TECKNET Bluetooth Mouse, 3200 DPI Computer Mouse, 2-Year Battery Wireless Mouse 6 Adjustable DPI, 6 Buttons Compatible with Laptop/Windows/Computer

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  • 6 DPI and 6 Buttons: TECKNET bluetooth mouse has 3200/2400/2000/1600/1200/800DPI. Six efficient buttons and six adjustable DPI levels that allow you to freely control the mouse speed. Connects directly to Bluetooth-enabled device laptop computer or PC without the need for a receiver.
  • TruWave Technology: The accuracy of TruWave means you’ll enjoy smoother tracking on almost any surface. With its wireless bluetooth connection and TruWave technology, it works almost anywhere, from a café to a park bench. You can even use the TECKNET bluetooth wireless mouse on smooth material surfaces.
  • Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design and soft rubber grip perfect to fit your hand for a comfortable grip while reducing wrist fatigue caused by long working hours. The compact size makes it easy to take with you whether you use your computer at home, at work or anywhere else.
  • Comfortable and Durable: TECKNET computer mouse is made of skin-friendly, super durable wireless mouse with perfect performance on 10,000,000 clicks keystroke test! If you have problems with product, please contact us to solve it for you.
  • Long Battery Life: TECKNET bluetooth mouse for laptop can up to 24-month battery Life. It takes only 2 AA battery but NOT INCLUDED.
  • Wide Compatibility: TECKNET bluetooth mouse compatible with Windows (Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, 2003, 2000, XP, VISTA, etc)Suitable for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook, Chromebook and other devices. (Please note: The side buttons DO NOT work for Mac OS devices due to compatibility issues. Other Buttons function normally)
  • 36 MONTHS SUPPORT: If you encounter any problems in using the product, please feel free to contact our professional customer service team, enjoying TECKNET 36 Months Warranty (Registered Only)
Product Dimensions

2.8 x 1.7 x 4.4 inches

Item Weight

3.52 ounces

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 27, 2017



8 reviews for TECKNET Bluetooth Mouse, 3200 DPI Computer Mouse, 2-Year Battery Wireless Mouse 6 Adjustable DPI, 6 Buttons Compatible with Laptop/Windows/Computer

  1. Tim

    I have had the TeckNet Bluetooth BM306 wireless mouse for two weeks now and I must say I am very pleased with the performance for the price. Also, I was looking for a cheap and efficient bluetooth mouse with the additional thumb keys and was pleasantly surprised when I recieved this mouse at how comfortable it was. Furthermore, every surface I have used it on so far (aluminum, white paint, mice pads, glossy wood), has worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the advertised 12 months battery life yet, but it has been two weeks of heavy use (10+ hours a day) and no problems so far.

    What I like:
    -Thumb keys (once you have them, you can never go back)
    -Only 1 AA battery (I hate inefficiency)
    -Slightly slopes to the right for an ergonomic feel for a right-handed individual
    -Full size
    -Very inexpensive

    What I dislike:
    I gave it 5 stars because it works as advertised. However, there have been some disappointing things about the mouse that I
    A) Wished were disclosed more fully in the product description or
    B) Are beyond what I feel this mouse is advertised for

    1. This device starts to be come very susceptible to interference at over 7 feet (2-3 meters)
    2. Occasional connectivity issues (This problem plagues most bluetooth devices AND I was using it on Windows 10 at the time, which it does not state as supporting, so no points off for this one. A simple “forget this device” and repairing solves most problems)
    3. I do not know what version of bluetooth this uses: 2.1, 3, or 4
    4. If doing something that requires extremely smooth motion, this mouse seems to only work sometimes. The best example I can think of is video games. While moving your view around in an FPS or an RPG the mouse transfer rate is not high enough to provide a smooth visual experience. Sometimes it can cause the appearance of stuttering (as if your frame rate suddenly drops to below 24 fps). However, this mouse is not advertised as a gaming mouse and it is still smooth enough that I have not noticed it outside of that situation. Hence, this may not be an issue for you.
    5. My response time increased roughly 60ms when using this mouse as compared to a wired mouse (according to […]), but this is also expected when using any bluetooth mouse.

    The bottom line is that this mouse is a fantastic mouse for its price. It is effiecient, ergonomic (for right handers), has thumb buttons, uses bluetooth, and tracks well. However, if distance is important or if you want to play an FPS with it, you may want to look for another mouse.

