SAMSUNG 15.6” Galaxy Book3 Laptop PC Computer, 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1355U Processor / 16 GB / 512GB, Thin and Light, FHD Screen, Fingerprint Reader, HD Webcam, 2023 Model,…

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  • ELEVATE YOUR EVERYDAY: Welcome to power, Galaxy style; Breeze through all the things you need to do with a processor that’s ready to help you take on the day
  • THIN, LIGHT, PREMIUM DESIGN: Grab it and go; With a thin, lightweight design that’s made to move with you, Galaxy Book3 is always ready to help you own the day anywhere you go
  • BIG SCREEN / ENTERTAINMENT: Say goodbye to ordinary with a gorgeous display that brings out the best in everything you do; Crisp, bright and beautiful, your full HD screen features all the quality you expect from a Galaxy display
  • POWER TO POWER THROUGH: Bored with being tied to a cord? Go plug-free for hours with a powerful Galaxy battery that packs a long-lasting charge*
  • PORTS APLENTY: Be ready for almost any situation anywhere with plenty of ports for easy connections; They’re built in right out of the box — no need to drag around a clunky adapter
  • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO CAMERA: Be proud of the way you appear on video calls with an HD 720p webcam; Hear and be heard clearly with Dolby Atmos speakers and a studio-worthy mic that makes for high-quality conversations
  • STORAGE THAT’S EASY TO UPGRADE: You’ll have plenty of room to keep the files you need with 512GB of built-in storage; Need a little more room? Add up to 2TB of expandable storage via a microSD card**
  • FILE TRANSFERS IN A SNAP: Easily send your files to another device with Quick Share;*** Transfer a photo or video at full resolution without compression from your Galaxy Book3 PC to your Galaxy phone, Tab or even a non-Android device
  • LINK TO WINDOWS: With Link to Windows,**** your Galaxy devices connect seamlessly; Transfer a call or text from your Galaxy Book3 PC to your phone***** or vice versa, when signed in to your Samsung account and have an LTE or Bluetooth connection
  • EXPANDABLE DISPLAY SPACE W/ 2ND SCREEN: Increase your workspace on your Galaxy Book3 PC by connecting your Tab as a second screen;****** The devices pair easily to give you more room to work or play to the max — two screens are better than one
Product Dimensions

0.61 x 9.02 x 14.04 inches

Item Weight

3.46 Pounds

Item model number



4 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

March 17, 2023



Standing screen display size

15.6 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

16 GB

Hard Drive Size

512 GB

Total Usb Ports


Processor Speed


Scanner Resolution


Battery life

15 Hours


1920×1080 Pixels

Number of Ports


10 reviews for SAMSUNG 15.6” Galaxy Book3 Laptop PC Computer, 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1355U Processor / 16 GB / 512GB, Thin and Light, FHD Screen, Fingerprint Reader, HD Webcam, 2023 Model,…

  1. Nells

    La cámara algunas veces se traba con Teams, por lo demás es una excelente computadora, la integración Galaxy está muy bien hecha.

  2. Ilia

    Fast and quiet, didn’t have any issues with touchpad, 11 hours battery life with my usual workload and all software installed, realistically you could push it closer to advertised 16 hours that some reviewers were upset about but the 11 hours I got and the efficiency of i7-1360p are remarkable.

    Screen is decent, ppi is not exceptional but 120hz on amoled screen is still a cutting edge.

    Sizes of the laptop are quiet big, Unfortunately, extra space was used for a numpad that I never used in my life, huge lip under the screen adds up to laptop’s width, it is exceptionally lightweight.

    It came to me with windows 10 home 21h1 22000 build, which is ancient. Here are some tips for those who willing to make a clean windows install because I had issues that samsung customer service was not competent enough to solve. When you just installed windows and it greets you with initial setup setting, it will ask to connect to wifi, but your wifi module won’t have a driver and system will never see any network to connect at all. To bypass wifi connection, press shift+f2 and type OOBE\BYPASSNRO then finish the setup. Now you have to make your wifi work, download WiFi-23.30.0-Driver64-Win10-Win11 from intel and using usb flash drive install it on your laptop, from there windows will hook all the remaining drivers by itself. If you want to get the Latest drivers they can be easily installed using Intel Driver and Support Assistant software.

    I was able to juice out 10990 pts for multi core and 1831 pts for single core in cinebench 23 and 11 hours of my usual browsing workload with balanced settings and 120hz refresh rate

    Also if you want to use it with external monitor, I use thunderbolt to display port cable and easily get 5120×1440 240hz, pretty much any thunderbolt 4 would do that for you.

