COOSPO H6 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Bluetooth 4.0 ANT+ IP67 Chest Heart Rate Sensor for Peloton Zwift Polar DDP Yoga Map My Ride Garmin Sports…

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  • ✔±1BPM HEART RATE DATA – H6 HR sensor can monitor high-performance real-time heart rate data while exercise, offer professional experience for your training and fitness.
  • ✔WIRELESS DUAL MODE CONNECTION – With bluetooth & ANT+ 2 transmission methods , Coospo hert rate chest monitor ensure you can connect to multiple devices stably,and enjoying multiple use experiences.
  • ✔THIRD-PARTY APP SUPPORT -H6 heart rate monitor chest strap works well with most fitness app,like Strava, Wahoo Fitness,Polar Beat,DDP yoga, HR monitor,Openrider,Zwift, Runtastic,Coosporide and so on.
  • ✔COMPATIBLE with BIKE COMPUTER – Works well with Garmin/CooSpo and other GPS bike computers, Provide the most accurate heart rate data for your riding and help you improve your riding experience.
  • ✔COMPATIBLE with SPORTS WATCHES – Works well with most BLE / ANT+ sports watches, provide more accurate heart rate data to you.
  • ✔COMPATIBLE with GYM EQUIPMENT- Directly worked with Peloton bike, Concept2, Nordic treadmill, Bowflex Max Trainer/ Pro-Form treadmill/ iFIT treadmill/Echelon and many others.
  • ✔COMFORTABLE WEARING-H6 chest strap heart rate monitor comes with a soft adjustable chest strap, it can be adjusted from 65 to 95cm. And extra replacement straps for different size & color refer to ASIN B0895Q2ST7.
  • ✔Tips for USING – 1: Please moisten the plastic electrode areas of the chest strap before wearing. 2: Please connect the heart rate sensor in App instead of phone bluetooth. Bluetooth name always be like H6M-****** 3: Separate the sensor and chest strap after finish the exercise every time.
  • ✔IP67 & 300H BATTERY LIFE -Do Not Use For Swimming, Do Not Soaked Into Water; IP67 Support Rainy Day Training & Workable In Sweat .1 hour exercise per day, which can be used continuously for 300 hours with CR2032 changeable battery.
  • ✔BEST TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT – With powerful RD team, any problem about CooSpo bluetooth ant+ heart rate monitor,please feel free to reach with us. We will provide 1year warranty for all HR sensor products. Thank you.






Compatible Devices

‎Smartphones, GPS Bike computers, Fitness equipments, The Third Party APPs, Sports watches

Screen Size

‎0.96 Inches

Item Weight

‎55 Grams

Battery Life

‎300 Hours

Sensor Type


Battery Description


Product Dimensions

‎2.56"L x 1.37"W x 0.39"H

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎7 x 3 x 1 inches

Package Weight

‎0.09 Kilograms

Brand Name


Warranty Description


Model Name


Number of Items




Part Number



‎COOSPO H6 Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor

Included Components

‎Chest Strap *1, CooSpo heart rate monitor sensor *1, User Manual *1

Sport Type

‎Cycling Yoga Running Climbing and others

3009 reviews for COOSPO H6 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Bluetooth 4.0 ANT+ IP67 Chest Heart Rate Sensor for Peloton Zwift Polar DDP Yoga Map My Ride Garmin Sports…

  1. joseph kanzenberg

    I use this with my Garmin 225. Easy set-up, so far, so good

  2. Bella

    I bought this monitor after I came back to streaming, since I play a lot of horror games, I thought it would be fun to show my audience how scared i really do get!
    I use Pulsoid app with this monitor for my gaming, this monitor works great with the app, accurate & in real time. it fits snug just below where a bra strap would be or just below or on your sternum, BUT I could not wear this comfortably with a bra, Im sure someone can, but I cannot, it feels like a bra strap all by itself LOL, however once you are use to wearing it regularly for whatever you use it for, you adjust to it & it’s not bad, i can wear it comfortably for up to 4-5 hours at a time usually 3 days a week if i am playing mostly horror games (other games as well)& *for my fellow ladies, I recommend a sports bra if you have/need to wear one!

