SteelSeries Aerox 5 – Holey RGB Gaming Mouse – Ultra-lightweight Water Resistant Design – 18K DPI TrueMove Air Optical Sensor

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  • STUNNING RGB — Radiant 3-zone PrismSync RGB shines in 16.8 million configurable colors
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT — Purposefully designed holey shell reduces weight to 59g for effortless, fast gameplay
  • AQUABARRIER — Mouse interiors are shielded from water splashes, dust, and dirt, technology rated IP54
  • BATTLE-TESTED SHAPE — Every component has been carefully optimized and shaped for minimum weight, maximum comfort, and extended durability
  • 9 PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS — Natural comfort with fully customizable buttons which include a side panel and an up/down flick switch
  • NEXT-GEN SWITCHES — Golden Micro IP54 switches last longer than a lifetime for crispy clicks, with added dust and water resistance
  • PIXEL-PERFECT ACCURACY — Great TrueMove Air optical gaming sensor co-developed with PixArt



‎Aerox 5 – RGB Gaming Mouse

Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎2.3 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.07 x 2.68 x 1.66 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.07 x 2.68 x 1.66 inches


‎Silver, Black

Power Source

‎Battery Powered



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎April 12, 2022

10 reviews for SteelSeries Aerox 5 – Holey RGB Gaming Mouse – Ultra-lightweight Water Resistant Design – 18K DPI TrueMove Air Optical Sensor

  1. Nick

    Lo compré no recuerdo exactamente pero por los 800 pesos, poco mas, no se porque estaba a ese precio si es nuevo y llego nuevo, funciona perfecto, esta muy muy bien, creo que me quedaré con este ratón jugando algunos años, súper satisfecho, algún día probaré uno más pequeño porque mis manos no son muy grandes, pero por el precio, perfecto. Lo deslizo por un qck+xl heavy , y uso un teclado apex todo del a misma marca y es súper cómodo y fluido en cuanto a jugabilidad, sólo juego CSGO, nunca lo he probado en otro juego.

    La estética está bien, más con el mat qck y el apex negros también, no es top pero a quién le importa, en el juego es súper fluido, preciso y personalizable.

    El boton izquierdo frontal, el gris, es inútil al menos que tengas manos Muy grandes, no encontré sentido al diseño, también un boton de dos posiciones lateral está mal diseñado, pero es funcional, y los botones laterales restantes no muy seguido se presionan por erros pero si… y son muy incomodos para presionar si los necesitas, pese a todo le dejo las 5 estrellas completas.

  2. Quick and Dirty

    I am an avid player of First Person Shooter games (FPS) and as such I demand a low weight, high precision input device. The Aerox 5 fits the bill for me. I am coming from a pedigree of Basic Packard Bell (1990s) -> Microsoft Explorer -> Razer Deathadder -> G502 -> Glorious Model D Wireless -> Aerox 5.

    While I really enjoyed the Glorious Model D, I immediately missed the extra buttons from my G502. I adjusted to the reduction in mouse buttons by grabbing a foot pedal for PTT voice comms (similar pedal: which turned out to be an amazing upgrade.

    The Model D only lasted a few months before the scroll wheel malfunctioned. The wheel would randomly scroll causing me to weapon switch during intense left-click firefights. The right click mouse button also started sticking.

    So, looking for an upgrade, I stumbled upon the Aerox 5.

    The things that immediately drew me to the Aerox 5 were the 9 programmable buttons. I love that the mouse is an ultra light, weighing only slightly more than the Model D I was upgrading from. The mouse is pretty much perfect in every way, however there are a couple of annoying things I will point out here:

    1. The dongle is USB-C. I do not have a USB-C port in my PC, so I was running the dongle with a long USB-A -> USB-C connection… until I stumbled upon the direct plug adapter (2nd pic). You can get one of those here I wish they had included one with the mouse.

    2. The mouse profiles in the SteelSeries GG software don’t reliably automatically switch. I have different profiles set up for each of my games with different button bindings and while the profile normally switches just fine, it’s not 100% reliable. Easy to fix. I would recommend just having the 1 default profile and setting the extra mouse buttons to the NUMPAD keys and then change your key bindings in game accordingly. That way you don’t have to mess with profile switching. That’s how I’ll be setting it up once I reformat and lose these profiles.