  3. Amirali

    I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro and unfortunately, my experience has been far from satisfactory. After just 5 months of use, the AMOLED screen started exhibiting issues, specifically showing dead pixels. To my dismay, the problem escalated rapidly, with most of the screen pixels becoming dead within the span of the second day.

    Seeking a resolution, I reached out to Amazon customer service, hoping for a swift and helpful solution. However, my encounter with their support team left me deeply dissatisfied. I was advised to return the laptop, but the distressing part was that I was informed to bear some of the costs due to the laptop’s prior usage.

    This situation is profoundly disappointing, as a premium product like the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro should not encounter such critical issues within a mere 5 months of use. Moreover, I find it unreasonable that I, as the consumer, should bear any financial burden for a product that has clearly failed within the warranty period.

    I strongly believe that Amazon, as a reputable online marketplace, should stand by its commitment to customer satisfaction. A free replacement for a faulty product within the first year is a reasonable expectation, and the current arrangement feels unjust and unacceptable.

    In conclusion, my experience with the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro and Amazon’s customer service has left me feeling cheated and dissatisfied. I expected a higher level of quality and support for a premium product, and I urge Amazon to reconsider its stance and provide a more customer-friendly resolution.

  4. Ali R.

    Positive : I liked that after few months of use it never broke down. These days it’s very hard to find that quality in a computer. It’s light weight and doesn’t get too hot.

    Negative: I am not a big fan of its keyboard.

  5. Xtrullor

    I am not sure why its not more popular. Its light as a feather and packed full of features. Its the best MacBook replacement laptop. OLED display is great. finger unlock is better and more convenient than i expected. Ports are ample and battery is 6 hours plus with movies which is great for windows laptop. The only feature i miss is touch screen because i came from HP specter 360 which was 2 in 1 but even that one loses to this one because Samsung is 1 full pound lighter. Its a travelers dream.

  6. saeedtsm

    Almost everything is great about this laptop. The only minor places where improvement could be made is the keyboard and mouse. Keyboard doesn’t have a lot of travel, so expect some time to get used to it. Mouse also wobbles a little. but not a deal-breaker. Get it on-sale, and you will like it; super light, great battery, great screen.

  7. DJ Broadbent

    In no particular order:
    keyboard feels cheap and flimsy.
    screen shakes and wobbles with every slight movement or keypress.
    screen constantly flickers (despite endless troubleshooting).
    touchpad is so big it interferes with typing and is difficult to disable.
    resting palms on computer to type causes the whole thing to flex and bow (because metal is so flimsy).
    brightness will not go low enough for comfortable viewing in dim light.
    speakers sound hollow.
    feet dont hold laptop in place so it slides during use.
    screens odd size and resolution require constant readjustment for every webpage and folder.
    despite the crazy high price, this is not a high end computer – which makes me sad because I am all in on the Samsung ecosystem but find this unusable. Cannot figure out how to return (the usual return button is not visible for this bad purchase for some reason) but hopefully can help you not make same mistake.
    Other reviews seemed mixed so maybe they have different versions or manufacturers at play and it is luck of the draw. Dont risk it.

  8. Ilia

    My new favorite laptop besides mac.
    Same clean aluminum design with astonishing display with HDR and high resolution (2880×1800).
    Powerful enough for game development and some games.
    Yet so light and long battery life – you can take it around the house and use half a day.
    Ports set is great – 2 type-c, one type A just in case and HDMI.
    Fingerprint scanner makes it feel more secure.
    Cooling fans are absolutely silent event in balanced mode – could not expect that. And there is additional silent power mode.
    1080p camera feels like past generation.
    Sadly, touch pad is physically clickable instead of force touch and has a small delay when move cursor.

  9. Xtrullor

    This laptop is amazingly light and thin for the power it packs. The 13th gen i7 chip feel like it can handle anything I throw at it, with good battery life, a beautiful screen, all the little features that make it easy to use. The software tools to work seamlessly with my other Samsung devices are handy, too; I can wirelessly use my phone or tablet as a second display for the laptop, or just use the laptop’s mouse and keyboard to interact with my phone and laptop. The fingerprint sensor inside the power button is a great innovation I didn’t even know I needed.

    If there is any niggle to note, the lid is a little tricky to open with one hand. The hinge is strong enough to keep the device closed, and the laptop itself is so light to begin with, that lifting on the front of the lid will usually just slide the whole thing around on the desk instead of opening it up. I have to lightly brace the back of the laptop with one hand and opening it with the other. It takes barely a touch, but it’s quickly become a habit to use both hands to open the laptop. If that’s the tradeoff for having a thin device with a lid that is going to stay securely closed, though, I’m good with it.

    Overall, it’s a great laptop and I expect to be using it as a main device for many years.

  10. G

    Muy buena compra justo lo que necesitaba, excelente precio y calidad!!

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