Usbkingdom 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Cool 3D Sport Car Shape Ergonomic Optical Mice with USB Receiver for PC Laptop Computer Kids Girls Small Hands (Pink)

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  • Wireless mouse sports car shape with 7 color breathing LED headlight, cool gaming mouse for the laptop computer, good choice for using or as gifts for family, friends, women, and men
  • Powered by 2 * AAA battery (not included), Size: 4.05*2.2*1.39 inch, Net weight: 2.1 oz,1600 DPI,3 Buttons (Push the top cover to find the USB receiver and battery slot inside)
  • Plug and Play, this pink wireless computer mouse no drive is needed; Power-saving sleeping function, if the mouse is not used for a short time, it will turn to power saving mode to save energy
  • 2.4GHz wireless digital transmission, the car-shaped computer mouse operation distance is up to 10 meters; High quality, ergonomic design, comfortable to grip
  • Support most operating system,Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win 7 / Linux or Mac OS and more(Warranty:If you have any product quality problems after receiving this mouse, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours)
Product Dimensions

4.05 x 2.2 x 1.39 inches

Item Weight

2.12 ounces

Item model number



2 AA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

February 1, 2018



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8 reviews for Usbkingdom 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Cool 3D Sport Car Shape Ergonomic Optical Mice with USB Receiver for PC Laptop Computer Kids Girls Small Hands (Pink)

  1. Robin

    Helpful tip!! I read a lot of reviews saying this mouse would fall asleep after a short period of time, unable to be awakened by moving it; I discovered it CAN be awoken, you just have to SCROLL the scroll wheel. Now Whenever it falls asleep I just scroll and it wakes up instantly. Prior to having this knowledge, the mouse would fall asleep frequently and I could not wake it up unless I turned it off, waited for 5-10 seconds, and turned it back on – and this did not work consistently. So annoying!! The manufacturer did not make this wakeup feature obvious enough, I think.

    The mouse is cute. I loved it from the moment I saw it. It calls for two AAA batteries and the headlights light up kind of blue when in use, though unevenly. You slide back the top to access the batteries, then slide it back on. Comes with a standard USB transmitter and a recess for it next to the batteries. After a month of use I have not had to replace them.

    My experience (besides the falling asleep)? It does function as a mouse, yes. My hand adapted to the new mouse shape very quickly and the car shape has never bothered me. Honestly, the difference doesn’t seem that stark to me. However, about a month or so in I am noticing it is a little glitchy. The most recent development is that when the mouse is on but I am not touching it, sometimes the cursor will slowly begin to move diagonally. This has also happened a few times while I was using it, interfering with accurate clicking. I also noticed some lag yesterday when using Minecraft, I would click once and it would remain clicked too long. This may have been the computer’s fault, I am not sure – I have a 3yo PC with 12GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon R6 graphics card, and I had Chrome open too.

    Can’t say much for its durability. One day I dropped it and it hit the deck – and granted, it hit the deck HARD, from maybe three feet up – and it lost both of its right wheels. The little pieces holding in the tires broke and I am not sure how to fix it. Seems a bit cheap; I guess I did only pay what, $12 or $15 for it? But disappointing, especially as I cannot find one of the hubcaps.

    Although I believe I could work with this mouse if I had to, and even though I love the design, I have ultimately decided to buy another mouse. As a graphic design student I spend a lot(!!!) of time on the computer. When working with Adobe programs such as Adobe AfterEffects I value accuracy and efficiency, and this mouse just isn’t doing it for me.

    I was going to give this only 2 stars, but once I discovered the wakeup feature that bumped it up one. I think my VW Bug mouse must’ve noticed I was shopping for a new mouse and got real nervous, because I’ve never seen it glitch so hard as when I was shopping!!

  2. Sweet pea

    The mouse is supper cute and operational once a battery is added. However, it is works and then stops. Maybe it’s because of the mousepad. I don’t know. But a tad annoying

  3. Escillia Allen

    My 7yo son uses this for school on his Chromebook laptop. It’s simple enough to set up that he does it himself. It’s great that he can store the usb receiver inside the mouse so he doesn’t lose it. We have rechargeable batteries in there, and since he’s only had it a short while, i can’t comment on battery life. A couple of things i noticed are that 1) sometimes he loses the arrow icon on the screen because it moves so fast and not super smoothly, which frustrated him and makes him think it stopped working, and 2) while it is small enough, i wouldn’t describe the angles or shape as a highly ergonomic design for his hand/wrist to rest in neutral position during use. Though, it’s noticeably less tiresome and frustrating for him than the laptop track pad. In his opinion, he said he would give it 5 stars (because the car design with lights really excites him). From my perspective, I give it 4 stars because it functions as expected, but it’s a couple of more steps to use (which took some repetition for him to remember), and the smoothness, speed, ergonomics, and price point aren’t as good as the ordinary wired usb kid’s mouse we got (which he intuitively set up with no instructions and cost 1/3 of the price this car mouse did).

  4. Susan Olivieri

    I like the built, color and comfort on hand. The lights give a special touch.

  5. Shangri La

    This was a birthday gift from my daughter. It is absolutely adorable. I use as at work, Elementary School RN, and all the kids think it is the best thing ever. Works great, very ergonomic, and the 68 Bug was my first car, so amazing memories.

  6. lasia1

    My son shows it to everyone. The taillights turn on and off with use. It’s wireless and connects just fine. He got it for Christmas it’s only the New year. It’s nice so far.

  7. Tiffany H

    When I started my new position at my agency, the mouse I had barely worked. The agency did not provide a mouse pad. I purchased this mouse because it’s super cute & it doesn’t require a mouse pad. Everyone raves about it!! The lights work & the battery life lasts. I love my new mouse!!

  8. Curt

    I just got this mouse and I love it with the yellow desk mat that I ordered as well. The two pop on my otherwise boring home workstation.

    Easy setup
    Tracks well while using

    Small for man hands
    Feels cheap
    Not ideal for remote laptop use

    I haven’t had this device long enough to gauge its durability, although it does work well. That being said, I would not use this mouse for a laptop if I were constantly moving around with it to different locations. It’s very light and feels cheaply made. I would imagine it won’t take much to break it. That being said its perfect for my home workstation because it will not be used anywhere else

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