X1 Self-Flying Camera, Pocket-Sized Drone HDR Video Capture, Palm Takeoff, Intelligent Flight Paths, Follow-Me Mode, Foldable Action Camera with Hands-Free Control Black (Combo)

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  • Intelligent Follow-Me Camera: Harnessing advanced tracking algorithms and a following speed of up to 15 mph, the HOVERAir follow-me self-flying drone becomes your intuitive cameraman, seamlessly tracking your every move. Ideal for cycling, skateboarding, and various sports, it effortlessly captures breathtaking moments, ensuring you’re always at the center of the action.
  • Portability and Simplicity Redefined: Weighing a mere 125g (4.41oz), lighter than an iPhone and exempt from the hassle of FAA registration. The foldable design makes every adventure just a fold away. Operating the HOVERAir X1 self-flying camera is simple and user-friendly. lt takes off from your palm with one click, making it easy for everyone!
  • Automatic and Intelligent Flight Paths: Experience hands-free flying with the pre-programmed flight paths, including Hover, Follow, Zoom Out, Orbit, Bird’s Eye, Manual Control, etc. Take control with Manual Control mode, tailoring your flight experience to perfection. With Each battery supporting approximately 20 intelligent flight paths(11 minutes), your 100% flight time is dedicated to creating captivating and shareable content.
  • Amazing Image & HDR Video Shooting: HOVERAir camera drone supports a maximum of 2.7K@30fps and 1080P HDR video shooting. The triple stabilization system ensures smooth video effects and excellent fast motion capturing capability, easily recording beautiful moments during hikes or journeys.
  • Live Monitoring and Manual Control: Utilize the Hover X1 App for real-time previews of the drone’s camera feed. Take charge with manual control through the App, optimizing flight paths to capture that perfect shot! Kindly note that video previews through the Hover X1 App album may display high-speed, low-resolution thumbnails.
  • Perfect for Content Creation and Sharing: Experience the joy of hands-free Perfect for Content Creation and Sharing: Experience the joy of hands-free shooting and download your photos and videos via the Hover X1 App after your flight. With a simple click, instantly share your memorable moments with friends and family on your favorite social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. HOVERAir X1 is a perfect ally for vloggers, hikers, bikers, and other adventurers.
  • Privacy Shield with Internal Storage: Boasting 32GB of internal storage, bid farewell to the hassle of SD cards while securing your privacy with locally stored content. Easily download your creations using the Hover X1 App or by connecting the drone to your computer. Your moments, your control!
  • Fully Enclosed with Safety Guards: Enjoy worry-free flying with our drone’s fully enclosed design. Equipped with safety guards, it provides an extra layer of protection for both the drone and its surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of close-range shooting while ensuring safety for both adults and children.


Model Name

‎Hover X1 flymore blk

Special Feature

‎Visual Inertial Odometry Technology, Triple Stabilization, Intelligent Flight Paths, Enclosed & Foldable Frame

Age Range Description




Video Capture Resolution


Connectivity Technology


Included Components

‎Storage Bag X1, Battery X1, HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera(with battery) X1, Battery Charging Hub X1, USB Cable X1

Item Weight

‎4.4 ounces

Battery Capacity

‎2100 Milliamp Hours

Video Capture Format


Remote Control Technology


Control Type

‎App Control

Media Type


Battery Cell Composition

‎Lithium Polymer

Are Batteries Included


Video Output Resolution

‎1920×1080 Pixels

Remote Control Included


Rechargeable Battery Included


Product Dimensions

‎5"L x 5.71"W x 1.18"H


‎Shenzhen Zero Zero Infinity Technology Co.,Ltd.

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer Part Number


Special Features

‎Visual Inertial Odometry Technology, Triple Stabilization, Intelligent Flight Paths, Enclosed & Foldable Frame

9 reviews for X1 Self-Flying Camera, Pocket-Sized Drone HDR Video Capture, Palm Takeoff, Intelligent Flight Paths, Follow-Me Mode, Foldable Action Camera with Hands-Free Control Black (Combo)

  1. Paula

    Ci tengo a raccontare questa cosa. Ho acquistato un hover x1 circa 2 mesi fa e subito mi ha dato una buona impressione, perché è divertente, facile da usare e fa delle ottime riprese.
    Dopo circa un mese, si è presentato un poccolo difetto al gimbal, che è un po’ il tallone di achille un po’ di tutti i droni.
    Tale difetto comunque non influiva, almeno per ora, sulle funzionalità del drone.
    Ho interpellato l’assistenza del venditore “Hover Camera Direct” la quale prontamente si è fatta carico del problema e mi ha chiesto di mandare il file di log prelevato dal drone stesso.
    Il risultato è stato che avendo riconosciuto un difetto al gimbal mi ha prontamente inviato un drone nuovo, identico a quello difettato.
    Serietà massima
    Grazie Amazon e Hover Camera Direct.

