GoPro HERO6 Black — Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos

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  • HERO6 black automatically sends your footage to your phone where the app turns it into a quik story an awesome edited video
  • With 4k60 and 1080p240 video, HERO6 black delivers 2x the performance compared to HERO5 black with an all new GP1 chip optimized for GoPro capture, HERO6 black delivers vastly improved image quality
  • With our most advanced video stabilization yet, HERO6 black captures super smooth footage, whether it’s handheld or mounted to your gear Hero6 black is waterproof to 33 feet (10 meter) without a housing
  • Now featuring touch zoom and an updated UI, the 2 inch display makes it easy to frame shots, change settings and play back footage
  • Featuring 5 GHZ Wi-Fi, you can copy photos and videos over to your phone 3x faster than with HERO5 black; Note low or high temperature conditions may temporarily shorten the battery life or cause the camera to temporarily stop working properly
Product Dimensions

1.75 x 2.44 x 1.26 inches

Item Weight

4.2 ounces

Item model number



1 A batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 28, 2017


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8 reviews for GoPro HERO6 Black — Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos

  1. Amazon Customer

    Picture quality and links quickly with my iPhone. Battery doesn’t last as long as I’d like. I had to connect directly to my USB port. The video cards also aren’t able to hold continuous long time video.

  2. SBMJ

    Short version: I’m loathe to write a bad review because I think (non-defective) GoPro technology is great. However, I received a defective unit, and I’m extremely disappointed with what I consider to be GoPro’s terrible handling of it. Feels more like some crappy knock-off company than a major brand that I paid a premium for! After spending 90 minutes troubleshooting with them and telling me at first they’d (rightfully) cover the costs of shipping it back for replacement, GoPro reneged on that and they’re now requiring I pay the ~$40 FedEx return costs (because I’m a Canadian customer). Will update this review if/when the situation is resolved in a reasonable way.

    Full story:
    I bought my GoPro HERO6 in February 2018. A friend (who also owns one) recently informed me it was defective (spontaneous mode switching, and frequent freezing). Still under full warranty, I contacted GoPro customer support in November 2018. We spent 90 minutes together online troubleshooting (manual installing new software et cetera), and they also concluded that it was indeed defective. The agent told me emails would be forthcoming with all the steps to get a replacement shipped, and I just need to send it back using the pre-paid FedEx return label that’d be arriving shortly. She even offered to throw in a free chest harness given all the time I’d spent troubleshooting. It was a great customer experience. Everything arrived, except the return label. I replied to her email and got no reply (it didn’t make any mention of being a donotreply address, which it was).

    I called back a week or so later when the FedEx info hadn’t arrived, and a different agent told me that because I’m in Canada (even though I bought it here) I’d have to pay for shipping myself, and that they can’t/won’t reimburse that. She said that the free chest harness (I already own one and don’t really need it) was offered to offset that, which is not at all how it was characterized in my first interaction.

    Basically, I’m being told I need to pay ~$40 FedEx costs to return their faulty hardware (sold new to me that way) for a replacement unit. The agent reviewed the CRM logs and steadfastly insisted that this was the only way because I’m “located in Canada” (though I bought it from I asked to speak with a supervisor who I was told was in a meeting, and was told they’d call me. Two days later, I haven’t heard back from anyone.

    I have a trip to Africa in January and I need a working camera. I consider myself a very reasonable person; I’m not some whiner loves to complain. In the last few months, I’ve had customer service interactions with a few top tier brands. Bose (not defective, a wire pulled loose on some headphones) was fantastic. Maui Jim handed my nose bridge pulling loose quickly and efficiently. GoPro was shockingly bad. In fact, they’re on the cusp of losing me; I’m shifting from being a promoter to a detractor.

    I’ll update this review with the eventual resolution, if there is one. But right now, I feel like GoPro sucks.

