Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse – For Small to Medium Sized Hands, 2-Year Battery, Silent Clicks, Customizable Side Buttons, Bluetooth,…

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  • Scroll smarter: With Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse you get line-by-line precision for documents and super-fast scrolling for long web pages; simply switch modes with a flick of the SmartWheel
  • The optimal fit for your hand: This comfortable mouse is designed for small-to-medium sized hands, for the optimal fit
  • Upgrade your comfort: This work mouse provides long hours of comfort thanks to a contoured shape, soft thumb area, and rubber side grips that keep your hand snug and in place
  • Connect the way you like: Connect this cordless computer mouse in an instant via Bluetooth Low Energy or Logi Bolt USB receiver
  • Less noise, more focus: Whether working at the office or at home, Logitech Signature M650 is a quiet mouse, allowing you to enjoy 90 percent less click noise with SilentTouch technology
  • Customizable side buttons: Customize the side buttons on the computer mouse with Logitech Options plus, available on Windows and macOS, to your favorite shortcuts – like back/forward or copy/paste
  • 24 month battery life: Work for up to 2 years on the single AA battery that comes with your multi-device mouse
  • Works on multiple platforms: Experience seamless compatibility with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, ipadOS, and Android operating systems with Logitech Signature M650 wireless Bluetooth mouse
Average Battery Life in hours

‎24 months





Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎PC, Linux, Mac

Operating System

‎Linux, Chrome OS

Item Weight

‎3.57 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.22 x 2.43 x 1.49 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎4.22 x 2.43 x 1.49 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎January 11, 2022

13 reviews for Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse – For Small to Medium Sized Hands, 2-Year Battery, Silent Clicks, Customizable Side Buttons, Bluetooth,…

  1. easindowntheroad

    Got this a couple of days ago. I’ve had a couple of the much more expensive Anywhere mice (still use one). I have small hands and both models are comfortable. This one works on any surface I’ve tried (not glass). Bluetooth paired easily with 2 PCs so far.
    Operation is very smooth although the soft action of the silent top buttons takes some getting used to, particularly R-click, but muscle memory will sort that out.
    I don’t do any gaming, but I’d recommend the M-650 for everyday use to anyone with small hands.

  2. Ramen

    I’ve used the large and small versions of this mouse, as well as the silent plus before I used to use this.

    Noise level: Very silent, slightly quieter than the Logitech Silent Plus.

    Shape and design: No back grip. But Side grip is good. Designed for palm grip, but with a little effort and skill: usable for claw or fingertip grip. The coating on this mouse is amazing, nothing sticks to fingers like it used to with the Logitech Silent Plus. Width is perfect for palm grip! I’ve noticed that the large mouse is more balanced than the small version. The small version is noticeably back heavy, but it never bothered me, and I’m one to pick up the mouse a lot.

    Main buttons: The steepness of the main buttons is just right for clicking easily and with little effort. Accuracy is required to click in a good location if I am using the small version with fingertip or claw grip, since the width is narrow if one isn’t using palm grip.

    Scroll Wheel: Scroll wheel is my least favorite part of this mouse. Mag wheel is short spanned. Wheel button requires high force. Wheel steps aren’t satisfyingly defined, and quiet loose if accuracy is needed. If one isn’t using the middle button a lot, the durability will last. But if constant middle button pushing is required, I’d recommend using the side button for it as I do.

    Side buttons: Requires medium high force. They are designed to actuate on the last part of the click, when the button is let go, so one cannot keep pressing it. So the actuation will always be one press. So, side buttons aren’t good for most games.

    Software: Logi Options+: Amazing World Class Software.

    What I’d love to see changed: Make shape wider. Add back grip. Make side buttons actuate like normal buttons. Make a silent gaming mouse please. Make the weight more balanced with the battery closer to the middle. Fix the scroll wheel to be defined, accurate, and lighter to press.

    All in all, people don’t have much of a choice when it comes to a good silent mouse. So for now, this is the best option for me that I could afford.

  3. Boris Bosnjak

    This mouse is super comfortable, super quiet (both the buttons and the scroll wheel), and lasts super long on its battery.

