Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, 128GB, Cosmic Gray – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

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  • Camera description, Front
  • Wireless communication technology, Cellular
  • Package Dimensions, 5.791 L x 19.405 H x 10.210 W (centimeters)
Product Dimensions

2.99 x 0.35 x 6.57 inches

Device interface - primary




Included Components

AKG Headset, Screen Protector, USB Cable

Battery Power Rating

5000 Milliamp Hours


Cosmic Gray

Form Factor


Other camera features


Other display features


Item Weight

7.7 ounces

Connectivity technologies

Wireless, Bluetooth

Wireless communication technologies



128 GB




1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Item model number


Date First Available

May 17, 2020

13 reviews for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, 128GB, Cosmic Gray – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. Daryl

    It is not very seamless as an android phone swap. I spent the first 2 weeks fussing with permissions.

  2. Abu Tanvir

    The first impression was excellent its looks like new phone . The phone is totally unlocked everything is working fine but i see a Little bit scratch on camera side but its not bothering Also camera is not as like new one when i do zoom more than 20x the picture is not clear sometimes. But overall i do recommend to buy

  3. Josh Willoughby

    I was looking to pickup a budget phone around 3-400 dollars. When I started doing some research, I noticed this deal, where I could get a top-of-the-line phone from 2 years ago for less than half price. Spec-wise, this device is equivalent to the s22 ultra with very minor exceptions (EXTREMELY minor, like camera and variable refresh rate).

    Comparing this device to all the current budget phones from Google, Apple, Samsung, Nord, Moto, TCL, etc., this device seems to be the best value for the price. Between the refresh rate, battery, AMOLED HDR display (boasting 1400 nits of brightness) , stereo speaker audio, 12gb ram, security/software updates (for at least another couple of years at the time of writing), this phone is absolutely killer.

    The refurbished part scared me at first, as I normally buy all my devices new, but I have no complaints here. My device genuinely feels brand new.

    My only complaints about this phone are mostly personal problems rather than the phone being faulty. For example, I kind of hate how clear the front-facing camera is. I may need to get new glasses or something, but the picture is more detailed than looking in the mirror. When I take a selfie, I see all the disgusting blemishes in high detail (I’ll work on being less ugly, but regardless, it maybe something to note if you take a lot of selfies, you may need some software to blend the photos a little better).

    Another complaint is the jarring effect of the main camera trying to switch focus. I don’t take very many pictures, but if you’re trying to take a fast picture, that might be an issue.

    The display does not allow for 144hz and 1440p at the same time. It’s kind of a bummer, but I’m just excited to finally leave my 60hz life behind.

    Opening a couple of games, this phone performs extremely well, but I did find it odd that it did not allow for higher graphics options on games like Genshin Impact or Diablo Immortal, since it defaulted these games to high graphics rather than highest (not that I play waifu simulator or Diablo Immoral, but I did need to benchmark my credit card somewhere).

    Lastly, this may be just my shipment, but the cord did not work for transferring data from my old Note 8 to the S20. Fortunately, you can transfer everything wirelessly, and the cord I got works for fast charging. It’s just an odd issue worth noting.

    Overall, I’m extremely happy with this device. I don’t normally write reviews, but here I am writing a book on my experience with it, so maybe that’s a testimony in itself. Hopefully this helps someone on-the-fence about picking this one up.

    Edit: this was purchased from Edge Cellular

  4. Amazon Customer

    Seriously good phone Just few issues storage more folders & apps need option to be backed up with SD cards. I keep getting notifications that my storage is close to full. Only had phone 1mth. Never had that issue with my Huawei(Love that Phone). Second the power button why did u change thats too annoying go back to the side button Please! 3rd. finger print does not respond correctly most of the time especiallywith screen protector. 4th phone Sound ehhh. Keyboard on phone. Ugly. Along with text messaging. Bring back music ring tones Capable with Spotify or other apps we pay for the music mthly 4. The Good Camera quality is great. I also Love the FREE Samsung TV app included.

  5. Lewis

    I was pretty ecstatic when the phone arrived, that was until I noticed several problems with it.
    First of all, the auto-focus on the phone isn’t working well. It’s pretty annoying because it takes me forever to take a photo, I either have to shake or tap the screen vigorously for it to focus.
    And it seems like the phone was dropped quite a few times because I noticed some scruff marks and scratches on the camera bump and corners of the phone. I also two scratches on the screen, but it isn’t noticeable at all.
    The most important downfall is the battery, it takes forever to charge. And I can only connect usb c cables one way. The battery drains pretty quickly too.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t return it as soon as I got it, I assumed that I would get used to the downsides of this phone.
    If you order a renewed phone, make sure to send it back as soon as possible if there are any problems with it. If not, then you’d have to spend extra money to get it inspected at a repair shop.

  6. Kabalam

    hola realice una compra con este usuario la verdad quede feliz por lo que recibí estoy satisfecho me encanto el teléfono aparte de que esta como nuevo gracias sin duda volvería a comprar nuevamente con ustedes.

  7. Victor Reznov

    Used phone just like new!

  8. MemoRios

    Lo mejor del celular es la velocidad, sus 8 gb de ram y los 8 núcleos le ayudan bastante. Es muy bonito, el cuerpo de aluminio y cristal se siente de mucha calidad. Las cámaras son algo prominentes en la parte trasera, además este es su punto débil, tuve por 2.5 años un Motorola One Zoom, el cual si compré nuevo, y le gana fácilmente en la definición de las fotos y los videos, en el Motorola las fotos con zoom se ven geniales, y los vídeos no ‘brincan’, cosa que si pasa ligeramente en este S20 Ultra. Yo esperaba una mejor cámara al ser el tope de gama, pero ni modo, es un teléfono no una cámara profesional. Le compré una Microsd de 512 Gb y con esto me va a durar un par de años, espero. Tiene muchísimas amenidades, tanto que al inicio no sabes por donde darle para configurar. Sin embargo, el Android más puro que trae motorola es mejor que esta capa de Samsung, y los gestos de Motorola ayudan bastante, este no trae gestos/atajos.

  9. Galiux

    Phone a bit heavy in a daily use, but have a powerful processor and a great camera.

  10. Ed Holler

    Picked up during black Friday. Good value and works great. I am very happy.

  11. Carol J Martin

    Like product that I received. Will order from Amazon again. Delivery was on time. Thank you keep up the great job.

  12. Lee-Sing H.

    estoy contento con el producto, en un principio tenía miedo de comprarlo por algunas reseñas que leí, en las cuales a algunos compradores les llegó en malas condiciones o con fallos en el sistema, en mi caso todo llegó de manera correcta sin daños visibles en pantalla, solo en el módulo de cámaras un ligero como rasguño pero no afecta en nada del funcionamiento, me es intramuscular, además de que me llegó con cargador original y el adaptador para USB convencional, el cable no se si sea el original pero se siente de calidad
    en general estoy contento por la compra

  13. Faster P.

    El equipo llego como me esperaba, en una caja genérica con cargador compatible, pantalla y tapa trasera sin rayones, pero el cristal de cámaras y bordes laterales con muchos rayones, lo que no me gustó es que se ve claramente una separación de la tapa traesra donde lo abrieron supongo para cambiar la bateria porque la duración es buena, y la pantalla parece que también se la cambiaron, el reflejo qué da se ve distorsionado, no lo regresé porque en funcionamiento esta muy bien y no le falla nada, donde no lo probaré es en resistencia al agua porque claramente ya la perdió al abrirlo

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