TORRAS Magnetic Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military Grade Drop Tested] [Compatible with MagSafe] Slim Protective Translucent Matte Case…

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  • 【Compatible with MagSafe Accessories】Only for iPhone 14 Pro case, with a built-in magnetic ring that aligns perfectly with MagSafe chargers, offers a stronger attach experience and faster wireless charging. Besides, thanks to TORRAS-BACH Magnetic Array, compatible for iPhone 14 Pro case with magnet can be firmly attached to magnetic accessories, tested to increase 85% more magnetic strength than other magnetic cases
  • 【Rugged Military-Grade Protection】Crafted with exclusive 3nd gen X-SHOCK Tech on all 4 corners, embedded with 360° Airbags inside, made with TPU bumper of 4-ply cushioning structure, compatible for iPhone 14 Pro case protective provides excellent protection to your phone from up to 10 FT drop, exceeding MIL-Grade PROT standard. Besides, the 1.2mm screen bezels and 0.88mm camera lips protect your device from dust and scratches
  • 【Slim Profile & Silky Skin-Friendly Touch】Compatible for iPhone 14 Pro case features minimal bulkiness for max protection thanks to our patented Airbag Tech and ergonomic design. Also, crafted with upgraded Nano Oleophobic Coating that is anti-fingerprints and anti-scratches, compatible for iPhone 14 Pro case provides the exceptional silky skin-friendly touch feeling without being too sticky
  • 【Exclusive Detachable 3-Color Buttons】Compatible for iPhone 14 Pro Case is innovatively equipped with independent buttons more sensitive and easier to press than cases with normal built-in design, always giving you clicky touch feedback and nice tactile feel. For your DIY style, we offer 3 different colors of buttons, which are easy to change whenever you want. You can essentially decorate your beautiful 14 Pro with BLACK, RED and YELLOW colored buttons
  • 【Flawless Compatibility & Professional Support】Compatible for iPhone 14 Pro case for MagSafe is only compatible for iPhone 14 Pro phone case 6.1 inch. So please check your phone model before purchasing. If you encounter any problems such as wrong size case, used packages, or any non-expectations, please contact us through the Amazon Message Center, and you will get support within 6 hrs. The case also has a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty, guaranteed
Product Dimensions

3.94 x 1.97 x 0.2 inches

Item Weight

1.13 ounces

Date First Available

September 5, 2022



8 reviews for TORRAS Magnetic Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military Grade Drop Tested] [Compatible with MagSafe] Slim Protective Translucent Matte Case…

  1. Lakyn Enterprises LLC

    My fiancé and I went to a park about 10 miles away from home.Upon arrival (In order to tend to the dog while exiting the vehicle) I placed my phone on the roof of the Jeep and forgot it there… After returning home and a fit of self disappointment/rage, I grabbed the IPad and drove back to the ‘Find My IPhone’ location it put off, only to find it on the side of the median of a major highway here in Phoenix. THE PHONE SOMEHOW ONLY HAD A CRACKED SCREEN PROTECTOR AND A SMALL SCRAPE BETWEEN THE PROTECTOR AND CASE EDGE. This is what you want from a phone case. Tried and true!

  2. Linda

    This case is built amazingly and fits my iPhone 14 Pro perfect. The sides are made out of a grippier material so it doesn’t slip out of your hand. The edges are raised to protect screen and camera part is as well. The part I like the most is the feel of this case. It is the most premium and nice feeling case i’ve ever had. Would recommend this case to everybody.

  3. D. Melchiorre

    Went through a bunch of reviews for MagSafe supported cases and ordered a bunch to try out. My needs are MagSafe, not bulky/ weighty, the right grip yet slides in and out of pocket with ease. This case checked all of these boxes for me.

  4. S. Silvas

    Pros: The color around the edge is subtle but comes with a couple options for contrasting volume and power buttons which are slick! The back is a smooth soft touch and the edges have a pleasing dimpled grip texture which makes it easy to hold. The camera well is a hair deeper than the lenses, which will offer good protection.

    Con: The top and bottom edges have a slight outward flare which I didn’t notice in the product photos, which I’d prefer it didn’t have. It’s totally fine by itself but when I attach my Anker MagSafe battery on the back, it doesn’t lay completely flush to the phone case. It still grips and charges fine, but just looks odd with a noticeable gap. Minor thing, but I know it will bug me every time I use the battery while traveling (note: the white Apple MagSafe battery pack attaches flush with no problem).

    I still really like the case and will keep it!

  5. Megan

    I own both the MagSafe and non-MagSafe compatible versions of this case and like them both. The case has a nice rubbery smooth texture all around and my MagSafe charger clips on automatically without issue. This case is a little thin though, so I wouldn’t expect it to survive a really hard fall. But for the price, it’s a perfectly good phone case.

  6. AA

    Great case overall and with a screen protector I feel fine. But I used to be an Otterbox guy and this obviously does not feel as protective as that.

    I do appreciate the fact that it’s much less bulky, and this case really does look & feel great, but I worry about the camera on the back. I hate having a cover on it because it ruins the quality but I don’t feel 100% safe about the camera if it were to fall at the right (wrong) angle.

    If you’re looking for the most protection, get a bulkier case. If you want something that’s a balance (and has MagSafe), get this. Sticks extremely strong on my car Mount and feels great in my hand.

  7. DudeGuy

    Bought one immediately for my iPhone 14 Pro, and it has been great. My phone lives in the back pocket of my jeans literally all the time. I have dropped the phone, spilled things on it, and this case is easy to remove and reinstall, easy to clean, protects my phone, is comfortable to hold, doesn’t add unnecessary bulk, and the power and volume buttons are still easy to find and have great feel when clicking them. A great case, all around.

