Google Pixel 3 64GB Unlocked GSM & CDMA 4G LTE – Just Black (Renewed)

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  • FDD-LTE: Bands⁷ 1*/2*/3*/4*/5/7*/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25*/ 26/28/29/32/66*/71 TD-LTE: Bands 38*/39/40/41*/42/46. GSM+CDMA unlocked
  • 5.5 inch Display, Snapdragon 845, 4GB Ram
  • 2915 mAH battery + Qi wireless charging
  • 12.2 MP dual-pixel
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6 x 4 x 2 inches

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6 ounces

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

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Rear, Front

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Just Black

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Date First Available

November 27, 2018

13 reviews for Google Pixel 3 64GB Unlocked GSM & CDMA 4G LTE – Just Black (Renewed)

  1. Bogart

    One I ordered had a broken rear camera (was not detected even after system reset). I wasted a lot of time setting up the phone before discovering that, but had no trouble returning it for full refund so I can’t complain too much. Phone and packaging appeared high quality. I suspect these refurbished phones are generally a great deal and I just got unlucky.

  2. Himanshu

    the phone was in good condition, with no sign of wear n tear

  3. CoolestScott

    It’s a really good version of the pixel at a lower cost then the newer models, I’ve had it for over a year and it still works like new.

  4. Xperia fanatic

    While the description states that this is an “excellent condition” refurbished device, the device I received couldn’t be any further from it. The screen itself is in good condition (no screen burn) however it does come with visible scuffs and scratches. The bottom speaker is distorted at medium to high volume and so far as I can tell this device doesn’t seem to be unlocked.

  5. jenn

    I have had the phone a little over a week. Still works great but there is a small green pixle dot that has developed, it is minor, and the screen has a strange shadow, like a new sreen was installed and there is an air bubble underneath. Still a good deal, but as I read in other reviews, small,minor issues will likley be noticted after using the phone for a while.

  6. Mr. Smitherson

    Right out of the box the phone has many chips in the paint and scratches on the screen. The charger only works if you flip the type c in one out of two ways. The battery life feels like it’s been used for 2-3 years. It might be worth the money but you might as well buy used from someone and save yourself the taxes and not give Amazon the markup.

  7. Rebecca B

    I bought this for international travel to pair with Google Fi. It charges slowly, took about 1 hour to fully charge. I don’t plan on using it much, just for GPS and emergency purposes, and photos/video. The camera is decent, obviously being an older model, you have to manage expectations. I don’t want to risk my expensive smartphone getting lost or stolen – this solves that problem at a great price!
    Easy to set up and ready to go. Not to mention the translation features are AMAZING. Definitely a handy tool when going to foreign countries.

  8. Roberto Montes De Oca Albarran

    El equipo es muy pequeño,liviano tiene un gran sonido estereo (es escucha alto y claro) venia con Android 12 y se sentía muy fluido.
    En cuanto a las cámaras es lo mejor que tiene ya que tiene muchos modos que normalmente con otras marcas o a estos tiempos un movil necesita 2 o 3 camaras para medio simular lo que este pixel hace con una sola.
    Como puse en el título de la reseña un Gran movil pero… A mi la unidad que me llego venia impecable esteticamente hablando tenía unos pequeños rayones en el area del conector pero nada grave.
    El detalle es que la pantalla tenia 2 manchitas negras una en la esquina superior derecha practicando en la curva de la pantalla y la otra abajo de donde esta el boton de Home entonces esto me hizo regresarlo lo que voy hacer sera esperar el rembolso y aré nuevamente otro pedido pero ahora en color blanco vere que pasa.
    Pero lo que si les puedo asegurar es que es una buena compra es vendido por Amazon Estados Unidos entonces eso es garantía de que saldra bien y como en mi caso que tubo ese inconveniente si no te urge lo regresas y esperas pacientemente a que te regresen tu rembolso.
    Por ultimo el equipo venia liberado, inserte un chip telcel, Movistar y At&t y con todos tuve señal

  9. TWells68

    The battery holds a decent charge, usually about 30hr depending on use. The fingerprint reader randomly starts/stops reading. The least important, but most annoying issue, is the external volume buttons don’t function. I can use the on-screen controls or a paired Bluetooth device to change settings which is inconvenient.

    The Pixel 3 fills a temporary need, but I expected all the hardware to meet baseline functionality.

  10. Ryan

    I’ve had a lot of good luck with refurbished/renewed items on amazon over the years. That luck continues now.

    I saw this phone was both cheaper and newer than a renewed pixel 2, and I needed a new phone(so of course I picked it up). When it arrived, it had a little dust outline around the camera and fingerprint sensor where someone once had a case, it wiped off perfectly easily, and even if it hadn’t I was buying a case anyway. Other than that the phone was perfect, good as new even.

    It has ~2 days battery life on one charge, and that’s with my screen is on a good portion of the time.

    Overall the phone is super responsive and can run smoothly no matter how many apps I open and forget to close(big upgrade over my huawei honor 5x, which as of a week or so ago when I got this phone, was chugging with JUST google maps open).

    Camera quality is phenomenal, one of the best cameras(not phone cameras mind you) I’ve used, period, it has fantastic picture quality and the colors are much more true to life than my last phone(honor 5x). It does good with white balancing, so I’ve not had any washed out or overly dark pictures.

    I never used google assistant before, outside of a little messing around with my old phone years ago, and I can say that since then it’s really improved. It understands me and my baltimore accent(just search baltimore accent or “aaron earned an iron urn” on youtube) with ease. It knows the song that’s currently playing in my background and I’ve even had it send a text to my girlfriend. I’d turn it off if I cared about my privacy of course, which you can do, but for me, the convenience is nice.

  11. GW

    A scratch or two on the screen, very small, that wasn’t described or shown but other than that perfectly working phone.

  12. The Regos

    Great except not as big as I expected. Works great, sets up easy.

  13. mom22

    I ordered 2 Pixel 3s from the Mobile Base for my family. They came with Android 12, and seem to have decent battery life. They do have some minor scratches and scuffs here and there. We had problems with the 2nd one so I returned it and got another one. The return was hassle free as it was fulfilled by Amazon. We only have the phones for less than a week, but so far they are both working well. The Samsung charger that came along with the phone were warm to the touch shortly after I plugged them in. One of them made a zapping sound and gave off a burnt smell less than a minute afterwards. Gave me a scare and I immediately turned off the power bar and pulled the chargers out. We won’t be using those chargers again. Overall great phones, just be careful with the chargers.

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