    As for the smaller vs “full” size, according to the guidance in the description, the smaller one was the mouse I should get, rather than the “full size”. Unfortunately, the mouse was too small for prolonged comfortable use, but just fine as a travel/hotel room mouse. So I then also purchased the full size, which is just right in size and works beautifully for my 8 hour a day desk job.

  4. Ken

    I’ve been searching for a quiet mouse for two years. The Logi Peble was good but missing side buttons. This one is just as quiet, is the right size, and has side buttons. My only complaint is the side buttons would be better if they were about a half inch forward.

  5. Phil_S

    I just started using this maybe 20 min ago and I am already impressed. I replaced an older Logitech M557 that had started having issues. (unintended double-triple clicks) I thought the 557 was good, best mouse I’d ever used. This one is noticeably much, much nicer – smoother tracking, quiet buttons.

    I don’t game with it, and I don’t know about battery life yet – the 557 would last me months on two AA batteries. This takes one AA. Even if it doesn’t last 2 years as advertised, even if it only lasts a few months, this is worth it. I am amazed at how much better mice have gotten in just a couple of years since I picked up the 557 I just replaced.

    Oh, and the climate pledge packing? I guess they’re serious about that. All paper based, minimal packing, but very functional.

  6. Chris Jimenez

    I bought this and the MX Anywhere 3 (~$80) to compare. It turns out this was the better option given that the clicks are silent, meaning you can use this in a very quiet room without annoying others.

    Additionally, the feel of this mouse is on par with the MX Anywhere 3. This mouse has a nice weight and rubber sides giving it a premium feel.

    Not to mention the customizability. I am very surprised that this is only $40.

  7. oldguy

    I use this on a Macbook Pro. I much prefer a mouse to the touchpad for most things. The old mouse had a USB dongle and did the job, but the new computer has no USB-A ports. The dongle on an adapter was too long to go into the computer bag and even for use on the desk. This uses Bluetooth to elimunate the dongle. Very happy with it. I didn’t rate it for battery life because I don’t know yet how long it will last. I didn’t rate it for gaming because I don’t use it for that.

  8. Mo

    Absolutely love my mouse! Fits beautifully in the palm of my hand, and is comfortable even when used for hours. I love the quiet clicks and the overall smooth motion. I used it on both a Windows and a Macbook and it functioned equally well on both. Recommended if you seek a wireless mouse!
    *I did not use it for any gaming, so I cannot comment on that

  9. Nicole B

    This is a great mouse for use with a MacBook being it doesn’t require a usb plug in. You can connect with Bluetooth or the usb plug. Great for smaller hands.

  10. Thomas E. Tracy

    Super quiet … seriously, like no sound at all. I didn’t realize how loud clicks are until I got this mouse and discovered how quiet a click can be. It’s wonderful! And fits perfectly in my hand. No complaints. Hope it lasts forever, but if it conks out, I’ll purchase this one again.

  11. Amazon Customer

    We really really like this mouse – very responsive and accurate for our needs. And good value as well. The only gripe we have is we ordered the smaller version based on Logitech’s sizing recommendation. We both find the mouse a little too small. But we like it so much we will keep it.

  12. FF

    Be careful on the size you choose. Going by the chart the regular size was the recommended one for me. However it is way too small for my smallish adult male hand.
    I ordered a second one in the L size and it is much more comfortable.
    L is really like a normal size and the regular size is more like a small size.
    All that aside this is a very good mouse and pairs to the PC with minimal user input.

  13. Eric S.

    This is a nice quality mouse that is definitely worth the price. I like the feel of the materials and the grippy sides (which are probably unecessary – it’s not like a mouse is likely to go flying out of your hand if it’s smooth – but I still like it).

    I also like the scroll wheel and how it keeps scrolling for a bit if you really “launch” it, and I like its nice rubbery texture.

    But what I REALLY like is the silent click! This is my first silent mouse, and it’s like a revelation to me. I had no idea they could be this silent! It does have a softer clicking feel than a regular mouse but I got used to it very quickly.

    I’m using it over Bluetooth, and it paired to my laptop super quickly and seamlessly. I do find that sometimes it hangs or stops responding for a second here and there, but I get the same thing with other Bluetooth mouses. If it gets too bothersome, there is the option of using the USB dongle instead.

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