  2. Zilong Chang

    I recently purchased this drone, and it has exceeded all my expectations. The pocket-sized drone’s HDR video capture delivers stunning footage with vivid colors and impressive clarity. The convenience of palm takeoff and the intelligent flight paths make it incredibly user-friendly, even for beginners.

    The Follow-Me mode is a game-changer, allowing the drone to effortlessly track and film your movements, creating dynamic and engaging shots. The foldable design adds to its portability, making it a perfect companion for on-the-go adventures.

    What truly sets the drone apart is its hands-free control feature. The intuitive interface allows for seamless operation, giving you the freedom to focus on capturing the perfect shot. The white color of the drone adds a touch of elegance, making it not only a powerful tool but also a stylish accessory.

    The standard combo provides excellent value, including all the essential accessories for a comprehensive experience. Overall, the HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera has redefined my perspective on aerial photography, offering unparalleled features in a compact and sleek design. Highly recommended for both enthusiasts and professionals alike!

  3. MalinS

    I’ve only had my HoverAir X1 drone for a few weeks, and haven’t gone through all of its capabilities, but I’m very impressed so far. I’ve flown it in the following flight modes: Hover, Zoom Out, Orbit, Bird Eye, and Dolly Mode. Every mode worked flawlessly. I’m still learning, and it will take a while before I know everything about it. The app has a built-in tutorial, and I am also watching various YouTube videos to learn more about the drone’s operation. I previously had a Snap Pixy drone but recently returned it due to a company recall. The HoverAir X1 has more features than the Pixy and seems to be easier to operate. The videos look good and transfer easily and quickly to my smart phone. I took one video with sound, using my phone as the microphone. The audio is clear, because the app filters out all the motor noise from the drone. The synchronization between audio and video was noticeably off, but I found out from the tutorial in the Hover X1 app that there is third party software that can correct the sync problem. I haven’t had a chance to try the software sync fix yet, so I don’t know how well that works. Overall, I really like this drone.

  4. Glenn Snyder

    Als begeisterter Nutzer der HOVERAir X1 Selbstfliegenden Kamera-Drohne bin ich überwältigt von ihrer Leistung und Vielseitigkeit. Diese Drohne markiert zweifellos einen Wendepunkt in der Geschichte der Luftaufnahmen und stellt eine bahnbrechende Innovation dar. Mit ihrem ultrakompakten Taschenformat ist sie stets einsatzbereit und passt mühelos in jede Tasche.

    Die HDR-Videoaufnahme liefert atemberaubende Aufnahmen von höchster Qualität, die jeden Zuschauer faszinieren. Dank intelligenter Flugrouten kann die Drohne selbstständig navigieren und dabei Hindernisse geschickt umgehen, was die Aufnahme von Videos noch einfacher und professioneller macht.

    Besonders beeindruckt mich der Folge-Mir-Modus, der es ermöglicht, sich frei zu bewegen, während die Drohne automatisch dem ausgewählten Objekt folgt. Dadurch entfallen lästige Kabel oder die Notwendigkeit eines Kameramanns, was die Erstellung von Vlogs und YouTube-Videos so mühelos macht wie nie zuvor.

    Die faltbare Action-Kamera mit Freihandsteuerung bietet zusätzliche Flexibilität und ermöglicht es, aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln zu filmen, ohne dabei auf Stabilität oder Bildqualität verzichten zu müssen.

    Insgesamt ist die HOVERAir X1 Selbstfliegende Kamera-Drohne ein absolutes Muss für jeden Content Creator oder Hobbyfilmer, der nach neuen Möglichkeiten sucht, seine Kreativität auszuleben. Dank ihr wird das Erstellen von hochwertigem Videomaterial so einfach wie nie zuvor – eine wahre Revolution in der Welt der Luftaufnahmen!