  2. rumpole

    I ordered this bt mouse because the wireless version from Logitech (my brand for many years) was maddeningly intermittent in my context — some form of interference or PC radio malfunction. This unit performed well out of the box. Paired automatically. Completely smooth and reliable. Somewhat big for my hand (male, 165 lb), and certainly so compared to my Logitech version, but still OK. The tricky part came when I turned off the PC bt radio to solve a problem with my desk-top bt speakers. When I switched bt back on (with my recently-unemployed Logitech unit!) bt mouse appeared not to pair. There is a pairing button on the bottom which I dutifully pressed (many times), and a flashing blue light on top seemed to tell me it was in pairing mode, but no success. Finally in cruising the web I found some fine print: “press and HOLD the button.” When I did that the blue light flashed more rapidly and the unit was recognized by the PC. The slower blue light seemed to have no other function than to fool me for forty five minutes. Bad Tecknet — docked one star.

  3. Greg Moore

    I’m a hard core fan of Logitech mice. My primary mouse is an MX Master 3 and I love it. On my gaming laptop I was using a Targus bluetooth ‘travel’ mouse, I’ve had it for many years and its worked well but the clip on back top of the mouse slides back for the batteries access, broke. So I needed a new mouse.

    Since I wanted an inexpensive mouse that I could use on any of the devices I have that use bluetooth and I wanted it battery powered. How many of you have had a rechargeable device fail when you needed it and then had to wait, sometimes hours, for whatever to recharge when it would have taken seconds to replace the batteries. So I saw this mouse, it was very inexpensive (compared to Logitech or other name brands) and it had a LOT of reviews and had all the things I wanted, so I bought it.

    So here’s the good:
    – I have large hands and while a little smaller than a full size mouse it’s a nice size in my opinion. Not as small as the Targus but not as big as the MX Master 3.
    – it was very easy to pair with Windows 11 (games only) and my MacBook Pro (mostly work)
    – the dpi is very easy to adjust and easy to see the effect.
    – the scroll button work well and is quiet but there is tactile feed back.
    – the mouse buttons are easy to press and quiet.
    – the sleep mode works well and I don’t know if I’ll get 24 months.
    – 36 month warranty on a $14 mouse. impressive.

    The maybe not so good:
    – There is no mouse software for the device. This is good and maybe not so good. I haven’t really decided but to be honest I usually don’t use it much when it is provided.
    – The top shell is all one piece and there is a slit cut for the right and left buttons and space for the scroll wheel. I’m not sure if this is good or bad but it is different from every other mouse I have. I guess time will tell.

    The Bad & the Ugly:
    – I have not experienced anything that I would label as such.

    Other observations:
    – The battery compartment is on the bottom of the mouse.
    – it had a nice weight. there are no weight adjustments like I’ve seen on gaming mice but I’ve never owned a mouse that like that so….
    – Its worked well for the Steam games that I’ve played.
    – The purple is a nice shade and beats the heck out of yet another dark gray/gray/silver mouse.

    This is a far far better mouse than I ever expected. I would recommend this to anyone with the caveat that these are initial impressions after only a few hours of use and my opinions, over time, may vary.

  4. MJ

    The back and forward button only work while browsing internet. These two buttons do not work in Microsoft apps such as word

  5. MJ

    works well

  6. Alex

    good value for the money, connects easy, works great on all surfaces no need for a pad and reacts very well

  7. Deepak Raheja

    Highly portable but not on the small side, which is exactly what I wanted!
    The main reason I bought it was because you don’t have to plug anything in to the USB to make it work. It connects via bluetooth 3.0 or 5.0 and as long as your device has bluetooth 3 or 5 then it should be detected easily.
    I have tested and used this mouse on my Android phone, Fire Stick, Steam Deck, Laptop and my main PC with no issues whatsoever!
    You get 2 side buttons, which are a great addition for gaming or even just for extra handy hotkeys in photoshop or other programs. The buttons and mouse-wheel are solid and not flimsy/loose like a lot of cheap mice are. It also has a decent weight to it, which is due to the thickness and high quality of plastic used. I like that and hate to feel cheap thin flimsy rubbish which is what most bluetooth mice are made of.
    So I feel you get the best of all worlds with this mouse as it’s more than good enough to be a permanent fixture either as a desktop mouse or just leave it on your armchair and use it to control your Smart TV/Fire Stick etc. The things you can use it for are limitless.
    The switch underneath turns it off and conserves the batteries while you store or transfer it. The batteries will last you an awful long time too, which I was quite surprised by as bluetooth devices usually drain quite a lot of power. But as long as it’s in close range to your device, you’ll get a lot of time from your batteries. In my experience if you’re more than a couple of feet or so away then you may see them drain quicker. Which goes for all BT devices.
    I only have one slight criticism and that is that the side grip isn’t rubber, it’s just hard plastic with a matte texture. But for the price of it you can’t really complain, and it feels comfortable enough for me for even long gaming sessions!
    As a PC gamer of nearly 30 years I’ve had loads of mice, but I think you could easily spend a lot more than this and get a lot less in return. So I’d say it’s quite a bargain!
    I’m very happy with mine and even bought 2 more as gifts for family members.

  8. Deepak Raheja

    not comfortable not complete product delivered.

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