Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch, 20K DPI Optical Sensor, Chroma RGB Lighting, 11 Programmable…

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  • 25% Faster than competing wireless mice: Razer HyperSpeed wireless technology brings together extreme low-latency and interference reduction for true wireless freedom
  • 3x Quicker than traditional mechanical switches: Razer Optical mouse switches uses light beam-based actuation, registering button presses at the speed of light
  • 11 Programmable Buttons: Allows for reconfiguration and assignment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse 3. 5 On-board Memory Profiles
  • Up to 100 hour battery life: An all-new, hyper-efficient sensor and wireless technology allows for extended gaming
  • Update the latest firmware to get the best results



‎Basilisk Ultimate

Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎3.84 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.96 x 5.11 x 1.67 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.96 x 5.11 x 1.67 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)




‎Razer Inc.

Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎March 19, 2020

8 reviews for Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch, 20K DPI Optical Sensor, Chroma RGB Lighting, 11 Programmable…

  1. Christopher

    excelente mouse solo que seria bueno se cargara mas rápido y que del 30% al 100% te lleva mas de 1 hr sin embargo fuera de eso es un excelente producto.

  2. rich

    grandson loves it he know has two

  3. Edison

    I wanted a decent gaming mouse that was a bit better than average, but not crazy expensive. I managed to pick up the mouse and charging dock combo for under $100. First impressions were very good. It’s well made, battery seems to get about 20-30ish hours of use before it needs a charge, although I leave it on the dock when it’s not in use so it’s never an issue. I wanted something a bit larger than average to fit my hands (I wear an XL glove, for reference), and the reviews that made this claim were right on – it’s basically the perfect size.

    Buttons are well placed and feel sturdy, and I love the adjustable wheel resistance to get it just the way you want. This is my first mouse with a thumb rest and I’ll never go back. There’s plenty of sensitivity there. The only time I feel more than 20,000DPI would be needed is if you’re playing on a 85″ 4K monitor at full res, or you’re expecting way too much from a upper-mid-range gaming mouse. This one edged out the Logitech G502 for me because of the sale price I was able to get, and the option of the charging dock.

    My only gripes with the hardware are the power “stubs” on the charging dock (takes a few wiggles to get the mouse to sit on it properly), and the micro-USB charging port on the mouse itself (it’s molded so it will only take a cable with a proprietary molded pigtail). These aren’t huge issues, although if the cable were to ever break, you’d need to buy that specific cable and not just any micro-USB. The dock also uses the same cable, and you only get one in the box. Although if you’re using the dock, you’ll probably never need the cable directly into the mouse.

    My only real complaints that make the thing annoying to use, or where features are lacking, is the software side. As other reviews have said, it uses software called Razer Central to control the custom lights and other configuration options. The lighting UI is actually pretty decent and there are quite a number of customization options. There are some things lacking that I wish it had. For example, you can configure the mouse and dock to pulse from red to green as the mouse charges, to indicate battery life. It’s a cool feature. But what I would LOVE is for the dock light to be able to show the current battery status of the mouse while it’s in use. I do believe it turns yellow at 20% battery life, though.

    The biggest issue for me though is the constant updates that it does. I feel like at least once every week or so, I’ll turn on my computer and everything lags for a minute or two while Razer Central does yet another update. Then a little later it’ll just randomly turn all the lights off and on again, as if Roy Trenneman himself had instructed it.

    Although I should say that I later paired this mouse with a Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard, so it’s not like this problem stopped me from buying another Razer product. They really should work on their software, though. When it comes time to replace this mouse, if the software has improved by then, I’ll consider Razer again.

  4. Arturo Galicia Alarcón

    Primero compre el Mouse en calidad ” como nuevo” todo parecia excelente pero cuando comence a utilizar el gatillo de sensibilidad se soltaba solo, algo normal e impredecible a la hora de comprar productos con esa etiqueta, decidi devolverlo y comprarlo nuevo de lo tanto que me gusto, les comento algunas cosas importantes del Mouse:

    Cosas buenas.

    Los botones principales incluyen la mejor tecnología de razer, olvídate de los dobles clicks, ese problema no pasara en este mouse ( mi razón principal para comprar el basilisk ultimate y no el 502 lightspeed)

    La batería con un 35% de iluminación me dura sin problema los 7 días de la semana ( solo lo cargo el domingo cuando tiene un 20% de batería) estoy hablando de sesiones de 5 a 7 horas diarias, diría que la batería dura un aproximado de 60 horas con la iluminación al nivel dicho.

    El sensor definitivamente es de lo mejor, se nota sumamente suave, la opción de ” levantamiento” es una chulada, llega hasta los 20 000 DPI tal como se indica, aunque pocas personas haran uso de esta función, yo utilizo 4000 para shooters.

    El rgb es de lo mejor en Mouse, se nota minimalista y elegante, lo puedes modificar a tu gusto con synapse 3

    Los materiales con claramente de calidad premium, no menos.

    El agarre es sumamente cómodo, el mouse mas cómodo que he probado hasta la fecha.

