Samsung – Galaxy A71 A716U 5G Fully Unlocked 128GB – Prism Cube Black (Renewed)

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  • Amazon Renewed condition: May have few minor scuffs or scratches.
  • Ships in non-retail box; generic charger and USB Cable only. No any other accessories included.****
  • Our warranty covers manufacturer defects ONLY. Defective items will be fully refunded after matching the IMEI number with the one in our system. Physically damaged items and other situations such as cosmetic problem, water damage, physical abuse, disassembles or reloads and security sticker removed are NOT covered under warranty. If your order arrives incorrectly or the package was damaged in transit, you must notify us within 2 days of receipt to be eligible for return.
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7 x 4 x 5 inches

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7.7 ounces

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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 16, 2020



8 reviews for Samsung – Galaxy A71 A716U 5G Fully Unlocked 128GB – Prism Cube Black (Renewed)

  1. Raymond Owens

    Phone was a Amazon refurb but was in great condition

  2. lutherj

    I absolutely love this phone. The 132GB really gives you some space to download whatever you’d like. It’s lightning fast 5G really makes a difference but i do wish the battery lasted a little longer. Even in power save mode the battery will die within half a day of light use on and off use but still a great phone.

  3. Rusty King

    The phone was Excellent condition only complaint was it wasn’t a T-mobile as advertised, it was a unlocked Verizon …. it still worked for me just didn’t have the T-mobile apps ….I would have rated it 5 stars…..

  4. Ef. S.

    I tried to use this phone and I loved it! For what I do on a daily basis, it was wonderful. It never took noticable time to “process” anything including my games. All apps were superb. I was able to watch Disney+ for 5 hours straight, play on Chrome for another 3-4 hours. I also incorporated a few hours of YouTube and the phone would last for 2 days between charging. 100% to low 10’s took anywhere between 36 and 48 hours of that abuse…

    Then I had to return to work.

    Use dwindled to a total of 4-5 hours of screen on time or SOT as forums usually write. Then I charged it 2 times for a total of 9 day’s usage!
    The battery is amazing!

    The screen clarity also rivals my S21 Ultra. I never noticed a difference with the displays or graphics.

    Now the reason it was returned and only 4 of 5 stars:

    Is it waterproof or resistant?
    I didn’t want the risk of testing that.

    Is it drop resistant from 2 or 3 feet?
    I didn’t want the risk of testing that.

    Well, let’s get a case that does both!
    Er, um… nothing available? Oh.

    The size is good, but for watching older shows that aren’t wide-screen native, the slight advantage is to my S21 Ultra.

    Ok, now that we settled all that, let’s test 5G…
    T-mobile in my area uses only 1 of the available bands on the phone. Ok, I can switch to Verizon eventually and fix that.
    Wait, it isn’t fully compatible to run on Verizon without a different version?
    Well, @#&^$&$!^

    I would have loved to keep it, but it doesn’t work with my job that is 80-85% outdoors if I get caught in the rain and I can’t exactly get mid-band 5g in my area.

    On to the S21 Ultra.

    Valiant effort!

  5. EUrso

    I love the phone but the fingerprint reader is so poor for me it’s rendered unusable. And the face unlock isn’t that great either. So if that’s important to you I wouldn’t recommend this phone. Other than that it’s a great phone.

  6. Meow Verizon!

    I did my own research and went through different carriers. The phone is Unlocked on arrival but Verizon’s new standards do NOT allow certain unlocked phone to be activate on their network now. This will NOT work on Straight Talk, Tracfone, SIMPLEMobile and etc. Anything under the Verizon SIM card will not work. This will work on US Cellular and ATT as far as I know. It appears Verizon has gone to great lengths in blocking several brands of unlocked phones (financially researched 🙂 ). I am 100% certain via attempts that US Cellular and ATT prepaid will work for this phone. Send complaints to Verizon people. It is Verizon’s fault for making people buy from them now since they bought Straight Talk and several other minor brands that use the Verizon network. Got to love monopoly!

  7. Christine Emel

    I need to take pictures, but yeah the phone works exactly as it should as far as I can tell, I get 3 to 4 days between battery charges (light usage) – the screen is 100% no dead pixels, color and everything looks spot on to my brother’s (once new) A71.

    One problem with the whole package, and that would be that there DEFINITELY is cosmetic damage visible from far greater than 12″ – whoever owned this one last obviously used a bad case that scuffed up the back badly so that the shiny holographic back is visibly dulled in many spots. Furthermore there are a few chips in the paint on the sides and the top right corner especially – further proving whoever had this last had a bad case.

    If it weren’t for those scuff marks (or a cheaper price – cause it did not meet the no cosmetic damage visible beyond 1 foot standard of quality) – I would rate a solid 5/5 – If you aren’t too fussed about taht stuff like me, then this is still one HECK of a deal for a good phone! In my case, my phone case covers all the visible damage anyway, but still bothers me that my (new to me) phone did not look like new upon arrival.

  8. Joejoe24

    Great condition, and for all the comments about it not working with AT&T, I had not an issue in the slightest. Put the sim in turned it on and was instantly connected to the network without an issue.

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