Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone | US Version | 128GB of Storage | Mystic Black (Renewed),…

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  • 6.9″, 3088 x 1440 (Quad HD+), Infinity-O Super AMOLED+ Display, 4500mAh Battery, Android 10, upgradable to Android 11, One UI 3.0
  • 128GB ROM, 12GB RAM, microSDXC Card Slot, Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 5G+ (7nm+), Octa-Core, Adreno 650
  • Rear Camera: 108MP, f/1.8 + 12MP, f/3.0, 5x optical zoom, 50x hybrid zoom + 12MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide), Front Camera: 10MP, f/2.2
  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, CDMA 800/1900, 3G: HSDPA 850/900/1700(AWS)/1900/2100, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, 4G LTE: B1(2100),B2(1900),B3(1800),B4(AWS),B5(850),B7(2600),B8(900),B12(700),B13(700),B14(700),B18(800),B19(800),B20(800),B25(1900),B26(850),B28(700),B29(700),B30(2300),B38(2600),B39(1900),B40(2300),B41(2500),B46(5200),B66(AWS-3), 5G: 2/5/41/66/71/260/261 SA/NSA/Sub6/mmWave – Single SIM
  • Compatible with Most GSM and CDMA Carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, etc. Will Also work with CDMA Carriers Such as Verizon and Sprint.
Product Dimensions

7 x 5 x 4 inches

Other display features




Included Components

Travel adapter, Data cable, Ejection Pin, Quick Reference Manual, Terms & Condtions, Health & Safety Guide

Battery Power Rating



Mystic Black

Form Factor


Other camera features


Device interface - primary

Touchscreen with Stylus Support

Display technology


Item Weight

12 ounces

Connectivity technologies


Wireless communication technologies



8 GB



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Item model number


Date First Available

September 6, 2020

9 reviews for Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone | US Version | 128GB of Storage | Mystic Black (Renewed),…

  1. Jose Felipe Solar Zenteno

    Llego antes de lo estimado, compatible con mi operador, no tiene rayones parece nuevo.

  2. Noe Osorio

    El celular es una maravilla, llegó en perfectas condiciones. El problema es que en México no soporta las redes 5g por las frecuencias de banda con las que viene configurado. Para tenerlo en cuenta los compradores fuera de USA.

  3. Buick McKane

    Phone looks new. Delivery time was longer than normal. I like the features so far. The fingerprint reader is not so great. Seems slow reading, probably because the technology uses the screen and not a lens like on the Note 8. Older fingerprint readers, like on my Note 8 are faster, although rear placement, it’s much faster using the camera lens or whatever the technology is that scans my fingerprint. Bottomline, it’s twice as fast. The fingerprint reader on this Note 20 Ultra, which scans from the middle of the lower third of the screen, is slow and feels cumbersome. I’m constantly having to rescan or place my thumb over the fingerprint icon longer. Entering my PIN is faster. I may disable the fingerprint reader. I have to keep my thumb on the screen for 1-2 seconds to get it to unlock. Still new to using the phone. I got this phone as a memory upgrade to my Note 8 and so far I like that I have 512 GB internal and 512 GB microSD so I’m sporting 1 TB combined. Although it may have numerous features I haven’t discovered yet, it feels very similar and familiar to my Note 8, which I like. Only one week with this new phone so we’ll see how it goes. I may update my review.

  4. jair m.

    el teléfono lo recibí con los plásticos originales aun, estoy muy contento, me llego con att y fue fácil de liberar, llega tal cual únicamente el equipo, con un cargador chino pero en general el dispositivo llego bastante bien, en perfectas condiciones como nuevo la batería esta en buenas condiciones , ningún rayón ni nada raro, recomiendo la compra de este producto, me llego con una pluma o Spen generica pero funciona bien tal cual como la original.

  5. C Bell

    I had been an iPhone user for years and was reluctant to switch to Android, but this is now my second Samsung phone and will never go back to iPhone. Androids do take a little learning curve if you’re switching from Apple, but to me it was well worth it… and I’m 60 years old and not as technologically advanced as some people. While the iPhone is easy to use, I was always frustrated at the lack of expansion. This phone, as my previous Samsung, has space for a micro SD card which expands the capacity. I am able to load all the documents, music, pictures, and apps I need with plenty of room to spare.

    This one is just a tad bigger than my old Galaxy Note 8, but still fits into the same Blackbrook leather holster, even with an Otterbox protective case. The screen on this one is big enough to watch a movie or video (which comes in handy if you are flying), though I would not want anything larger.

    I got a used and renewed phone and was very happy with the condition in which it arrived. It had no scratches nor signs of wear. I cannot tell any difference than had it been completely new. Even the battery life seems to be excellent.

    I love the wireless charging feature; I have a spot in the console of my car where if I set it down there it starts charging, so I don’t have to fuss with cables and battery packs.

    There are so many features. I am still discovering new ones. I recommend the tutorials on Youtube to get acquainted with the amazing capability of this device.

    The camera has great resolution. The speaker is powerful for its size and clear. I am very happy with my purchase.

