TiMOVO Steam Deck Docking Station, Upgraded 6-in-1 Steam Deck Dock with HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, Full Speed Charging…

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  • 🎮【6-in-1 Steam Deck Dock】: This steam deck dock combines HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz output, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB 3.0 ports, and USB Type-C charge ports in one, extending the capabilities of your Steam Deck to meet your need of multiple ports. With 3 USB 3.0 ports, it can connect to the keyboard, mouse, or other game accessories at the same time, letting you have a complete sense of control while playing steam deck games.
  • 🖥️【4K@60Hz HDMI Output】: Comes with 4.4K60Hz HDMI 2.0 output, the dock can cast game pages from your Steam Deck to PC or monitor to display HD 4K resolution when connected, giving you a better visual game experience on the big screen.
  • 🚀【Extremely Fast Game Experience】: The steam dock with Gigabit Ethernet ensures smooth and faster data transmission. It is 30 times faster than WiFi, reducing lag when playing games.
  • 🔋【Say Goodbye to Charging Anxiety】: This steam deck docking station supports 100W Max power delivery, which is perfectly compatible with the official charger and can charge your steam deck at full speed while ensuring safe use. (Note: The MAX charging speed of Steam Deck is 45W)
  • ❄️【Premium Aluminum Alloy Material】Our Steam Deck Hub is made of Aluminum Alloy construction, with strong heat dissipation performance, and with heat dissipation strips, the device will not get hot easily in long time use.
  • 🔌【Durable Cable Design】The USB-C cable of the Docking Station is equipped with non-detachable nylon braided, it is more durable and not easy to wear. No matter from which angle, it can meet your gaming needs, improving the operational flexibility of enjoying the game moment.
  • 🏡【Steam Deck Stand Multifunctional Design】: There is a slot in the back of the hub for storing cables, it can also work as a stand for safely displaying Steam Deck to keep your desk neat and organized.
  • ✨【Extended USB Type-C Port Design】: The USB C port adopts a unique extended design. Compared with the official and other sellers, our HUB can support a protective shell with a thickness of less than 2mm, so you do not need to remove the protective case when using it. (Note: The case with a stand or thickness over 2mm is not available. )
  • 🎮【Wide Compatibility】: Our Steam deck hub is not only for Steam Deck, but also for iPad, and Android phones with USB Type C ports, etc. (Please check your device before purchase or contact us for a consultation.)
  • 🎁【Best Gift & Lifetime Warranty】It is an ideal gift for your family and friends who are game lovers. We have confidence in our products, so our warranty policy is for life, if there is any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will solve it for you at the first time.
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9 reviews for TiMOVO Steam Deck Docking Station, Upgraded 6-in-1 Steam Deck Dock with HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, Full Speed Charging…

  1. M. Brandon

    If you think all of these HDMI hubs are all the same, they aren’t. There are some that work with a Nintendo Switch, this doesn’t. I know it’s meant for the Steam Deck, but I got this one specifically because it has a gap in the base to maybe put the cable into the bottom of the Switch. It’s a moot point since the Switch doesn’t work, but I guess if you have a tablet or other device that the USB is on the bottom, then if you put risers under the feet (my original plan) the cable will be out of the way.
    I’m not going to take points off because it doesn’t fit my needs (Steam Deck). It is thick aluminum base, but not heavy. The cable is woven material so it should hold up with regular use. I have tried it with two phones (Xioami Poco F3 and Samsung S21 ultra) and a Samsung S5e tablet. The Xiaomi phone didn’t output video from the USBC line. Both Samsung devices did so you could use it as a hub for mouse/ keyboard and controller for some browsing or gaming to an HDTV. I really don’t need the dock since just the USBC line to my 15.6″ HDR OLED TV is enough for the picture and sound. So again, I’m finding it hard to justify this being on my table except for more USB ports for thumbdrives or SD card readers for editing photos. But then I’d just use an actual SD reader to tablet.