    3. There is no DPI indicator light on the mouse that I can tell.

    4. The battery life is not the greatest but more than adequate. It’ll last 2 or 3 days before needing a charge. I normally just connect it back up when I’m done playing and never really notice it.

    All in all, a great mouse and I highly recommend it. If you found this review helpful, please consider using my link to purchase yours.

  3. Django

    Hab die Maus 2 std gehabt und dann hat schon eine Taste geklemmt

  4. Shirley

    Lightweight, works well wired and wireless.

    I mostly use it wired, so I don’t notice the battery drain. It doesn’t last too long wireless though. Maybe a day or two of being used. The wireless connection is very nice, and I don’t notice any delay. It also doesn’t disconnect on me while in use. The mouse comes with a usb-c to usb-a cable, usb-c wireless receiver, and a passthrough adapter for the receiver and cable. This is real nice for keeping the receiver close to the mouse in case you need to switch to wired for charging or switch back to wireless.

    The topmost side button works as two. Pushing up or pressing downward count as different buttons, and they can be configured in Steelseries GG. They are slightly awkward to use since it’s a different motion than I’m used to, but the other side buttons work perfectly.

    The dpi button let’s you switch between 5 pre-set options, but I changed these immediately in GG since they were too low or too high for my preferences.

    Overall it’s a great mouse. Price is steep, but if you get it on sale, it is absolutely worth it. The biggest downside is using the GG software; however, I was already using it for Sonar and my keyboard, so I’ve learned to live with it.

  5. Swighipt

    Lightweight, great software comes with it

  6. Captain Ketosis

    For the most part, it’s been a fantastic addition to my gaming setup. It performs admirably, providing precision and speed that enhance my gaming experience.

    The ergonomic design of the mouse fits comfortably in my hand, and the customizable buttons have been a boon for my gaming sessions. It’s been a joy to use for gaming-related functions.

    However, there is one notable drawback that I’ve encountered, especially for Mac users. The hotkey binding for Mac does not work as expected. I tried to bind the side key with the Mac mission control shortcut, but despite my efforts, I was unable to get it to function correctly. Even after downloading the SteelSeries app to customize the mouse’s settings, the issue persisted.

    Despite this setback, the mouse’s primary gaming performance remains top-notch, and it has certainly improved my gaming experience.

  7. Pascal

    Good !!

  8. Quick and Dirty

    Love this mouse – it’s about half the weight of my previous logitech mouse; and super comfy for long hours of gaming. Had it for a few months now and haven’t had any issues at all. Clicks super nicely; is super reactive; and looks nice on the desk. Only tidbit is that you cant click the scroll wheel sideways to side scroll; so it’s not much use for spreadsheets and the like! But my favorite mouse I have owned so far.

  9. Mersin

    This mouse is so amazing I can not express my feelings enough how good it is. At first I thought it is on the large size (which is a bit) but I am also sort of big guy, so fits my hand perfectly. It is ultra light weight. with the mouse pad from SteelSeries also it is perfect match. The app is very straight forward to configure the mouse and speed scenarios, during the gaming and other usage you can easily change with one click, super easy.
    Now the downsides:
    Battery life is quiet short comparet to office type wireless mouses, heavy gaming like 10 hours a day lasted me 3 days, approx 30 hours :). Using it cable plugged actually didnt affect the steering too much, so most of the time using cable attached and for my friends I purchased 2 more non wireless version of this.
    Not sure if it is downside but since it is so lightweight, when you try to click side button which is up/down direction you can not hold the mouse stable, it moves, so lets say you are playing a shooter game, scope is open and want to use down button on the side, there is no way you will stay on target and press the down button at the same time.

    Over all, I am very happy with it, fits my hand perfectly, speed variations and smoothness is amazing, high quality with matching RGB with my SteelSeries keyboard, go for it…

  10. Amazon Customer

    you use it for 1 day and it drops to 5% battery life, it really need to be tethered. Ok, accuracy is great, can’t complain.

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