  8. Connor I.

    I really do NOT want to like this product as much as I do. It kind of pisses me off, actually. I was not expecting to fall in love with it, and I’ll explain why.

    Before this case, I bought a Miracase Warrior Glass series, for $16 which included two 9H hardened glass camera protectors, which fit just absolutely perfectly. The case itself was a genius two-piece design, which included a built-in 9H hardened glass screen protector. You slide the phone into the front frame, which provides completely immersive protection and then slide that into the second piece, which looks just like this case. I really love the design, and I actually believe when it claims to provide military grade drop protection. In fact, in the few weeks I had been using the case, I did drop my phone once, off the kitchen counter. Let me tell you, my heart sank, and I freaked out for a minute. I was so mad, because this phone is BRAND NEW and I have many payments left to make.

    Sure, sure, I have AppleCare and all that, but still. I would be SO mad if anything happens to this thing that I just dropped so much money on. Anyways, my point is, the case I was using is extremely protective and there was no damage to my device. But, I didn’t notice until later, that just that one short drop, from roughly four feet cracked the camera lens protector on the back. So, what would have happened with this case?

    That really irks me. For close to $30, this case comes with NO screen protectors OR camera lens protectors. For this price? Umm. That absolutely needs to be included. AND, it makes me seriously doubt the company when they claim to “exceed military grade drop protection” at “10 foot drop height” with “zero damage to device”.

    Something else to note? Miracase, for half the price, offers a lifetime warranty. Many other companies do as well, in that price range. I really like that. Now, at twice the price? Torras does not. That also really irks me. I thought your products “exceed military drop protection”? So, why the hell can’t you offer a lifetime warranty? In theory, your customers should never need to use it. Assuming your products are made to the standards that you claim. If your competitors can do that, at HALF the price, so can you.

    That alone almost convinced me NOT to buy this product in the first place. Think about it; it’s not rocket science. I ALSO did not want to buy this product, because it doesn’t include any glass screen or camera protection. If your competitors, again at HALF the price can do that? So can you. “Exceeds military drop standards” my ass. If I can drop my $1,000 iPhone 14 Pro (INDOORS, I might add) from four feet onto a vinyl floor and destroy one of my camera lenses, you can keep your cute little certificate. If I didn’t care about the cameras on this phone, I never would have bought it in the first place. What if I had already swapped over to this case, and dropped it on concrete? Hmmm. Maybe this why you don’t offer a lifetime warranty.

    The only reason I bought this case at all, is because the Miracase one I bought isn’t exactly MagSafe friendly. And, it is just a teensy bit bulky, for my taste. I do not like bulky phone cases, and it really wasn’t even that bulky at all. But, it was justtt enough for me to notice, from time to time when I would pick up my phone to bother me.

    I LOVE how this phone case feels in my hand. The silicone is SILKY smooth, and every time I touch my phone, it makes me happy. It just feels soooo nice in the hand. Definitely not too bulky, at all. It’s a perfect thickness, and the buttons are very responsive with a nice, tight click. BUT. The MagSafe? VERY disappointing. Ummm.. what happened to your, “improved design” over the original Apple, AND the Apple improved design???

    MY. ASS. I’ve never had a phone with MagSafe before, so I didn’t know what to expect. But, I was really excited because of all the great hype. I just got a really, really nice MagSafe charger for my nightstand, and with my old Miracase it was pretty difficult to get my phone to attach. It would.. but sometimes it wouldn’t stay, and it was just not an enjoyable experience. With this case, it will attach.. MOST of the time. -ish. When it does, it USUALLY stays in place. BUT, if you touch, or move it at all? Not so good. Umm. Guys, that was why I spent TWICE THE PRICE TO BUY THIS DAMN THING. AND, it’s supposed to be BETTER, than Apple’s original design alone? It’s supposed to be some kind of IMPROVEMENT?

    MY. ASS. Take the case off your phone, and try attaching your bare device to a MagSafe charger. You will feel a nice snap, which you DO NOT GET with this case attached. And, you can move the phone around, slide it, and even pick up the phone – and it will bring the charger with it. So, let me ask you then. Why are you lying to me? Are you lying to me about your “military grade drop protection”, too? Why the hell don’t you offer a lifetime warranty, or anything else that other companies do, FOR HALF THE PRICE?

    Yeah, that really pisses me off. I don’t care if you don’t “improve Apple’s design”. No one expects you to do that. But do NOT lie about it. That’s.. pretty disgusting. So, why the hell did I buy this expensive ass case? Your magnetic technology is a lie. Which, is the only reason I shelled out all that money in the first place. Your “military grade” protection is probably a lie too. Now, I’ve already spent an ADDITIONAL $10 on a separate tempered glass screen protector, making your expensive ass lie of a product EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE. For what?

    Look. If you included tempered glass, for the screen and for the cameras, I would have a lot more faith in your “military grade protection”. But you don’t, and you offer zero buffer (literally). All those THOUSANDS of tests, from TEN FEET with ZERO product damage??

    MY. ASS. Then explain to me how I can drop my phone, ONCE, from FOUR feet and destroy one of my camera lenses? Pfft. What a joke. And I just paid $40 for this? If I wanted to get lied to, and screwed over I would have stayed with my ex for free.

    Man… does it feel nice, in the hand, though. At this point, I would keep the case, if it was free. I would use the money that I spent on the case to pay for filling in the gaps for what this EXPENSIVE case DOES NOT OFFER, deal with the decreased MagSafe performance and call it a day. Otherwise, I’m going to find a company that doesn’t blow smoke up my ass, and stands by their products.

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