  3. Smacarthur

    First thing I did when I received this camera, is to take a test video and plug it into my computer to try to get the video off the camera. Sure enough, my computer was unable to read the camera (camera not recognized as a device by the computer). I then tested this with my new Lenovo laptop and had the same issue. I called GoPro and was on the phone for over 3 hours while they attempted to troubleshoot the issue. In the end they explained that the GoPro Hero 7 is not compatible with Windows 10 and I will have to purchase an SD card reader, in order to get videos off of my GoPro. For this price, this is unacceptable. If you get this camera and it doesn’t work with Windows 10, and you still want to keep it, save yourself 3 hours of your precious time and just get a SD card reader as a work around to this ridiculous problem.

  4. Danilo

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     Sono davvero amareggiato. Premetto seconda GoPro con lo stesso problema.Dopo 430€ è frustrante prendere la GoPro per fare un video/foto al volo e ritrovarla inchiodata l’unica cosa puoi solo togliere la batteria per farla ripartire. L’app di GoPro è stata creata con dei vantaggi per gli utenti Apple,trovo la cosa molto fastidiosa.per il resto peccato perché potrebbe essere top da tutti i punti di vista. Se potete mettete un mi piace nella speranza che leggano la recensione e cambino qualcosa .

  5. Rosanna Fusco

    We bought it for our 20th anniversary cruise and day 1 in St Thomas – first time using it in water and there’s water inside the camera lens!!!! Totally unacceptable for what’s supposed to be a waterproof camera!!! It’s the only camera we brought with us and now we can’t use it at all because of the water condensation inside the lens. Will definitely be returning it!!

  6. Russell Platten

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     I shoot a lot of video for my YouTube channel and recently made the step up from 1080p to 4K. This has prompted me to finally bite the bullet and get another GoPro. I had a GoPro Hero 3 and this caused me no end of problems so it has not been an easy decision to buy this camera. I have spent a lot of time researching this and most people comment on the outstanding video quality it produces. I have added my own video to this review, but Amazon will compress it, so unfortunately you will not be able to see the 4K video I recorded. If you want to see this, please search for my channel.

    The first point that I want to make, is how stingy GoPro are with the attachments that come with the camera. Inside the box I found, the camera, a battery, a frame with a mounting clip attached, two self-adhesive mounts (one straight and one curved), a USB to USB C cable and a completely useless set of instructions. I would have expected way more than that, had I not known beforehand what was included. The instructions are basically a set of diagrams showing how to fit the camera inside the frame, where to place the battery/micro SD card, where to place the charging/data cable, the power and shutter button locations and how to mount the camera onto a helmet. I will include a photo of them.

    I charged the battery, turned the GoPro on and then began to follow the set up instructions displayed the touch screen. This started well and then went horribly wrong. I tried to follow each prompt, I don’t know whether it was just me being daft or a problem with the program, but I managed to get myself in a real muddle. It ended up with the camera asking to connect to my phone with the GoPro app. I did this and after that things settled down a bit. Connecting to the app was very easy and the first thing it did was update the camera software, which was also very easy. After a little experimentation I figured out how to operate the camera and once I had done that it was very easy. I think GoPro need to look at the set up process. I would like to think that I am pretty good with these types of devices.

    The camera is an absolute joy to use once you figure it out and there are some very cool features. Voice commands allow you to record, stop recording , turn the camera on, turn the camera off, and lots of other functions and these work right from the start. I have had several instances when the camera has switched on whilst I have been talking or listening to the TV though.

    So what about the video – well it is very good. I have only used 4K, but it is impressive. This camera has video stabilisation too and it is the best that I have seen, almost as good as mounting it on a gimbal. It will only work up to 4K 30fps though and you lose 10% of the wide angle picture. Stabilisation is not available at 4K 60fps. The colours are lovely and vibrant; the video is sharp and very pleasing to the eye.

    This camera is waterproof; you can take it into the water without a waterproof case. This is only an advantage if you are into water sports or wish to use the camera in the pouring rain. The down side of this is that the microphones also need to be waterproofed and this has resulted in a huge loss of clarity on the sound. Just like placing the older cameras into waterproof cases did. In all fairness it is not as bad as that, but there is a significant drop in sound quality because of this. You can get an external microphone adapter, but as with all of GoPro products, this is expensive and third party products are not available.

