are airpods waterproof Wireless Earbuds 40H Playtime 8H

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are airpods waterproof

  • are airpods waterproof USB C Efficient Charge for 40 Hours Playtime–Our earbuds have the popular USB C charging cable, which can be easily matched with your power bank, computer, USB socket, etc. Fast charging design. Charge for 1.5 hours, use for 8 hours. With the charging case’s backup, it can offer up to 40 hours of playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.3 and Low Latency Connection–Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.3 technology, you only need to open the charging case and the earbuds will connect to your device in one step. Stronger anti-signal interference and lower signal delay. Provide you with a more stable connection and perfect audio and video synchronization
  • are airpods waterproof and Exterior Smart Touch Control–These earbuds adopt intelligent touch operation. Pause/play, volume up/down, answer/hang up calls, etc. can be done in the little touch area. Easy and sensitive, no need to press hard, and no damage to your ears. They are watertight and sweatproof, very suitable for sports or fitness
  • are airpods waterproof HD Stereo Sound and Mini for Carry—Different from full in-ear earbuds, T12’s semi-linear earbuds are smaller and better fit the structure of human ears. With high-definition speakers, you can immerse yourself in music without stuffiness and pressure in the ears. The mini charging case can be invisible in your pocket and charge your earbuds anytime, anywhere
  • Switch Single or Binaural Mode Freely–These wireless earbuds are not limited to a main earbud. You can switch to using either headset and enjoy the same operations and functions. It makes your ears more comfortable or adjusts to environments where background sounds are required. You can also share music/movies with your friends or families and enjoy the same wonderful sound
Product Dimensions

2.37 x 1.95 x 1.02 inches

Item Weight

3.2 ounces

Item model number

T12 NEW Black


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 3, 2023



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8 reviews for are airpods waterproof Wireless Earbuds 40H Playtime 8H

  1. Mark Curtis

    For the price I paid ($15….lightning deal), it’s a slam dunk best value for budget earbuds. These are incredible. Even the battery life is excellent. The only reason I gave it a 4 is because there’s no 4.5, and I know there are buds with longer battery life…so no 5. But I’m getting around 5-6 hours per (bud) charge. That’s quite decent, and PLENTY of time for my needs.

    But even at this regular price, these are as good or better than any of the buds I’ve tried in that price range…..including Enicfire E60’s (better packaging, longer battery life….but not as good bass reproduction), Otium M01’s (paid $10….another lightning deal, and are AMAZING at THAT price….but again, not as good in the bass department as the Beben’s and highs not as clean). I even put them up against the Tozo NC9’s (which might be the best value ANYTHING electronic for all the features you get)….but the Tozo’s are almost double the price, so you would expect more. The NC9’s have DEEP low end bass…but without sacrificing mids and highs. They are phenomenal buds. Still, the Beben’s are not that far off…..certainly not half as good for half the price. More like 75% as good for almost a third of the price for what I paid.

    Bass on the Beben’s is not quite on par with the Tozo’s….but still thick and booming. Again, though…..not at the expense of the rest of the soundstage. Highs are crisp and detailed….but not overly bright (like the Otiums can be if you don’t adjust the equalizer on your phone or other source) Mids are very good and not muddy.

    Case is not super fancy, but SOLID. They SNAP closed and stay closed. The lid stays open on its own. The case is small overall, though fairly thick. The round shape is designed to come out of your pocket easier….to which I can attest. The lights for charging seem accurate, though I admit I appreciate the digital readout on many other buds these days. Magnets are plenty strong.

    Very comfortable. They are fairly light, but still feel VERY well built. They have 6 sizes of earcaps, so you can dial in easily. I found the largest to be best. They are a bit snug and not quite as comfortable as the smaller caps (though you get used to them as time goes on….they don’t cause an ache), but they LOCK in and you get FANTASTIC passive noise cancellation. Best I’ve used BY FAR with those caps. Wow. I would say they cancel noise better than the ANC on the Tozo’s…..the difference being you are limited to that size only to get that kind of seal.

    Controls work WELL. What I really like is the pronounced inset button that takes any guesswork out of where to push. I guess technically, then….it’s not touch control, but response is fast and precise. I actually prefer that the more tactile push of the button, as it clarifies things and doesn’t overrespond/accidentally make unwanted changes. Voice verification on all changes is loud and clear…..and very timely.

    Can’t verify the full extent of the waterproofness, but I have had them splashed HARD with a very forceful, commercial lawn sprinkler (80 PSI)…..with no ill effects.

    Bluetooth pairing is fast and stay connected. No issues whatsoever so far. Have not tried the phone because I don’t care.

    Overall these buds give you a sense of quality far beyond what the price would indicate. They aren’t fancy, but have great sound and are solidly built. To me, that is the crux of an earbud. I have used them for workouts, bike riding, and at work. I work in a dirty, wet outside environment (irrigation specialist) and these are holding up supremely well so far. I would not have taken this much time to review these buds if they didn’t REALLY impress me….and I paid for mine and completely impartial.

  2. Gabriel Ricardo Gonzalez Flores

    It’s all good with these Earbuds. I have been using them for a while now and have had no issues at all. Great for phone calls, great for music, awesome charging base and a real actual button you can press (no stupid “touch” controls to annoy you on these).

    A few friends have purchased these since I did, and they are all as happy as I am.

  3. Andy

    I own the AirPods Pro and as such my review of these Beben earbuds will use the AirPods for comparison even though arguably it’s not a fair comparison among many things the main being price.