  2. Crazy Craze

    The docking station is very easy to use – simply place your device on the deck connect it using the usb c cable on the top. The design of the docking station is sleek and modern, and it looks great on my desk. No issue with charging it or plugging in other usb (for my mouse and keyboard) as well. My only small complaint is that if you put a case on it (which I have), it’s not enough room for the deck to sit inside the stand.

  3. Rachel Johnson

    Exactly as it is described. Very useful and handy to have.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Steam deck is great for games but pretty uncomfortable for anything else. This sort of dock is great for making it a pc. While the specs for these machines aren’t designed to push games at large image formats, it can easily run the operating system at 4K. This dock allows launching at 4K while also connecting multiple peripherals.

  5. LR&EC ✅✅✅

    Avevo la necessita’ di acquistare un nuovo hub usb-c e alla fino ho scelto proprio questo modello perche’
    a differenza di molti altri,ha un design migliore che gli permette grazie alla docking station
    di poter alloggiare comodamente la console Steam deck e rimane sempre stabilissimo,caratteristiche di rilievo sono il cavo in cordatura e il connettore curvo,ho provato a collegare di tutto,hard disc sia 2.5” che 3.5” e chiavette contemporaneamente mentre era collegato in rete attraverso il comodo connettore LAN(visto che MacBook e periferiche recenti ne sono sprovvisti)e non scaldava minimamente, visto che in passato ho avuto altri modelli di cui uno mi si e’ rotto proprio per il cavo in gomma,mi sento di consigliarlo sicuramente proprio per tutti quei pregi che ho menzionato. Da non sottovalutare la presa lan che ti permette di non utilizzare le frequenze wifi che come risaputo fanno male.


    That’s just what I need. Owning this pier has made me enjoy playing with my deck more than ever.

  7. leah

    I got a steam deck for my birthday and wanted a way to hook it up to my computer monitors. After looking around on the web I came across this one and let me tell you it has not disappointed. The hook up was very easy and has not cut in and out once. If your looking for a steam deck docking station at a great value, here it is!

  8. Mellone Antonio

    Sebbene dalla descrizione risulti pensata solo per steam deck, questo hub mi ha stupito per la sua versatilità.
    Infatti, oltre ad essere pressochè perfetta per la steam deck, per qualità costruttiva, dotazione di porte e design, è anche adatta all’utilizzo con PC o Mac. Non dà alcun tipo di problema.
    Prezzo un po’ più alto di un semplice hub ma che si è rivelato giustificato, mi riservo di vedere come reggerà in futuro.
    Per ora ottimo acquisto

  9. Another Bored Consumer

    I got this for a Steam Deck, to connect to a living room 4 TV, along with 1 wireless keyboard, 1 wireless mouse, ethernet, as well a full 65w USB-C wall adapter. This is all aluminum and feels nicely weighted with rubber feet.

    With a case, it may not fit depending on case. Without a case, it fits well. Even removing the padding (not recommended), cases don’t fit.

    Note that this dock only comes with one connected to dock USB-C to USB-C cable, no wall adapter. It charges the Deck at full speed with the stock Deck charger, as does a GAN 65w USB-C charger (UGreen brand).

    So far, everything works as intended. The USB ports are full speed, ethernet has not been tested but my WiFi speeds with the Deck has never been an issue.

    HDMI works at 4K but I find that in some resolutions, and some apps (like Chrome), along with some random games will crash SteamOS and result in a reboot. Even with the latest BETA software, it may occur from time to time. Other times, the HDMI connection will stop working and I need to disconnect the USB cable. I think this is a SteamOS and TV issue, especially when using a resolution and frame rate, 40hz that isn’t fully supported.

    Overall, this is a great TV dock for the Steam Deck. The only complaint I have is that you can’t use a thick case with this stand. It fits best without a case, and with a thin case, it sits on the stand and not lodged into the stand. You COULD jam a cased Deck in there but there is a risk of the bottom part of the metal lock lip potentially touching the screen.

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