  6. Angelo

    El celular tiene una estética de 9.8 de 10 parece nuevo, funciona casi en su totalidad, pero tiene un detalle en el S-Pen no lo reconoce, ya intente de todo “Restablecer el S-Pen” desde ajustes y nada. Le puse uno de otro equipo y tampoco lo reconoce, use el S-Pen de este equipo que recién compre y en mi otro celularer si lo reconoce. Mande mensaje al vendedor a ver que me soluciona pero comenzare el proceso de devolución..

  7. Ragnorok

    I don’t use face recognition so I can’t say how well it works, but for the first week at any rate, the on-screen fingerprint reader has been amazingly easy to use. I don’t use my phone super heavy and it’s not uncommon to have 70% or more battery when I put it on the wireless charger at night, and it’s *significantly* less picky about placement on the wireless charger than the old phone (note 8). The car has wireless charging and it’s also much better charging there; the old one would often not be in the right place and not get any electrons, where this never fails to juice up.

    I got the Note 20 because it’s the last Note (currently) that has an SD card slot; I’m absolutely against some company gouging me hundreds of dollars extra for a 256GB phone when a 512GB SD card is under 50 bucks. The drawback to that is this phone came with pretty much nothing at all but a charging cable, which isn’t really adding any value. It took me some time to find a way to get the SD card slot open, without their custom tool, because on this phone at least the hole is waaayyyy too small for a paper clip. I finally unwound the spring from an ink pen, which was small enough and stiff enough to release it. Seriously leave out the cable that probably everyone in the world has by now and put that tool in! It’s needed for the SIM even without an SD card.

    Speaking of SIM, moving my line to this phone was trivially simple. The phone was apparently on T-Mobile previouisly and I’m on Verizon, and everything worked flawlessly right from the phone. Put the SIM in, turned it on, and followed the instructions. Done.

    I got a Note because, well, I’ve been a Note fanboy since the 4, when my old Droid with the hardware keyboard gave up the ghost, because of the S-Pen. It’s not something I use every day, but when I do use it, there is literally no alternative that works like the S-Pen. If Samsung ever stops putting that on their phone I’ll probably move on to something more affordable.

    This is my first ever refurb, and this one at least is exactly what one would hope; it physically indistinguishable from a brand new phone. Even close observation in the light reveals no scratches or blemishes, it hasn’t crashed or exhibited any wonky behaviour (knocks on head), and it’s significantly snappier than the old one. That’s not just because it has more resources, I think it’s because the UI has been tweaked. For example when scrolling a long list this phone’s “inertia”, how long it scrolls untouched after a flick up or down, is much higher than the old phone, so it’s considerably faster to browse by scrolling. I’m sure other improvements have been made as well, and together they translate into a much more responsive feel.

    The OS itself is similar to the Note 8, really, but it has even more bloat and unremovable cruft in it. For exampe there’s “AR” functionality now, but even though I have nothing AR, and if I do it’s highly unlikely I’ll use this phone in conjunction with it. There’s an “AR Zone” that can’t be disabled, can’t be removed, can’t be told not to nag me with notifications, can’t be managed in the slightest. Seriously Samsung, get off your high horse. You don’t know what I want my phone to do; fine if you want to have that enabled by default, why do I care? But can’t disable it or remove all the massively huge list of permissions? Want to rub some salt in there for me? It’s also considerably more in-your-face nagging about things; like I haven’t figured out how to get it to stop nagging me to save passwords for web sites, as if the last fifteen times I’d change my mind. Stuff like that isn’t helpful, it’s obtuse and rude.

    Migration was a PitA, but that’s normal, so I mention it anecdotally. Samsung’s “Smart Switch” does make it less than heinously atrocious, but “Everything” isn’t (everything), and it still took me days to get all my appointments and other things loaded in. Once I find my browser bookmarks and get them in I’ll finally be done. Least favorite part of getting a new phone is setting the @*% up. I can back up and restore a computer with trivial ease but no phone maker yet is smart enough to do that with a phone. Pathetic.

    I considered only four stars because of the missing SD card tool. Not sure how many folks would be able to figure out how to open it with the hole being about 2/3 the diameter of a paper clip, which is by the way what Verizon recommends using if one can’t find the tool. I have no straight pins so I don’t know if they work, but if I did I’d still want to file the point off to be sure I didn’t damage anything.

    But overall a VERY happy camper. If you like Android it’s likely you’ll be satisfied with this phone, and if you’ve never had an S-pen you’ll probably be hooked. lol

  8. Mystogan

    First, what I dislike. I knew I was getting a used phone, but the screen came with scratches (no screen protector. Scratches on the glass). Also can’t help but see quite a bit of screen burn. I can read it as I type this actually, because of the white background.. did I expect a new phone? No.. but, yeah. If you’re expecting a brand new phone, lol this is not the place. They do not promise a BRAND NEW phone. I don’t care to spend $1000 + on a brand new phone (or even increase my phone bill to pay one off, hell no). Dont care to keep up with everyone.. as long as the phone is not obsolete.

    Overall, the phone works great thus far. Camera is fantastic, S pen is lovely. The back of the phone is perfect. Edges look great, no physical damage beyond some screen scratches. This is just a 100% honest review :). Buy one and save money, or spend more for flawlessness. Your call.

  9. Edwin

    El equipo funciona bien, los detalles son que el teléfono llegó muy rayado le doy 7.5 en estática, aparte el SPEN no lo detecta el teléfono para el uso de los gestos, e tratado de comunicarme con el vendedor no e tenido éxito

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