle Customer

    If you want the latest, most fancy trends, you would not buy this phone.

    This phone is for people who felt disappointment in the way smartphone design philosophy changed over the years to disregard and restrict local expansion in favor of cloud based integration.

    think carefully before deciding to buy this phone, it truly is not for everyone.


    Super increíble, llegó antes de que la fecha, con embalaje muy seguro.

    Un dispositivo de gran calidad, hablando de Sony no existe comparación.

  5. .BW

    First of all, I love the phone. It comes with great design and features, but also a couple of negatives.

    – 5G internet works great on T-Mobile network. Average speed is around 300Mbps in my area
    – LTE internet works in the areas where 5G is not available
    – The phone design is great and light. The build quality feels great.
    – The battery last about one and half days with general use and lite gaming
    – Great camera with lots of setting (it’s great to have, but I personally don’t use it too often)
    – One of the last few phone that still support dual sim, SD card and 3.5mm audio jack.
    – 4K Screen and display setting makes picture and video look great.

    – No WiFi Calling on T-Mobile network.
    – Limited shortcut toolbar and system customization. Compare to some other flagship phone, the customization ability is consider primitive to me.
    – Lots of original Google apps such as Phone, Contact, Calendar, Photo. I think Sony took a lazy route on comping up with their own essential apps. It’s a plus if you like tight everything with Google.
    – Missing some default Android feature such as double tap sleep

    Bottom line, I think Sony is targeting customers who care about camera and phone design over everything else. As I mention earlier, it’s a great phone if you are willing to overlook the negatives. Personally, my biggest disappointment is that Sony is still unable to resolve the Wifi calling with major carriers after all these years (My guess is they are not willing to pay some type of loyalty or fees because the sales quantity doesn’t justify the cost). I’m keeping the phone because I love its design and most importantly it’s not seen everywhere like iPhone and Samsung.

  6. Chris B

    Overall the phone is great. I am using the US variant of the phone on AT&T.

    The pros:
    – This phone has the latest Snapdragon processor
    – I enjoy the 21:9 aspect ratio screen (great for 4K movies on your phone (i.e. Netflix)
    – Android 13 with a fairly stock version of Android, which I prefer with very little unwanted software
    – Form factor is great since with the 21:9 aspect ratio, the phone is thinner than most smartphones with a large screen
    – Good speakers, for a phone
    – Great camera

    – Price – costs more than similar phones with similar specifications from competitors

    Overall, I am really enjoying the phone.

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