    So I love the video produced by the GoPro Hero 6, but it is let down by the microphones. I think it is overpriced and does not come with enough equipment. However, there is no doubt that this is the camera that all the other cameras are judged against and that is for a good reason. If you want the best, you will just have to grit your teeth and get over the price and lack of gear. It is a GoPro after all!

  7. Victor Nimitz

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     The main reason I bought this GP7 is because it’s case is sturdy and most of all, it’s waterproof. I usually mount this on my motorcycle or bicycle. Mount it on my chest when walking. Then, I use it as a quick shot photo/vid cam whenever a good view/shot comes up. As far as features are concerned, my Yi 4K+, has the same, if not more features than this GP7. My Yi Lite’s stabilization EIS is on par with this GP7 “smooth…”. My GP7 beats my YI 4K+ only because of it’s sturdy, waterproof case. On trips, my Yi cams are sort of a hassle because I have to stick it into a separate waterproof case. No such prob with this GP7. I just mount it on my handlebars, and off I go.
    Upon receipt, Update your GP7 via your GP app on your celfon. You can download this GP app free to your celfon. (see how to download GP7 app on youtube.)
    File Transfer: I just stick its microSD card into my laptop and save its vids/pix into my ‘Videos” folder.
    Battery Life: 40min or so. I love to tinker with its settings and keep on checking its recorded vids. Deleting or cutting off parts of the vid clip’pix on my celfon GP7 app. So I use up a lot of battery. So, I got a recharger/3 batts. Battery hard to insert/take out? Don’t do what I did. I’m just saying what I did. What I did was fold a sandpaper and I sanded the portruding edges – lower part of my batteries – slowly, a couple of cycles only. just enough. I didn’t sand like mad. Wipe, then slip into your GP7. If firm and smooth. Stop. Otherwise, sand it again for a couple rounds until your battery slips in/out firmly and smoothly. Spot for even a slight glint of metal – stop immediately. Don’t rush. On trips, I take along my power bank.

    My GP7 Settings: Aspect Ratio: 16.9 : FOV- Linear : Sharpnes-Med :
    Color-Gopro Color : Auto Off= 30min; Screensaver-2min ;
    Auto Lock=OFF: LCD Brightness=50%: Orientation=Off.
    RES/fps: 720/60 & 1080/60( vids 03-04). Shutter spd: 1/120. WB-6500(cloudy).
    EV-0: EIS-ON: Voice=ON :

    1. Overheating: microSD? Yes. I believe slow microSD is one cause of overheating. So get the C10 type. I noticed using 128GB causes overheating too. I now use 64GB only. I RES to 720/60 up to 1080/60. Set shutter spd to 1/120, 60fps X 2. I leave “low light” to OFF. Also, whenever not in use, turn off your celfon Bluetooth. I noticed if Bluetooth still “ON”, it sort of controls this GP7. Like one time my GP7 was feeling warm. I opened my celfon, and saw its Bluetooth was still on; and indicating “recording” although I already turned off my GP7. And since then, it did seem to cool down after I turned off my celfon Bluetooth.

    2. Overexposure – to avoid overexposure, I set ISO Min = 100; ISO Max = 400. Higher than ISOMax-400 results in my GP7 to overexpose. Check to see if your Max ISO = 400. Sometimes, it resets to ISOMax 800 on its own.

    One time, alhough I shut down my GP7, GP app got stuck in “recording” in my celfon. So, I had to shut off my celfon and restart it to get rid of this “recording” with GPapp on my celfon.