    No se nota el mas mínimo retraso en los movimientos del mouse, no notaras que es inalámbrico.

    Cosas a mejorar:

    La base cargadora es muy vistosa pero no tiene tantas zonas de iluminación, no tiene todos los efectos chroma disponibles, solo algunos, aun así se sincroniza con los demás dispositivos razer sin problema.

    Debes cuidar mucho el cable mini usb que tiene el mouse, es único para este dispositivo, no podrás utilizar otro cable mini usb, esta diseñado a la medida, tanto para la base como para el mouse.

    En un producto de esta categoría hubiera sido bueno optar por entrada tipo C, pero supongo que tuvo que ver el cable exclusivo.

    El mouse es bastante grande, no apto para manos pequeñas, esta totalmente adaptado para agarre de palma y garra, si tienes manos pequeñas una mejor opción seria el viper ultimate o el mini.

    El gatillo de sensibilidad aunque esta en buena posición no todas las manos lograran presionarlo con facilidad, esta bastante lejos.

    Solo se incluye un adaptador para el gatillo de sensibilidad, en un producto de sta gama hubiera sido bueno que incluyeran al menos 2 adaptadores para acomodarse mejor al usuario ( como el caso del basilisk v2)

    En un producto de esta categoría hubiera sido bueno optar por carga inalámbrica como segunda opción.

    La batería carga lento, te recomiendo dejarlo cargando en un momento que no utilices la computadora, de lo contrario no podrás utilizarlo cómodamente ( a menos que lo uses por cable)


  5. Matt

    Now I haven’t used all the top mice, but I did my product research before buying this mouse. It is now 2 years later and I’ve just bought a second one in addition to this purchase. My first mouse still works great with some minor hiccups (will detail below).

    In my current setup I now have 2 Baslisk Ultimate mice. The reason being: I now have two mice so when one needs to charge, I have the other sitting ready on the charger. And the best part is, the battery life isn’t even a problem at all, it has some fantastic battery life. I go probably 2 weeks on a full charge. That being said, I specifically turned off the RGB lights to achieve this. The RGB lights do cut down on the battery life quite a bit, and I never look at my mouse and I really don’t care to have RGB lights, I just really love this mouse (hence why I bought 2).

    As for the minor hiccups I mentioned earlier, there’s really only been one. After some time, my mouse began to have some trouble charging on the dock. I found a forum post online talking about this and they recommended taking a Q-tip and dipping it in isopropyl alcohol and cleaning the charging contacts. I tried it, and it worked. I do have to clean it from time to time, but that is not a problem for me as I value the mouse very highly. I love this mouse because it is 1) wireless and 2) has a charging dock, so I don’t have to fuss with plugging in a cable, I just set it down. I also love that 3) the dock can be set to turn specific colors indicating battery life.

    4) I am given the power of Hypershift which can be very powerful with a mouse. The way I primarily use it is: I set my Hypershift key to the trigger button on the mouse. Hypershift+left is bound to go back a page in my web browser, HS+right is forward a page, HS+left mouse wheel nudge moves me left a tab and HS+right mouse wheel moves me right a tab in the web browser. It makes web browsing such a fluid experience, no reaching for the tiny forward/backward button or wasting time moving your mouse there to begin with.

    Anyway I could go on and on with the ways this mouse is great. I haven’t had any weird problems with it and it’s lasted me 2 years and still going strong. I love it so much I bought a second one. I can’t recommend it enough. And like I said, I haven’t used other mice but there’s literally no reason for me to look anywhere else. The only thing I can think of would be that I need to clean the charging dock, but that would probably be the case with anything that has wireless contacts. Heck, my Roomba has contacts that need cleaning (with the exact same method btw). I don’t know if it’s possible to design around that issue.

    Seriously I’m just trying to give praise to a product that is so perfect in my eyes it needs no further adjustments. Aside from Razer not selling the cable individually, in fact it doesn’t even come with the dock if you buy it separately (BOOOOOO!!!!!) But if you have it plugged into the dock at all times, you’ll never break it anyway. I recommend this mouse.

  6. Amaki

    This mouse does the things it needs to do well.
    1) It has great connectivity through wireless and I’ve never had problems with it lagging or dropping out.
    2) The ergonomics are also great and it’s really easy to grip because of the shape and rubber sides.
    3) Overall an enjoyable mouse to use.

    And now onto some cons:
    1) The scroll wheel is insensitive and doesn’t scroll properly for each “notch” that you scroll. Sometimes, when I scroll 1 notch it won’t register it until I scroll it just a little bit further past that notch. Changing the wheel resistance doesn’t change this, it’ll still be insensitive to scrolls about 10-20% of the time.
    Quite annoying when you’re trying to move a browser one scroll down, or trying to scroll once for a precise weapon switch, and it doesn’t register it even though you’ve scrolled the one full notch.
    2) The other caveat is that some computers can’t charge the mouse while they’re turned off (if they don’t have USB-charging-while-off options). My desktop doesn’t have USB charging when it’s off, so I have to leave my computer on overnight to charge the mouse, or use the cable connection to charge it during the next session.
    With the battery life only being around 18 hours of continuous use, it’s a bit of a battle trying to keep it topped off between consecutive long sessions.
    If you leave your computer on 24/7, no problems, just throw it on the dock while you’re sleeping. Otherwise, you’ll have to take every chance you get to put the mouse on the dock, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to use it while it’s sitting on the dock.

