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  • 😀[Ergonomic Comfort Design,Relax Upperbody]The shape of ergonomic mouse highly fit your plam,The angle positions your hand in such a way that it’s natural to move the cursor around with your thumb. just like put your hand on the desk naturally and haven’t any hinder.The trackball mouse will be a nice assistant that help you to combat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • 😄[Power Efficient,Charging Faster]The large number of poeple hate that charge their trackball mouse frequently.Especially,when they are engaged in their work.Lizrrot computer mouse help you to get rid of all of the above,you can just need to put it on charge when you go off to lunch.The trackball mouse saves it battery by going to sleep but effortlessly wakes up with a single click.Even though you use the trackball mouse long for 1 month and it still says I have enough power to continuous use.
  • 😁[Selecting Your Connection Way]There are 3 wireless modes (BT 3.0/4.0 or USB) you can choose and connect up to 3 devices. Easy to switch between the multiple connections with the press of a button .The trackball mosue is fast and responsive with good connectivity using Bluetooth or the wireless dongle. What‘s more,when you lose the usb receiver,your computer mouse still come ture wireless connect by bluetooth.
  • 😆[Charming RGB Backlight]It will be a focal point in your office If you have a computer mouse with RGB Backlit.The Lizrrot computer mouse not only bring a vibrant color,but also remind you whether the trackball mouse are enable.(when not in use,the computer mouse will drops into powersaver mode, and the lights go of.)
  • 😊[No Space Limitation]Wether do you still worry about that haven’t enough sapce to move your mouse?Lizrrot trackball mousewould be a solution to mouse control in tight spots.The trackball controlling was designed to replace that precisely control cursor by moving hand.You can save more space to decorate your desk or set something you like,such as Ipad, rgb clock, gamepad and so on.
  • 🥰[Higher Work Efficiency]The bluetooth mouse has 3 convenient button.You can press the DPI button when you need to control the speed of cursor moving and there are 5 level(100-200-400-800-1200).The advance and back button will less your workload or distracted when you pay more attention to your main task.
  • 🎁[Refined Finish]The Bluetooth mouse got a super comfy soft finish.It was made of Premium matte material And it glides so smoothly that you don’t even need to adjust it right out of the box.(it did take some getting used to. But once you got used to it, everything clicked.)
Package Dimensions

5.63 x 4.61 x 2.44 inches

Item Weight

7.9 ounces

Date First Available

May 31, 2022



7 reviews for Wireless Trackball Mouse, Computer Ergonomic Mouse, Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse, Easy Thumb Control,Precise and Smooth Tracking, 3 Device…

  1. Michael

    It’s a mouse, a trackball mouse and it (so far) works great with no complaints. I’ve gone thru 4 trackballs in the last year and this one seems to be better than the others. I started with a Logitech Trackman, which works fine, but doesn’t have a scroll wheel. That doesn’t work for me, so I went with the Amazon brand copy of the Logitech M570. That one worked ok until the first time I removed the ball to clean it, at which point one of the 3 ball bearings the mouse glides upon fell out, never to be seen again. That rendered the mouse unusable, so I went with an actual M570, which I had used on and off thru the years. That was fine for a few months but then the left click button went bad – a common complaint about the current version of the M570. So I decided to try something different and went with the Lizrrot. Right out of the box, this one seems to be of better quality than the Logitech or Amazon mice. I’m using the supplied USB dongle to connect and had no problem setting it up. When the battery ran out, I simply plugged the mouse into the charger and was immediately able to use it while charging. When not in use, the mouse goes to sleep and requires a click of the button to wake up. Not sure how long the battery lasts before it needs a recharge, but you can just leave it plugged into the charger if you like. If you think that the tiny bit of electricity this uses will destroy the planet. just unplug it when charged and plug it back in when needed. Time will tell if the component parts of this mouse will last, but I suspect I’m going to remain happy with this one for a very long time.

  2. Joy L. Hampton

    This mouse didn’t work out for me, but I think it would have under other circumstances. The problem is that the USB connector piece fits loosely in the port, and therefore, my computer has trouble recognizing the mouse consistently. The slightest movement of the laptop can jostle the connector out of place enough that my computer thinks that I’ve pulled it out. If you use a desktop computer, or if you leave your laptop on a desk, or if your computer has bluetooth capability this shouldn’t be an issue. I frequently move my laptop around, and it’s often literally in my lap, so I need the USB dongle to fit very securely. Having said that, this company was willing to do anything to make it right. I returned the product for a refund, but they still wanted to do more. They sent me another one to see if it would work better. It was the same, but I think I can safely say the only reason this didn’t work for me is because I’m always moving my laptop around, and my computer doesn’t have bluetooth capability, so I needed the USB connector to fit very securely.