    Please check out my uploaded vids on this page. “02 Exposure test ISO; Min=100/Max=400. Result=OK”. Another vid testing its EIS
    “03 EIS OK.Handheld Walking uphill”. for vid taken in dim lit garage “Low Lite ok. EIS ok/Jerky bcoz cam inside front pocket.” don’t mind the shaking. I was after its ability to vid in low light. Another low lite vid “03 EIS OK.Handheld Walking uphill“ I also uploaded a vid with this GP7 mounted on my chest strap – “04 EIS/chest mount. Low lite test”. Note: As of today June 24, 2020, it seems they haven’t published it yet. Pls check if they already uploaded it. Looks like all they want to upload are ads for other cams, not User vids. Hope this helps you. Thanks everyone.

  8. Single Disabled Honest Mom – a riches to rags view!

    This camera is pretty cool but I was disappointed after I spent $800 dollars buying it along with accessories that came from GoPro which would have included a free S.D. card or other useful item and then bundles from another company and paid someone $100 dollars to set up and train me a new one was released! Not to mention that the shopping experience was painful online and I could have paid the same amount with GoPro and re wives additional freebies or learned that within the month a new version 8 was being unveiled! So if you plan on buying g one of these cameras may I recommend:
    1. Invest in the introduction books or be prepared to watch a lot of YouTube videos as your child sits waiting patiently fly.
    2. Be certain that the GoPro site doesn’t have a better deal on the camera itself – I learned this one the hard way!
    4. BUY OR OWN AN I5, 6, 7 etc I tel celery. Processor to effectively use the apps and be able to store 1, preferably 2TB of memories to use the apps to edit or create the cool stories. This is an entire lesson AND ADDITIONAL MONTHLY FEE UF YOU CARE!
    5. Camera is not intuitive. I hired someone to set it up. Then I got lessons. Then when I went to use it, I couldn’t even zoom the thing to see more than people the size as peanuts who were only 20 feet away. When I could zoom – it didn’t name that much of a difference.
    6. YouTube videos always show this menu-everything on this machine should be voice activated or touch d ten – it is not! So just get ready to select a few different external buttons before you can use the touch screen feature and not all icons in touch screen respond. To touch – only certain ones located at the bottom.
    7. If you have your GoPro set to video and just turn it on it will start to re it’s by simply selecting the power button so once you can access everything you have videographer or photographed get reEadt to delete and be stuck with likely half used SD cards sothose can’t be used chronologically as back ups to your cloud app.
    8. Extras – this box came with just a tiny camera that fit in my hand. No SD card or converter. Just the camera and case. If you want the benefit of everything or just 10% of what this device can do you will need to prepare to spend an additional 2-300 if you are cheap. I spent $50@ so far and that was in memberships and to get help just opening the very difficult camera compenents which I understand must remain firmly intact due to the waterproof feature but there has to be an easier way
    9. Speaking of easier way – GoPro should produce free tutorials from opening the box to explaining what a S.D. Card is and what a converter card is and where you can access the battery to charge it – this tutorial should note that the case must be removed. It should literally coating an online lesson plan included with purchase. It is almost a must as I love this camera and so does my kid but we Gabe both endured painful experiences trying to open the charging area to location the battery.
    10. It would be awesome if you partner reed with a retIler that could take our S.D. cards and just show us what is there and they download videos to cd’s or memory sticks and do the same with the photos we can review prior to picking.
    These are just a few suggestions for GoPro and some advice for new users. I must admit that my non GoPro accessories that were made to work with GoPro have been my Best Buy. I will photograph what size bag I must carry to get my “smaller-than-palm” camera and its accessories needed around with me! You would be s hocked to know that I have hundreds of dollars in SD cards and $50@ worth of plastic equipment on top of what I paid for a canera in a cool box that is now outdated as if 4 months ago! On a positive note – at least I heard the only real difference between the two is the choice of a “real” black – mine is a “washed out black, maybe grey color and the new GoPro has 2 other colors of camera. None of which are noticeably bright – which would be Irrelevant in the long term because the camera is always in a case!
    I am attaching my GoPro only bag now and as soon as I get my photos on my ios7 Intel I will do a dude by side comparison with an iPhone 6s underwater picture taken with a bag over it that they sell at the Grand Wales in Hawaii to compare to the quality of the GoPro’s abilities u see wate – unless I get locked out from reviewing!

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