    The Beben earbuds paired very easily to my iPhone with very little set up effort other than making sure they were in pairing mode and selecting them in bluetooth settings on my phone. It is as painless as connecting most other bluetooth headphones but without the cool animation of AirPods. After pairing the Beben earbuds the seem to connect every bit as quickly as the AirPods Pro on my iPhone XS. Short of using an actually timer to verify the connection speed I detected no noticeable difference in the time it takes to connect these vs the AirPods. As with the AirPods, as soon as you open the lid of the earbuds case and take either one or both out they pair with your phone. The only slight negative is that there is a message for each headphone that says “primary” and “secondary” each time you put them in your ears. Both earbuds can function independently for both music and calls and like the AirPods you can take off either earbud and place it back in the case and still listen on the other one. Swapping back and forth between using only one or both earbuds is seamless and about the same as using AirPods. Unlike AirPods these don’t automatically pause music when you take one earbud out only if you take both out and put them back in the case. This is because they don’t have an in ear sensor like AirPods do. I would say when it comes to connection these are as good as AirPods except that AirPods are tied to your iCloud account so it’s easier to seamlessly switch between Apple devices with AirPods.

    Now for the biggest discrepancy in reviews on here, the sound quality. First off, remember what these cost and adjust your expectations accordingly. I purchased these for around $32 and for that price they are excellent. These are not $250 AirPods Pros or $400 Beats headphones. As some reviewers have noticed they are a little heavy in bass although I would not say obnoxiously so but it is noticeable to some degree. I much prefer a little bit much bass vs having nothing but treble like the headphones of the early 90s. Actually, in the area of sound quality I don’t feel the AirPods Pro are leaps and bounds above these and only surpass the Beben earbuds in noise cancellation and transparency mode. These are only noise cancelling based on the fact that they go into your ear and create a seal vs the AirPods Pro which use technology to actively cancel noise. Yes the AirPods Pro are better sounding and balanced but the Beben earbuds don’t sound horrible and are reasonable for the price range.

    I didn’t experiment with the different eartips that come with the Beben earbuds because the size that comes on them fits my ear comfortably, however, there are several sizes in the box for various ear sizes. I can comfortably wear these for several hours like my AirPods without any ear discomfort and in fact am surprised about how comfortable they are in comparison to the inexpensive earbuds I have owned.

    In the area of call quality these are actually no better or worse than the AirPods Pro. I am on the phone for several hours a day and use a Plantronics Voyager Legend as my primary device which is excellent for noise cancelling. When I have talked to the same people using both these earbuds and my AirPods they have told me that both sound the same, meaning they work but don’t cancel out the noise, and that the Plantronics is still the most clear. Neither the AirPods nor these earbuds were better or worse than the other but not as good as a dedicated noise cancelling bluetooth.

    Battery life seems to be very good both with the charging case and earbuds although I haven’t used them for enough hours to totally run them dead so I won’t speak to exact battery life. Finally, in terms of water resistance this is something I am not actively seeking to test but even if they prove not to be so water resistant they are not expensive enough for me to worry about.

    So, my final verdict is that if you keep in mind the price for which these cost, then you won’t be disappointed. If you’re expected AirPods, go buy AirPods.

  4. Just Benjamin

    La verdad superaron por completo mis expectativas.
    -sonido excelente con un gran refuerzo de bajos.
    -carga demasiada rápida y duradera.
    -muy ergonómicos y cómodos.

    Una gran compra los recomiendo al 100%

  5. Pez

    En primer lugar no es un producto estético. Cumple con lo básico que es conectarse. Tiene muy buen alcance. Se conecta con mucha facilidad. El único problema que he encontrado de conexión es por estar conectado a otro equipo y hay que desconectarlo antes de reconectar. Eso hace de andar recordando cuál fue el último equipo que usé con los audífonos.
    Son pesados. He probado los diferentes tamaños de gomas para el oído y me acomodan mejor los medianos, pero eventualmente se desplazan y caen. No los considero aptos para ejercicio. Tampoco son muy cómodos. Es cierto que una vez que te acostumbras, no se sienten mucho pero el peso y desplazamiento afecta el rendimiento y el audio.
    En cuanto a las funciones que tiene son buenas, sin embargo usarlas es francamente inexistente. Apretar los botones implica empujar el auricular al oído. Mal diseño en ese sentido.
    Si eres de las personas que le gusta tener y usar funciones que existen en otros auriculares. Estos no son para ti. Si te conformas con una gran conectividad o sea fácil y rápido de conectarse con tus equipos, y con buen sonido, además que no haces ejercicio con ellos estos si son para ti.
    El costo se me hace elevado para solo usar las funciones básicas habiendo otras opciones.

  6. Roberto

    Superb sound for the price. Great fit in the ears (plenty of options for bud sizes). Easy to use with a very small charging case. Love them! Will be buying a second pair…

  7. Mark Cooley

    Lo que no me gusta es el volumen bajo

  8. Just Benjamin

    The good, bad, ugly, and thoughts.
    GOOD: These work, I mean, really work. I can walk 40′ from phone and still have connection. I have used them with non-stop music & video streaming for upwards of 6 hours without recharging the buds and they never quit. Base also holds a great charge. Sound is good (not fabulous), but solidly good and people on other side of calls also say it sounds good. Finally, the Price is Crazy Good. I paid over $100 for my airpods (lasted 3 years), and only 20% of that for these.

    BAD: When not actively listening to something the ear buds have a low constant static noise until they shut-down and are also loud when they are pairing. Trying to remove the ear buds from the case is difficult but not crazy difficult, especially during the winter when your hands are dry.

    Ugly: What a Pain to Pair. I switch between devices and these things just don’t like it. They will stay connected to a previous device and must be manually disconnected in settings before they will pair with new device. Then, sometimes, they don’t pair. I’m trying different ways to try and overcome this. We’ll see.

    Thoughts: Worth the price as an inexpensive way to replace my old worn-out airpods. Time will tell, but so far I really like them and would buy them again. All the best.

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