TOOBUR Smart Watch for Women Alexa Built-in, 1.95″ Fitness Tracker with Answer/Make Calls, IP68 Waterproof/Heart Rate/Sleep Tracker/100 Sport Modes, Fitness Watch Compatible…

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  • [Alexa Built-in] Enjoy the convenience of Alexa on your wrist! With TOOBUR’s smart watch, you can control your smart home devices, set reminders,get weather updates and more all from your wrist. Simply download the “VeryFit” app from the App Store, connect to your watch via Bluetooth, and enjoy the convenience of Alexa on your smartwatch.
  • [Stay connected on-the-go] Simplify your daily routine by managing your calls and messages in one place. With Bluetooth compatibility, the TOOBUR smartwatch allows you to make and receive phone calls, you can also receive social media, E-mail and SMS notification right on your wrist, you will never miss an important message or notification. keeping you connected while you’re on-the-go.Please note that this product cannot reply to messages!
  • [Activity & FitnessTracker] Track your health and fitness goals with the TOOBUR fitness & activity tracker. The fitness watch can monitor your heart rate, and stress levels in real-time, and alert you if anything is abnormal. With over 100 different sports modes, the activity tracker allows you to easily track your steps, calories burned, distance, speed and with an IP68 waterproof, the watch is perfect for swimming and any activity. Get yours now and start tracking your progress!
  • [A Good Sleep is All You Need] Get a better night’s sleep with TOOBUR’s sleep tracker.The smartwatch monitors your sleep in three different modes – REM, light, and deep sleep. The data is sent to the “VeryFit” app, which provides you with insights and tips to improve your sleep quality. Use this feature to improve your overall sleep habits and wake up feeling refreshed.Please note that more than 3 hours of sleep is required to be recorded by the test. Long-term wear is recommended!
  • [Long Battery Life] Experience uninterrupted smart living with TOOBUR smartwatch’s long battery life. With up to 30 days of standby time, 20 days in power saving mode, and 7-10 days of daily usage, you can wear your smartwatch without worrying about frequent charging. And it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the benefits of a watch and less time worrying about battery life.Please note that the exact duration of use will vary with the frequency of use.
  • [1.95” HD Screen & Customizable Watch Face] Experience crystal-clear visuals like never before with our smartwatch’s 1.95-inch high definition screen. Choose from 100 beautiful cloud-based watch faces or even upload your own photos, such as selfies or pictures of your pets, to create a truly personalized look. With endless possibilities, you’ll never run out of options to make your watch truly your own.
Product Dimensions

10.2 x 1.6 x 0.47 inches

Item Weight

3.17 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 6, 2023



Country of Origin


Standing screen display size

1.95 Inches

13 reviews for TOOBUR Smart Watch for Women Alexa Built-in, 1.95″ Fitness Tracker with Answer/Make Calls, IP68 Waterproof/Heart Rate/Sleep Tracker/100 Sport Modes, Fitness Watch Compatible…

  1. DaizyD

    This is a very nice watch for the price! I refuse to spend a lot of money on a smart watch because I am really hard on them and will likely break it. This watch looks great, has lots of features and works great! My only complaint is it’s come unpaired a couple of times and I had to log in to Amazon again to use Alexa…but this could very well be user error! I’m loving the battery life, I’m on day 3.5 of a full charge and still have 54% battery. It really is a nice watch for the price!

  2. DaizyD

    I highly recommend this watch, it can last u for 2 days without charge, it easy to set up, the features will be to ur liking and definitely value for ur money

  3. Judy

    Not only is this affordable, but it works great. Accurately counts steps. It has a feature that can pick up when you’re running. You can log and time your workout routines. It also has a hydration reminder, alarms/timers, Alexa, weather, music controls and can receive and make phone calls. I needed a quick replacement while my apple watch was being repaired and I love this just as much.

  4. Lisa B

    Couldn’t turn sound off for notifications without shutting alarm off. I can’t stand noice from phones. Couldn’t keep it because of that.

  5. Franca

    Très pratique et appréciée

  6. Ronda

    I love this feature. I’m finding it tracks for my physical energy. I can better map out busy days.

    The watch charges fast and last for days.

    Easy to use, the app will eat up phone battery but putting app in deep sleep changes that

  7. Monifah Williams

    ***NEW UPDATE***
    Multi health function (HR, O2, and Stress all at once) doesn’t work consistently. I’m just measuring these individually instead. When I do this, the readings work better. Watch gets 4 stars. That’s as high as I’ll go.