  3. Crystal U

    Es bonito y es bueno PERO, es muy grande y algo incomodo para manos pequeñas, la rueda de scroll esta muy lejos y al no tener dedos largos es imposible usarla a menos que mantengas la mano encima del mouse completamente generando cansancio por falta de apoyo de la muñeca, si tienes mano pequeña piensa muy bien si quieres algo bonito pero incomodo.

    En cuanto a su función, no es cómodo conectar vía Bluetooth, pues al encender el PC le toma un tiempo para encontrar el mouse, y al conectar por medio del cosito qué va al USB funciona desde el primer segundo qué inició windows.

    La precision es algo mehh… No es muy preciso pero dependerá de los dpi en que la persona se sienta cómoda y sobre todo de sus habilidades, es bueno más no es el mejor, se defiende bien, pero NO ES UN MOUSE GAMING, SI LO QUIERES PARA JUEGOS OLVIDALO, solo me va bien en American truck simulator y Euro truck sim2, es muy cómodo mirar hacia los lados con la bola en comparación con un mouse combencional, no lo recomiendo para un hack and slash o un arpg y menos para un shooter.

    Las lucecitas para mi son inecesarias, afortunadamente se pueden quitar y poner al gusto.

    Llego a buen tiempo y ligeramente aplastada la caja.

    En conclusion, es bueno solo el tamaño lo hace incomodo y por eso le quite una estrella, todo lo demás por ahora funciona muy bien, y me gusta.

  4. jf

    It is very impressive that its battery last more than two months and still working.
    I got it by the end of Sept, and keep it always on except off on 50% of weekends.
    I have another brand trackball (similar look without color LED) that needs to be recharged every month.

    trackball does not wake up the mouse (Logitech M570 trackball can wake up the mouse), and the wheel can wake up the mouse. At beginning, I was little bit disappointed, but later I found this feature is better especially when taking it in travel without turn off the mouse. If trackball can wake up the mouse, then any force to the ball will wake up the mouse to reduce the battery energy.

    Bluetooth wake-up time is slightly slower the USB dongle. This is the same for all bluetooth mouses, no surprising.

    Color LED is nice to have. It has three different modes and tells when mouse is in working mode. It can be turned off with save battery.

    The value/price is excellent.


    I have used the M570 for years and it has been my gold standard for a palm type track ball. The 570 unfortunately uses software to assist in its performance and that has been problematic for me. I don’t like to waste resources on TSR programs unless really necessary. My 570 needed replacement and I obtained this unit. The unit feels and works exactly like the 570 with some distinct advantages from my point of view. This trackball uses the built in Windows Driver (I’m using 11) so no additional resources are being consumed in my computer and no crashes based on incompatibility. The DPI button works great and is quite useful. The battery lasts a very long time and recharging is effortless. The buttons have the proper tactile feedback. It does not have a tilt wheel but I’ve never liked that feature so I’m happy it is not included. It saves it battery by going to sleep but effortlessly wakes up with a single click. For those of you that want to program your buttons then stay with the 570 but for those of us that use it as a standard trackball this unit deserves you strong consideration. I feel it is a great value. FYI my testing is related to the included USB wireless dongle and direct USB connection, I did not use the BlueTooth connectivity.

  6. Triple J

    I purchased this mouse to replace my broken Logitech trak ball mouse; 10+ yrs. Price of this unit was good and the quality from my little use is great, reason for my 4 star rating. However, I work in IT and noticed after a using the mouse for more than an hour straight, my thumb, index and middle fingers & portion of my hands became numb. I never had this issue with the previous trak ball unit.

    I am sure this mouse has and will continue to work for thousand of others but the curvature of the mouse positions my hand to cause numbiness.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I was a little worried about buying an off-brand mouse. I have used a Logitech exclusively for probably 12 years. Despite regular cleanings and replacing the battery, my Logitech was not working well anymore and I decided to replace it with this which was a much more cost-effective option. While it is yet to be seen, if this mouse can last a decade, It certainly works really well. It is slightly bigger than the standard Logitech trackball mouse, but after a couple days I got used to it. I charged it once and it’s been working for weeks. I kind of like not having to replace the batteries once a week. That’s a really nice feature of this one.

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