UGREEN Micro B to USB C Hard Drive Cables 10 Gbps, 3.3 FT USB C to Micro B, USB C to External Hard Drive Cable Compatible with MacBook Air M2 Pro,…

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  • All in one cable: The USB 3.1 Micro B to USB C cable connects a computer/PC/laptop/iPad with a USB Type C port to an External Hard Drive, Smartphone or Tablet for data & phone charging.
  • 10 Gbps Fastest Data Transfer: This usb c to micro b Hard Drive Cable supports ultra-fast data transfer rate up to 10Gbps ( only taking 20 seconds to transfer a 10GB file) for transferring files from Solide State Drives (SSD) or sync data from your smartphone, which is 10X faster than USB 3.0 version, 20x faster than the USB 2.0 version.
  • Awesome Quality: With a braided shield, 40,000+ times bending tests, and aluminum alloy connector, UGREEN USB extender is extremely durable and sturdy; Also constructed with multiple layers of shielding to minimize interference, and corrosion-resistant for optimal signal clarity, effectively prolonging the cable service life.
  • USB C Compatibility List: USB-C port is compatible with MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, iPad Pro, Dell XPS 13/15, Google Chromebook Pixel, HP Pavilion X2, Yoga 910, OnePlus 6 6T 5 5T 3, Galaxy S22/ S20/ S10/ S9/ S8/ Note20/ Note10/ Note9/ Note8 and other Host based devices with USB Type C port
  • Micro B Compatibility List: Micro USB B is compatible with Portable USB 3.1 External Hard Drives including Toshiba Canvio, Seagate FreeAgent, Western Digital (WD) My Passport, LaCie, Elements hard drives, and Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Nikon D800/D800E, Canon EOS 5DS/5DSR/5D4 Camera.
  • Important Note: Please make sure your Computer/Laptop/Phone/tablet/Hub has a USB C Port before purchase.
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7.48 x 5.24 x 0.51 inches, 1.31 Ounces

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September 21, 2022



8 reviews for UGREEN Micro B to USB C Hard Drive Cables 10 Gbps, 3.3 FT USB C to Micro B, USB C to External Hard Drive Cable Compatible with MacBook Air M2 Pro,…

  1. techenthused

    Tested and approved.

  2. Leonard M.

    This is the adapter I needed to get the new USB-C on the PC front panel connected to my older external hard drives I use for storage.
    The heads appear to be excellent build quality. The plugs and sockets have a solid fit.
    I know that it is woven to help prevent fraying, but I would still like more robust flex protection at the head joint.
    Normally I tend to prefer silicone covered cables instead of woven, because the woven are often too stiff, but this cable is quite flexible.
    A 4 for this data cable, that I would prefer have a little more flex at the head joint.

  3. Milobear

    I got this to use with an old Seagate 300GB drive I bought back around 2009/2010. The original cable still works but it looks terrible. All gunky and rusty. This cable fits and works perfectly. I haven’t noticed any improvement in transfer speeds. But then again, I didn’t expect any because the drive is so old. With newer drives, this cable should help get the fastest speeds possible over USB 3.1.

    The cable is built amazingly well. It’s not the most flexible cable. But for these types of cables, that’s okay. I prefer a cable of this type to be a little stiffer. It just adds to the sturdiness of the cable. The connectors are first rate, as well.

    I have quite a few Ugreen cables, and they have always been very quality. This one is no exception. I am confident this cable will last until the old Seagate drive dies (but it’s still going strong for now.)

    For $9, you get a super-high-quality cable that does what it’s supposed to do. Highly recommended.

    Build Quality – 5/5 Very robust and sturdy. Well-made.
    Data Speeds – 5/5 Good speed for the type of device it connected. As good as the original.
    Ease of Use – 5/5 Just plug it in and it works. Nothing else is required.
    Value for Money – 5/5 These cables can be hard to find sometimes. So, for $9, this is a value.
    Overall Score – 5/5 Stars. Excellent product and value.

  4. Cee

    First off, I’m not a fan of the (at least what I find to be) annoying and odd “Micro B” port type. But, I have it on a few of my important external hard drives and have been using the cables that came with them, which are all USB-A to the Micro B (which is on the drives).

    This cable makes things much more streamlined in my setup, especially because I’m trying to slowly migrate everything to USB-C. This cable has worked really well with my Mac Mini M1 to connect it with my Seagate and WD drives flawlessly – and without having to adapt anything from USB-A to USB-C (This cable does that for me now).

    The cable’s construction is very sturdy. I’ll be having this plugged into my large external drive all the time, as I use it daily…and finally just ditch the USB-A cord + USB-A to USB-C adapter (Which this nicely replaces. I actually already have it plugged in right now, and the drive is connected to my Mac with a solid connection and great performance/speed). The cable’s “joints” (where the port-end connects to the cord/cable) are very solid and everything seems like it’ll last a long time and withstand a lot of usage (If you’ll be connecting & disconnecting this cable a lot – it feels like it would hold up well and be able to easily go in/out of devices *tons* of times, it’s a rugged cable).

    If you’re currently using a similar setup as I was – with adapters – This is a worthwhile and affordable alternative to update your gear in an area that you’ll definitely notice (Depending on what you’re connecting this to, you’ll likely get higher transfer speeds as well as just having a simplified and efficient setup).

    USB 3.1 Support:
    This cable also supports USB 3.1, which lets my drive transfer at a much higher rate than it did before with the adapter-route. Much faster than it was when using the older USB-A cables that came with my drives.

    I have accumulated a few other UGREEN products, and they’re really growing on me as an affordable and just all-around well made product manufacturer. This is definitely a great cable.

  5. Joerg.michaely

    passt auf meine Kamera – wie beschrieben und ist und sieht auch hochwertig aus.

  6. joaquin gonzalez

    El conector no es USB,.es.para celular

  7. Savvy Kemocybr

    The cable for this adapter is long. I measured it at 19” and that was a nice surprise since I’ll be using it at work to work on PCs and laptops and can see how flexible it can be. I tested it against the speed of a docking station with an ethernet port and both return about the same speed (75Mbps) average. I’m taking off a start because it failed to stay connected during a PXE boot test and had to re-plug it to continue a reimaging process.

    This adapter can be very handy when you only have USB-C ports available on a computer you might be using or working on. It feels sturdy and should last a long time and the extra length makes it a very convenient adapter. It comes with stickers for some world flags including the U.S and that’s of a nice touch if you want to personalize it. I’m keeping this one in my toolbox.

  8. D.Robinson

    I have an Oyen Digital drive case that the cable has failed on me. I thought that it was the actual drive port that was faulty since I’ve attempted to use two different cables with this enclosure. UGreen has been a favorite cable manufacturer of mine for a while, and this cable is no different. It does not move or feel shaky, and it just works. This is a pretty straight forward cable that fit the need, and is working flawlessly. If it is durable and continues to work then I should be good to go (the enclosure has lasted forever).

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