REMALI CapturePro 4K/60fps 20MP Waterproof Sports Action Camera Kit with Carrying Case + 3 Batteries, WiFi, 2″ Touch Screen, 8X Zoom, Slow/Fast…

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  • ✔️ CAPTURE EPIC MOMENTS LIKE A PRO: Shoot all your travel adventures, spine-tingling extreme sports moments, and home videos in Native 4k 60FPS Ultra HD video or as crystal clear 20MP photos. You can instantly share your adventures with the world through social media directly from your phone or tablet, which is ideal for travel adventurers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and vloggers. The CapturePro is the go-to accessory for breath-taking videos and photos at a fraction of the cost of a Gopro.
  • ✔️ CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY: The CapturePro improves the overall user experience with these amazing features: A responsive 2 inch Touch Screen, an Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) that lets you create smooth video content. Distortion Calibration which allows you to take videos and photos without the “fish eye” effect. There are 3 angle views (wide, medium, narrow) to choose from, the capability of up to 8X zoom (photo/video), and the option of taking video in slow or fast motion.
  • ✔️ REMOTE AND HANDS FREE CAPABILITIES: Capture your best moments and selfies easily from any direction and from over 30 ft. away by using our advanced Bluetooth remote control. Use its amazing voice control feature by simply saying action commands to take photos, start and stop videos, and power off the camera. You can also connect your CapturePro to your smart device by using a Wi-Fi connection and control all the action through the REMALI DV app which is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • ✔️ PERFECT FOR YOUR UNDERWATER ADVENTURES: Use the CapturePro in the pool, the lake, and the ocean up to 131 feet (40m) when in our customized IPX8 waterproof case. Imagine capturing the vibrant colors and stunning views of exotic sea life in 4K Ultra HD while snorkeling or scuba diving. In order to adapt to the underwater environment and to achieve a more accurate color contrast, we have added a “Diving” Scene Mode that lets you create even more stunning content.
  • ✔️ THE BEST CAMERA PACKAGE ON AMAZON: The CapturePro action camera kit comes with a practical and shockproof carrying case that fits all of the 19 mounts and accessories that can be used practically in any situation while on the go. For your convenience, we have also included 3 batteries, a dual battery dock charger, and a wall charger. This allows you to charge your batteries while using your action camera and gives you the peace of mind of never running out of charge at the wrong time.
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‎0.704 ounces

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‎9.06 x 6.69 x 2.76 inches

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‎3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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7 reviews for REMALI CapturePro 4K/60fps 20MP Waterproof Sports Action Camera Kit with Carrying Case + 3 Batteries, WiFi, 2″ Touch Screen, 8X Zoom, Slow/Fast…

  1. j. siger

    I got this mostly to capture precious moments with my children and to have documentation of events due to a rotten x. I have used this a mere three days and have not used all the functions, but I am confident to report some “major basics”. My main con is that I have to regularly remove the battery to shutdown/reset because many times the camera just freezes up (capturepro). It captures decent sound (without case) and picture quality seemed good. I recorded using different resolution and frames and don’t have enough data to give my opinion on the best. The image stabilization seemed a bit lackluster and the various photos I took didn’t wow for 20MP. I did my best to rig up my own body cam contraption with the included Velcro (for bike helmet; I rigged it to my belt)
    No sense in blathering on here…overall there are plenty of features to use and it is a decent camera, but freezes constantly.

    It sucks to say, but I think I got near the same quality video and sound from a $20 dashcam from Wal-Mart which was also at least half the size.

  2. Seth Carr

    I would have given this a 5 star rating because all of the features work perfectly as described but it would be very useful to have the ability to connect an external microphone, the ability to connect to a desktop or laptop computer via wifi or blue tooth and the ability to do live streaming. I did some water tests to make sure that it is waterproof up to 40 meters while inside its hardcase and not a drop penetrated!


    Note: This review is specifically for the REMALI CapturePro camera. It does not apply to the REMALI CaptureCam, which we did not evaluate.

    We had two main applications: (1) To record tree work for training and other purposes, and (2) as a backup camera on a truck, to be used — in particular — to line up a trailer hitch with a truck’s hitch ball.

    Here’s what we found:


    (1) REMALI tech support is first rate. Immediate response from knowledgeable people. Most problems solved.