    Overall, a decent mouse, but the way it charges and the scroll wheel being somewhat insensitive are slight negatives that might not suit some people.

  7. M. McCrady

    I bought this mouse without really looking at the specs. I’ve become accustomed to peripherals just working with my MacBook Pro. So I was a little worried when it arrived and there was nothing in the guide that came with it about Mac compatibility. Nevertheless, it does work with Mac in a very basic way. Because the mouse requires a USB dongle to communicate with the laptop, you will need a USB-C to USB adapter. Plug that in, turn on the mouse, and the laptop recognizes it immediately. No driver installation or software installation necessary. You can change the cursor and scroll speed in the mouse settings in the Mac System Preferences. Most games have keybind settings, so you can associate any of the mouse buttons with whatever abilities you want in game. As best I can tell, the only thing drawback to using this device with a Mac is that there is no compatibility with the Razer Synapse or RGB software. Which means you can’t customize the lighting effects or create mouse-click macros. This is an expensive mouse, so if you want full functionality, you will want to buy another one that is 100% Mac compatible (and Razer does not make such a device). However, if you are happy paying top dollar for an ergonomic mouse, this will work fine. The buttons are finely tuned and don’t require a lot of pressure to click. The scroll wheel or middle-click button works very well. It’s a beautiful device that changes color as you use it. You just can’t customize the color scheme for particular games, that’s all.

  8. The Walrus

    I needed a replacement for my G502 proteus core which i’ve had since 2015 or so, I really needed a mouse with a similar button layout, specifically a thumb button as well since I use that alot for VOIP push to talk and I’m way too used to it. I have a g502 hero mouse too but the double clicking issue with logi has gone beyond belief at this point and I just can’t risk buying another set of mice like it (I already RMA’d the hero mouse once) just failing with switches over and over, it wastes my time far too much. Granted, my old proteus core is still kicking but I needed another mouse for work as well. The basilisk so far, first day of use, these are my impressions:

    **The GOOD GOOD**:
    -Lightweight (compared to g502)
    -Resistance levels are adjustable for the scroll wheel
    -Razer software allows on board memory usage as well, I don’t really have complaints with Synapse.
    -Thumb button is fantastic, feels fantastic
    -Side buttons feel alright, I do like the feel of the G502 better but they’re fine.

    ***The not so good good***
    – Seems like the battery life might not be 100hrs as advertised, 1.5 hours of use drained almost 12% already though it is not in low power mode. This might not be ideal for long extended 15-18 hour gaming sessions which I really don’t do anymore unless I’m on holidays or something, I’m testing the low power mode and will report again eventually.
    -no other issues observed yet.

    Well, I can’t really complain, it’s wireless, it feels good, it’s responsive even in low power mode right now, the dock is magnetic so it’s extremely easy to just latch on and leave (very big bonus). The thumb button is removable but it also feels fantastic as button concept is far superior to what the G502 had.

    Time will tell if the mouse holds up to my old logitech treasure, my initial experience with a Razer Naga over 10 years ago was absolutely traumatizing, the thing maybe lasted 6 months between double clicking issues and eventually the sensor just dying on me. This new Basilisk + the Synapse software seem to have redeemed my praise for Razer, they’ve come a long way but again, time will tell. If you see this mouse on sale, at least based on these first impressions, I’d say buy it with the dock. (it’s currently $120 on Amazon US with the dock included which is why I purchased it).

    **Update April 30th**

    Only 2 days of use now, I realized my battery was draining over 10% an hour with 33% brightness on RGB and 1000 polling rate. I dropped the RGB lighting to 0 on the mouse and polling rate to 500 hz, now it’s about 1% per hour of gaming time so it seems to be falling in line with the 100hrs of use at that point (note, this is not in low power mode which I haven’t really tested well yet). I preemptively put a ticket in with Razer to see if I had a dud or not initially but it seems like if this actually holds at 1% per hour in current settings, it’s plenty, i throw it on the dock over night anyways but at this rate it can last 4-5 days of playing without a charging it which is quite impressive.

    Update after a couple weeks of use:

    I’m very happy with this mouse, it is certainly extremely customizable. I previously mentioned I managed to get the battery life alot higher. Now after a full day of gaming, 15hrs + I’m barely even getting to like 81-85% battery which is fantastic. Charging it so mindless with the dock that I don’t think anyone will ever worry about it. Overall my only complaint is that the clicking feels a bit wobbly, my logitech mice clicks are generally very firm and there’s no movement of the click buttons side to side whatsoever, but otherwise, the mouse itself is fantastic, extremely comfortable and again the closest thing I could get to a g502, the scroll wheel has a nice feel, the rest of the button feels very good with each click feeling fantastic.

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