Suptig Jaws Flex Clamp Mount Gooseneck Mount for GoPro Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Hero 8 Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 4 Session Hero 3+ Hero 3 Arlo Arlo…

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  • Compatible with Gopro Hero 11, Hero 10, Hero 9, Hero8, Hero7, Hero6, Hero5, Hero 2018, Hero session, Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3, Hero2, and most action cameras, Arlo pro, Compatible with Arlo, Arlo go, Arlo pro 2, Compatible with all bottom has 1/4 nut cameras
  • Adjustable Gooseneck:Adjustable gooseneck easy to adjust your camera angle, Make you take better photos and videos
  • High quality: Made of special materials to make the product stronger and more durable
  • Easy to install / remove: easy to install anywhere, eg for desk / Tree pole / sports equipment etc. In order for you to shoot higher quality pictures and videos recommend to put the jaws flex clamp mount on a stable non-moving object, not on something that vibrates
  • What You Get: 1x Suptig Jaws, 1x Suptig Gooseneck, 1x Thumbscrew, 1x Quick release mount, 1x 1/4 adapter, Suptig jaws and Gooseneck are backed by 12-Month Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Product Dimensions

5 x 3 x 8.26 inches

Item Weight

8.2 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

November 24, 2017



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13 reviews for Suptig Jaws Flex Clamp Mount Gooseneck Mount for GoPro Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Hero 8 Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 4 Session Hero 3+ Hero 3 Arlo Arlo…

  1. caobmw

    Broke and cannot fix

  2. Arfon Jones

    I bought this over a year ago and I genuinely wish I hadn’t… As soon as it arrived I realised that the goose neck function was poor, it would bend under the weight of my camera- I thought it might just be that my camera was too heavy, but no, it did the same with my iPhone! The screw that holds the camera in place broke after use. (I did complain and fair play to the supplier they sent me a replacement section) but then, said replacement bolt wore out the thread on my camera! So now, I have a gooseneck tripod that is held in place with elastic bands and my camera can fall off and (potentially) be broken if knocked… all this because I tried to save some money. I have learnt my lesson- hope this saves you the aggravation I have had to endure!

  3. Darrell

    Bought this to try a GoPro on my motorcycle but there just no place the clamp will fit and create a strong enough hold for use. Might be great for other uses but not on a touring bike.

  4. Benjamin Bretz

    This thing is just sturdy as heck and strong. The gooseneck is much better than anticipated too, I’d read a few other people saying it moved too much when clamped to a motorcycle, but. I tried it out while riding on pavement a few times and it stayed where I wanted it to. The gooseneck does shake a bit, but if you have a camera with stabilization it balances that out. Just can’t beat this thing for the price.

  5. Joe Migs

    I love how easy it is to clamp on and adjust. I work in TV production and this saves me so much time when I’m setting up for a show. I used to use Bogen arms and I’ve had quite a few of those break plus they’re cumbersome to adjust. I use these for POV cameras, small LED panels and shotgun mics. Just clamp it on and adjust, move to the next one. Afterwards they disassemble for easy packing. Nice and light weight as well.

  6. S Vincent

    The clamp is easy to use and works well, if a little bulky.

    The gooseneck would be great if you were only doing static filming.. but anything moving causes it to reshape. I was trying to use it on a motorcycle handlebar, with a hero 8 on (Not exactly a heavy camera), and it seemed to sag out of position with very little movement.. under 10mph it would just fall back which was annoying.

    I no longer use this on the bike, but the clamp comes with me, and I use a ram mount instead

  7. JoshTrevizo

    I work from home still and I’m constantly on video calls for important meetings. In the times of COVID i have converted my dining room into a “command central” so to speak, but the problem is my fiance and bulldog constantly want in and out of the picture.

    Although this happens to a lot of people, i wanted to eliminate this as much as possible. So i purchased a webcam, but with a small tripod i would be able to eliminate them from view, but now it looked like i was preoccupied with other things when i was truly paying attention.
    Enter the Flex Clamp! This little device clamps right onto the aluminum tubing which helps hold up my twin 36’ monitors and holds the webcam right above my laptop screen allowing me to adjust the field of view, but still show me as engaged with the screen. LOVE IT!

    The clamp is strong and sturdy, the gooseneck easily adjusts then holds it’s position with no hassle, it comes with a few accessories to ensure you have the tools to connect what you need, and it’s very affordable.


  8. JC

    Strong grip, wide clamp handles make easier to pry open and attach. It did not move on the side of that boat. The arm adjust so many easy it was so easy to line up for perfect shot with no adjusting. Great little find!

  9. Sherilee

    To begin with I was impressed as the item appeared quite sturdy and flexible to use, the claw is very strong; which is good. However on the second time of using it to mount my GoPro on to my motor bike, whilst riding along the road the top mount (clip) fell apart (see pictures) this resulted in my GoPro falling off, damaging my petrol tank and also the GoPro itself.

    If you buy this product you might want to change the top clip with an original GoPro one as they seem to be better made, either that or buy a more expensive mount altogether.

    It is true what they say, you get what you pay for!!!

  10. Neil Walker

    The clamp is pretty awesome. It securely fixes, plus the rubber band adjust the diameter of the opening as a bonus
    Really disappointed with the goose neck extension. The pieces that are assembled with each other let you articulate the extension, in whatever position you need. Whether it stays in place is up to the gods. I’ve spent ages adjusting cameras (GoPros etc), but it often find the camera face down. Recently the extension has become looser. I only use it in one place (a branch for example) an it appears the slightest vibration causes it to drop. I now have two doing the same. Worthless tat, when you place a 150g camera on the mount on a stationary post and the gooseneck flops down. I wouldn’t be comfortable putting any of my expensive photography kit on it

  11. joel d.

    I’ve had this since Christmas and have put it to the test on several (testing) occasions already.
    It’s safe to say this thing is up to the job and I trust it to look after my expensive camera.
    Very pleased.

  12. GrayWraith

    Worked great as a mount for my Euyfy pan/tilt cam! I have mine mounted outside with a container over it to protect it from the elements. The mount attaches to a light fixture.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Clamp is the same as GoPro. Tube is a little flimsier than the GoPro. Much cheaper price than GoPro

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