  5. MalinS

    The media could not be loaded.

     The HoverAir X1 is a compact drone that packs a punch with its lightweight design and impressive tech features.

    I was immediately impressed by the neatly designed packaging and box set. I opted for the bundle with two batties, a velvet carrier bag, and a USB-C cable (the carrier bag and cable seem to be standard).
    One of the features that sets the HoverAir 1X apart is its app. It eliminates the need for a controller, is super easy to navigate, and includes all the tutorials you could need (I recommend checking them out before you start using the drone).

    The AI tracking ability makes this little gadget a total game-changer. I tried to lose it, but it stayed on me with both Dolly and Follow Mode. The flexibility to adjust settings from both the phone and the device itself adds to the convenience.

    Despite facing some wind during my first flight, the 2.7k video footage at 30fps remained remarkably stable. The still image quality, at 4000 x 3000 pixels, also exceeded my expectations. And while the battery life is somewhat limited, the inclusion of two batteries provides ample shooting time.

  6. Judy R.

    This drone has actually gone above and beyond my expectations as when I was looking at it it looked like a really tiny drone but the specs seemed to tell me that it was going to be something special so I decided to take the plunge.

    The app is pretty self explanatory and it allows you to get connected straight up onto the drone itself however you do need to make sure that you’ve got the most up to date version of it as I didn’t previously and it wouldn’t work so a simple case of updating it meant that I was able to get flying very quickly.

    It’s one of those drones that’s virtually impossible to break due to the fact that it has huge cages that are around the propellers and even if it hits something like a tree or branches those don’t tend to go inside and break off the propellers so it’s pretty easy to be able to just pick it up and get flying again even if you aren’t the best at flying straight away you should be able to use this and learn pretty quickly through mistakes.

    One of the most fun bits though is when you let it take off from your hand directly and then have it follow you as it has full tracking capabilities and is able to just follow you along whether you’re walking, rolling, or on a bike.

  7. Glenn Snyder

    We bought this for ease of use and picture taking! It is so much easier to use than a full drone and does not require a licence for use! Excellent item!

  8. Paula

    Very happy with the product, super quick delivery and everything that was advertised came to my address. The unit is solid in terms of its price and I am getting use to using it for my media content.

  9. Mike B

    Oh, what a lovely little drone this is. I recently took the Hover Air X1 with me on a bicycle tour across Florida (around 800 miles over 3 weeks). Super light weight, compact size makes it an ideal drone for bicycle touring. And the pre-programmed modes are awesome for someone like me who is new to drones and didn’t want to climb the learning curve, so to speak.

    I frequently used “hover”, “follow me”, “dolly track”, and other (pre-programmed) modes to capture content I wanted to share with friends, family, and other bicycle tour enthusiasts. And once I discovered I could also manually control flights using the Hover app, I was thrilled by what I could do with this drone. I also really loved the simple and easy to use “land” mode. I always enjoy just holding my hand under the drone and letting it land on my palm. How cool is that?!

    As per the specifications, this drone is not suited to situations with high wind or rain as some other (higher priced) drones can do, but for me that was a non-issue as I didn’t want to capture content in those conditions. It also is not fast enough to keep pace with a bicycle at speed (e.g. > 10 mph) but, again, I was not expecting it to. What I did was ride slower when taking action shots so that the drone would be able to keep pace (follow me mode), or I would plan the shot to fit within the drone’s capabilities (bird’s eye mode, hover mode with a drive by, manual mode with the phone affixed via quad lock to the bicycle so I could operate the controls whilst riding). It is a very flexible drone with lots of potential for getting great shots.

    It is also very robust. The plastic cage surrounding the rotors ensures that crashes (yes, I had a couple) don’t damage the rotors, the gimble + camera(s), or the main body of the drone.

    I also really liked having two batteries so I could fast swap while on the road. The battery life met my expectations but for those seeking longer flights this might not be the best option – I was getting 10-15 mins of flying time in temperatures ranging from 50’s to 60’s Fahrenheit, and also dependent on the wind conditions.

    Besides all that, it’s just fun to use. Although not recommended by Hover, I often would fly the drone indoors to show-off its merits to people who were curious to see what the drone could do.

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