    setting up with Pulsoid is super quick and easy! First I would secure on my body & then open the Pulsoid app, wait a second for the monitor to appear *soon as it reads a heart beat it will go live* & soon as it no longer detects a heart beat the monitor shuts off, I have had it several months now w/o battery issues.

    only downside is if you are sweaty even a little bit, it may start to have reading issues as it will slip as you move, &
    as a gamer.. this can and will happen! I imagine the same would happen in a workout session, so be sure it’s snug but not too tight, if it’s too tight it wont read very well, if it’s too loose it wont read very well. but in time you’ll find that “just right” spot & shouldn’t have any issues at all, ( I also imagine if you’re working out it may move less/have less reading issues if you’re standing, since I sit when I game it can move a little more easier if you are sweaty or if it is too loose. )

    It’s lightweight, mostly comfortable, has an adjustable strap that is fairly easy to work with, you secure it by sliding the looped end to a “hook” & no problem of it detaching on its own whatsoever. A great budget friendly device for streaming & workouts, or if you simply want to monitor your heart rate! check out Pulsoid app! -not a sponsor 🙂

  3. J. Ruiz

    Just received this today and I wasn’t sure if it would work or not. I have a nordictrack x22i and I read mixed reviews about it connecting to ifit on nordictrack. Some say it connects while others say it does not. For me if I go into my account settings and then Bluetooth it takes a while for this heart rate monitor to show up but eventually it does show up. Then getting it to connect is pretty slow. I would have to click on connect a few times before it actually connected. Once it connected, it stayed connected throughout my workout.
    Then my wife tried using it and it wouldn’t connect for her. She started a workout and then went into Bluetooth accessories. Heart rate monitor is visible but after clicking connect multiple times and it failing time after time I then stopped her workout and connected by going into settings then Bluetooth and I think it was third or fourth attempt at connecting it’s finally connected. With her the heart rate was WAY off. On me it was accurate, on her it wasn’t even close. I will try this out a few times more and update this review.

    ***Update. I came back to add a star! After using it a bit more, over a week actually, it has connected without any issues. Not only is it connecting faster but it’s been pretty accurate too. I’m pretty happy with it at this point and if it doesn’t fall apart I would buy it again. My only concern is the buttons on the band. It doesn’t seem like it’s reinforced much so I wonder if the buttons will tear off over time. I’m using it several times throughout the day so if buttons tear I will be back hear with an update. If there is no update it’s safe to assume it’s holding strong with no issues.

  4. Archie

    First, this is a good value and works as advertised. It’s comfortable to wear (fits a larger chest than the specs may suggest), light, and fairly accurate (compared to medical pulse sensor).

    Unfortunately, there were two problems that made it difficult to start using.

    What may simply be due to how long my particular unit was stored before shipping, the battery lasted less than 5 hours before I needed to replace it. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to know the battery life until it stops connecting.

    A bigger problem is that the user manual directs you to connect to the Heartool app but there’s no information about that or why it’s necessary. Coospo doesn’t include any info on that app on their (QR code linked) site but they mention CoospoRide. Since I couldn’t get Strava to recognize the sensor even though Apple’s Health app saw it, I downloaded both of those apps. The registration screens were identical (different colors) but the list of BlueTooth devices on CoospoRide didn’t show the H6. Once I “bonded” the H6 with Heartool, it showed up in Strava. Deleted the Heartool app and did a ride but, the next time I went to use Strava, the connection couldn’t be made so, basically, Heartool is required to be installed.

    Neither of those apps save passwords and there’s just no documentation explaining what they do.

    Hopefully, everything will work smoothly from now on and the battery life will be as reported.


    Despite reinstalling Heartool app, still unable to get Strava to recognize this (requesting help from Strava) however the Heartool app does actually have a battery display so that should help.

  5. haki

    I received my sensor yesterday and spent 3 hours trying to make it work. First i thought the battery must be old and was the issue so i went to shop and bought a new battery. Still no luck. Then i realised the conductor that transfers power from battery to the main motherboard might not be touching each other. So i planted a piece of paper between battery and the cover to get a little push for the conductor to touch the board. And finally, after 3 hours, i managed to make this thing work but don’t know for how long.

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