    Well, I guess all good things come to an end, as they say. Downgrading my rating from 5 to 3 stars. After using watch for a while, the heart rate monitor is very spotty. It doesn’t work consistently. When I have the watch secured correctly, I’m still getting a reading error; it’s pretty ridiculous. Maybe the developer can fix in a future firmware update? 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Until then, they loose 2 stars.

    ***Original Review****
    A gorgeous watch. I’ve purchased many smartwatches, from dirt cheap to hundreds of dollars, and this a very well-made watch. For the price, you’d think it’d be low quality, but no. One thing I really like is the strap. It connects underneath instead of over top. With my last watch, the strap would constantly come loose, particularly during sleep (I’m an adventurous sleeper) but this strap seems sturdy and stays in place, well, so far. Nice job. 👌🏽

    I also like how the heart/stress monitoring feature is presented. Easy to know how long you need to stay still. My former watch didn’t have a timer, so just had to wait an indeterminate amount of time until the watch did its thing.

    The screen is nice size too and there are a good number of watch faces. Screen resolution is pretty clean and sharp, again, I purchased this watch for $30, so I’m quite impressed. We’ve come a long way in this “lower-priced” smartwatch game! 👍🏽

    I’ll see how the sleep monitoring goes, as it’ll be my 1st time using that feature. 🤞🏽

    I’ll update review periodically as I use the watch. 😉

  8. AP

    Update: This watch went through the washer and dryer and still working great!
    This watch does Almost everything my previous Samsung watch did. It’s fairly easy to set up and use, takes and makes calls great! Not sure about the accuracy of the health trackers, but it monitors sleep, 02 sat, heart rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability (not sure exactly what this is for, atrial fib?) and all the exercise stuff.
    The battery lasts a few days and that’s great.
    My only complaints are the short charging cord. maybe a foot.
    And the biggest complaint, it doesn’t track or update the weather unless I go into the app and refresh each time, so what’s the point.
    The style is basic, I’ve never been a watch style connesuer.
    But under $40 compared to a >$300 watch……

  9. Craig Bell

    Easy to setup and easy to use. Love the lilac coloured band. Big face, so easy to read. There are free watch face themes to choose from. Highly recommended.

  10. Christina Spencer

    Niente da dire per quel prezzo . Fa tutto quello che dice da fare – più di quanto mi aspettavo! L’unica pecca, un po’ troppo ingombrante!

  11. Tiana Renee

    I am impressed with many things about this watch but it only notifies me of phone calls but not text messages. Am I doing something wrong or does this not work? I’ve poured over every setting possible, I get only phone call notifications.

    Additionally, it does not partner with MyFitnessPal app, therefore all the steps counting does not get synced up and measure with the app so that I can track my true calories. It syncs with the Apple Health app and I have the Health app and MyFitnessPal set up with permissions to see eachother but adding the VeryFit app added a layer that confuses both the apps, so I’m not happy that MyFitnessPal has no exercise data like I would get from Fitbit.

    Finally, the watch lights up at night when I’m moving in my sleep. It’s so bright it wakes me! I set the do not disturb for a certain time but there’s nothing for the watch screen.

    I’m impressed this can make phone calls. My husband was floored that the sound quality is so good when I’m talking through my watch. So if you’re looking for that, and a great watch face, plus steps and other health monitoring, and you don’t need it to sync to MyFitnessPal, then this is a really good watch. I recommend also buy black screen film to put it on at night, or take it off but you won’t get sleep tracking.

  12. empress

    I bought this watch for my daughter for her birthday. She said she already had one, but she wanted to keep this watch. She called me the next day and told me that she loved this watch. She said the one she had was hard to charge and impossible to program and pair with her phone. But she said this watch that I bought her was easy to program, pair with her phone and that it charged quick and easy. She said she loves it.

  13. LadyK

    I just wanted something inexpensive and simple and very minimalist where I could have the time and get all my calls and texts even Instagram notifications Facebook notifications and be able to set quick little alarms to tell me when to take my vitamins! And this little watch is pretty cool some may say why not just get an Apple Watch well I’m not a flashy person simple and minimalistic is what I go for but I’m sure eventually I’ll buy the Apple Watch just always worried about the problems that comes with Apple lol so this watch is a great Alternative you can answer calls and talk from the watch after answering a call from it! As well as read messages instantly, set alarms monitor your steps, and so much more! Also battery life is great! And it came fully charged! And the mobile app is so easy to use! Very easy set up and connection to the watch!

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