Apple iPhone 14 Pro, 256GB, Gold – Unlocked (Renewed)

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  • 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display featuring Always-On and ProMotion.
  • Dynamic Island, a magical new way to interact with iPhone.
  • 48MP Main camera for up to 4x greater resolution.
  • Cinematic mode now in 4K Dolby Vision up to 30 fps. Action mode for smooth, steady, handheld videos.
  • A16 Bionic, the ultimate smartphone chip. Superfast 5G cellular.
  • manufacturer : Apple Computer

771 reviews for Apple iPhone 14 Pro, 256GB, Gold – Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. Jaeden Alexander

    The phone came in on the correct date took about two days to arrive. There were minor dings but keep in mind this is a preowned phone and my phone case covers over it. The screen works correctly and came with a screen protector so a plus! Phone battery came at 100% health. The boxing of the phone was ok 7/10 quality. The phone set up was smooth and everything was legit on my end. I hope this review helps someone out!

  2. Casey


  3. Deeyonn

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     Disclaimer: I ordered this phone twice. All complaints go to the first phone, which was sent back. The second phone was kept and is great. The video is of the first phone (which was sent back) and all the other photos are of the second phone. I rate these phones: 5 stars for the second phone, 3 stars for the first one

    Okay, so I received this phone and it was not packaged well at all. It came in an android box that was open and the phone had no secure place to sit (because it didn’t fit in that box) so it was sliding out/ halfway out the box when I opened the FedEx bag. It came with a screen protector on it. When the screen protector cracked, I took it off and there were so many scratches on the screen. There were also A LOT of scratches by the charging port, above the speakers, and on the edges of the phone. It came at 97% battery life and the function of the phone was totally fine. I wouldn’t say it was excellent condition at all, more like “good” or “okay” condition. I ended up sending this one back and reordering & received a brand new phone with no cosmetic defects and the phone at 100% battery life. Phone was not eligible for Apple care but is still under apples warranty.

    Also, I’m very unsure why people are leaving bad reviews because this phone has an eSIM and not an actual SIM card slot. Apple moved over to eSIM starting with the iPhone 14, so whenever you upgrade to the 14 or newer it is going to be an eSIM. It is literally the same thing as having a physical SIM card. When setting up the phone it is literally the same except you don’t put in a SIM card, it just makes you an eSIM when you transfer your number. It’s hassle free actually.

  4. PNW cat

    Phone is P E R F E C T. I bought an iPhone 14 Pro. It doesn’t come in original box or with original cord but they work perfectly. The phone doesn’t have any scratches or damages. It looks just like new. I say “like” because it doesn’t come with the original stickers 😂. First thing I did was check battery health and it was at 100%. No, I’m for real, great purchase.

  5. Casey

    I have no complaints it’s fun to use

  6. Deeyonn

    I was using a XR and wanted to upgrade for a while. I didn’t want to have to deal with type C on the iPhone 15, so I figured a 14 pro would be the best deal, plus a significant upgrade from my current phone. The phone came in amazing condition with basically no scratches and 100% battery health. It also came with a screen protector on it. The 120hz screen is so amazing compared to the XR. I highly recommend.

  7. CF

    I bought the renewed iPhone 14 Pro a month or two after the iPhone 15 came out, and I’m really loving it (previously I had an iPhone 11). There were two very small dings on the case, on the edges, each maybe 1/16th of an inch in size. The glass was in great shape, and there was already a screen protector on the front. Once I put a good-quality case on the phone, you couldn’t tell there were any imperfections at all. It came in a nondescript box from a Brooklyn tech store, along with a Lightning cable and charging block. Easy set-up, and the battery is healthy. This is really the way to go if you want to save hundreds on an iPhone and don’t need the latest and greatest model.

  8. lisset

    Happy with my purchase:) no problem at all
    The cellphone is working well

  9. lisset

    I didn’t see any reviews for anyone buying the 1TB model, so here is one! I purchased this phone THREE times to try and get one with a Maximum Battery Capacity that was acceptable. I saw people in reviews complaining about 92% – I wish! The first one I got had a max of 85%. My iPhone 12 Pro that is nearly 3 years old is at 85%… it seems if you are selling a refurbished phone that is a little over a year old and marked as “excellent condition” then it should have a higher capacity than a 3 year old phone. I ordered the phone again hoping the battery was a fluke, but phone 2 was only slightly better at 88%. I went for ‘third try’s a charm’ and ordered again. This last one was at 92%. I decided that was the best I was going to get. The phone has otherwise been functioning great the last month. Very minimal scratches. Apple will do a battery replacement without any Apple Care coverage for a flat $99. So taking this $850 phone and maybe one day paying $99 for another batter is still a better deal than an additional $600 to get the 1TB iPhone 15 Pro model. So overall this is still a good deal and I had a very good experience with returning to 2 phones I chose not to keep. But I wish the seller would list what criteria need to be met to be marked as “Excellent” vs “Good”.

  10. Sam

    Got this renewed and it was really well packed and like new; beside some minor flaws and little scratches. The main thing I can say about it though is that it is very overpriced; and that is no surprise if you are an Apple fan. Features compared to same phones of the same period are more expensive, so you may want to give it a go first.

    If you are switching from Android, you will see this more easily; but for Apple users it has value and the new features added are useful and worthwhile. Screen is fine overall, and this is the same exact phone you get year after year, a bit faster, with less and less connections (even the SIM card slot is gone… ), so nothing new here.

    Performances are great; it can handle most of what you throw at it basically.

    I like it but between a Samsung and this, I think that there is more value in something like an S21 compared to the iPhone 14

  11. E Matsumoto

    This was a great product that was easy to purchase, had a quick delivery, and was easy to set up.
    Aside from the Amazon refurbished packaging, there weren’t any differences between setting up a new iPhone and this refurbished one.
    There were a few small scratches on the screen, but barely noticeable. The software works well and the battery life is excellent. This was a great purchase!

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