    (2) Price. Vastly less expensive than GoPro. 1/3 the price, and a lot of bang for the buck.

    (3) Works adequately for recording tree work while mounted on a helmet, on a tripod, or clipped to a branch. Chainsaw noise recorded clearly. People speaking not so much (see below).

    (4) Three batteries!

    (5) Lot of extras, mainly various gadgets for mounting the camera, and a nice zippered carrying case.


    (1) Dependent on specific memory cards — !!You must use U3 64Gig cards!! (we tested only the Sandisk brand). Even U3 in larger sizes causes odd behavior, such as menus that hang the camera, and failure to connect via the USB cable when attempting to download video to a laptop. Don’t go with the Amazon recommendation to buy the U3 128Gig card (I’d recommend that REMALI update its software to be more robust with regard to allow a wider range of memory cards). See myproductbenefitcomremali-info for additional details.

    (2) The Wifi video connection has too much lag to be used in real time. One application we tried to use the camera for is as a backup camera to assist in connecting a trailer hitch to a truck (see photo). With the lag, you’d think the person backing up the truck is drunk! 🙂

    (3) The Wifi signal was not strong enough for some trucks. When the phone was moved to the truck cab, while the camera was mounted on the back of the truck, the phone lost the camera’s wifi signal. Admittedly there was a lot of metal between the camera and the truck cab.

    (4) The REMALI DV app would not connect a phone to the camera via wifi. This was a critical feature for the trailer hitch application. REMALI tech support suggested using an alternate app, i.e., the iSmart DV2 app, which connected the phone to the camera. The next wifi issue was the lag described above.

    (5) Audio recording is not adequate. The camera needs a port for an external mic. This requires us to overdub tree work recordings with commentary as we are editing the video.

    (6) The user guide needs some serious rewriting. Excellent tech support compensated for this.

    (7) The protective case requires a bit of force to close. I’m waiting for the case latch to break one day.

    (8) When the camera is its protective shell (REMALI tech support strongly recommended always using the protective shell; did I mention the excellent REMALI tech support?), the buttons on the case need to be pressed pretty firmly.

    (9) The beep that tells you that the camera has started or stopped recording does not happen until *after* you release the record button, so you don’t know if you have pressed the button adequately. The beep should happen once the button has been pressed, and should not require the button to be released.

    (10) The touchscreen does not work particularly well when the camera is in its protective shell, in particular for people with large fingertips.

    Overall: Mixed results for our purposes. But did I mention the excellent REMALI tech support?

  4. Matthew Stein

    We had a little trouble setting up the camera. It would not connect to our iPhone. We contacted customer service and they were very prompt and helpful getting the issue resolved. So far have no other issues and the the wife is pleased. That’s all that matters.

  5. Cindi Grillo

    Quality is excellent for such a low price

  6. B. Minnix

    I bought the REMALI CaptureCam (their other model) November of 2020. It is a good camera but using it while attached to my helmet made it too shaky even with the anti-shake technology. Since I really liked the CaptureCam’s quality and dependability overall I decided to try the CapturePro for its EIS feature.

    I have to admit, I did have an issue with the first CapturePro received but I was able to speak with customer service and work with them to determine a replacement was needed. After receiving the replacement yesterday and testing it out, I’m VERY happy with this camera.

    The EIS is very smooth.
    The touchscreen is nice and responsive and seems intuitive (unless there’s an upside down mode in there…).
    The bluetooth remote for the CapturePro is leaps and bounds ahead of the remote for the CaptureCam and even displays the recording status with a blinking light.

    1. After having the CaptureCam and finding the “Upside Down” film mode extremely useful it is an inconvenience not having it on this model. I have to post-process the video to rotate it 180 degrees before doing any other editing.
    2a. The case I have is SLIGHTLY too big for the camera, but the case itself is very hard to close (even without the camera or modification stated below). It needs to be rather snug for the waterproofing, but it’s so tight the black plastic that holds it shut is bending and looks like it may snap in the near future.
    2b. The case being slightly too large made the audio sound like someone was tapping the mic with a pencil repeatedly.
    2c. Resolution – I used a piece of wheel rim tape on the inside of the case for two sides. The camera stays in place and does not affect audio since it’s not rattling about in the case.

  7. Amazon Customer

    This camera works quite well, especially for being significantly cheaper than alternatives. Have had it for a while now and had no issues this far.

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