SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone US Version Smartphone Tablet 2-in-1 Foldable Dual Screen Under Display Camera 256GB…

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  • 7.6″, Foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X, 120Hz, HDR10+, 1768x2208px, Cover: 6.2″ 832x2268px, 4400mAh Battery
  • 256GB, 12GB RAM, Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 5G, Octa-Core, Adreno 660
  • Rear Camera:12MP, f/1.8 (wide) + 12MP, f/2.4 (telephoto) + 12MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide), Front Camera: 4MP, f/1.8, Cover Camera: 10MP, f/2.2, Android 11, upgradable to Android 12L
  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, CDMA 800/1900, 3G: HSDPA 850/900/1700(AWS)/1900/2100, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, 4G LTE: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/18/19/20/25/26/28/29/30/38/39/40/41/46/48/66/71, 5G: 2/5/25/41/66/71/78/260/261 SA/NSA/Sub6/mmWave
  • US Model. Compatible with Most GSM and CDMA Carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, etc. Will Also work with CDMA Carriers Such as Verizon, Sprint.
Product Dimensions

6.8 x 6 x 2.6 inches

Device interface - primary




Included Components

Travel Adapter, Data Cable, STD Battery, Handset + Cling

Battery Power Rating

5000 Milliamp Hours


Phantom Black

Form Factor

Foldable Screen

Other camera features


Other display features


Item Weight

0.035 ounces

Display technology


Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

Wireless communication technologies



1 GB


Android 11.0


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Item model number


Date First Available

September 13, 2021

8 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone US Version Smartphone Tablet 2-in-1 Foldable Dual Screen Under Display Camera 256GB…

  1. PH

    It’s really fun to use I’ve gotta say. After using it for a month, it’s been easy deciding whether to stick with the front screen vs. the inside tablet mode display. I also feel that my productivity has increased solely from the increased visibility and efficiency of the UI.

    I bought this Used in Acceptable condition, and turns out it was much more than Acceptable. Felt new with minor scuff marks, though I might’ve been lucky. I’m also okay with the heftiness of this thing since I dropped it a couple times already and it’s still solid. Battery issues can be a bit of a downer, but I usually have my power bank so it’s not a big deal.

  2. M. Long

    UPDATE:10-18-2022 – Opened the phone this morning and the screen is cracked completely down the middle at the crease internally. The screen no longer works on the right side of the phone. The phone has only been in use for 3 weeks. Now it’s an expensive paperweight. NO WARRANTY OR HELP FROM THE SELLER. 10-17-2022 – First, I love this phone. I’ve only had it for a few weeks. I haven’t dropped the phone and it’s protected with a case. This morning I opened the phone and there is a definite defect in the crease as shown by the picture. I expected it to last longer than 3 weeks. The phone still works and the screen still works. Unfortunately, there isn’t any coverage from this vendor for the LCD defects. I don’t know if I would purchase a “renewed” product like this again. I purchased this on September 20, 2022.

  3. bookerfam

    After reading other Z Fold 3 reviews, the consistent detail is the battery life is not as good as other Samsung phones owned in the past. Everything else about the phone is excellent in my opinion, especially the larger screen option.

  4. Koty williams

    I was concerned with the reviews.people said they’d been shipped broken ones and the seller blamed them for it.(i filmed me opening and testing because of this)however I got a brand new looking one with no problems.iv been using for about 4 months.i waited to write this review just

  5. The Magic Hands Man

    Okay folks, today marks day 1 of ordering a refurbished phone. On the one hand the primeday price was a sweet 800 bucks, not bad at all. On the other hand it seems we are spinning the wheel and here are some of the choices.
    1. You get a phone that does not charge
    2. You get a phone does not turn on
    3. You get a phone that is still locked
    4. You get a phone that comes damaged
    5. You get a phone that is actually fine. It looks great.
    Based on the averages MOST people get a perfectly fine phone. You are just unlucky if you get a busted on. That said you have to be vigilant when you order one of these suckers. First thing inspect like crazy, and try to charge. So far there was a slight scuff near the center of the hinge, looks just a bit dirty. Also it charges, so win so far. I am going to attempt to tranfer some data and move my number over, so in the next few days I will see how it goes and will probably come back with more updates.
    Do note that it is good of us to TRY and recycle phones and stuff. It’s better for the world and all that jazz. Me I just wanted to save some money, which may or may not bite me in the ass later.
    Oh and just to let everyone interested in this phone know, google searches will confirm that these phones do have issues with the middle screen getting cracks and dead pixels regardless of what you do. Samsung is also TRYING ACTIVELY to not pay for any of these. It seems if you buy the samsung care plus they take care of it MOST of the time. That said their website providing information on the care plus is confusing and seems pretty useless.
    I did splurge on a heavy duty case because I just want to make sure that I am protecting the screens as much as possible. I am also going to try a stylus and see how that goes.

    Day 1- Phone looking good, turns on, charges, samsung transfer app works well android to android. So far so good.

    Day 16- Very glad I bought that heavy duty case because this phone is attracted to the floor. Stuff did manage to get under the case but overall it’s working well. Battery life on the phone is okay overall. If you use your phone a lot, you will be charging it everyday. Tablet mode drains it pretty fast it seems. I charged it to about 90, then read novels in firefox for about 3 hours and it dropped to 50 percent. This is not a phone you want to use if you are going to be away from a charger for a long period of time. Don’t get trapped on an island with it. Besides that I am really enjoying the phone. It has a super awesome refresh rate, I picked up a stylus which was pretty nice for the big screen (note the small screen doesn’t accept any stylus). It is amazing for reading books or comics, watching movies or tv shows. It feels like a really nice small tablet.
    One of the problems I can already forsee is that this is a 1-2 year phone as opposed to 3-4 phone like I normally buy. You are most likely going to want the newest one when it comes out assuming it doesn’t explode note style. Also having a protective case is nice, but man this phone is now Thiccc. Also some apps do NOT like going from the small screen to the big screen and will literally crash because resizing hurts their brains. Most are of mine are fine but a few do crash.
    On a plus side besides the awesome refresh rate which makes this feel like a real fancy phone, it is a big talking piece and even without me shoving this in peoples faces like pictures of my children, people come up to me and say “Oh, you are making me want a new phone.” Let’s hope my luck keeps going.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I love the phone but sometimes it is glitchy.

  7. cipo

    The phone is a lot of fun and will quickly spoil you with the extra viewing space and seeing as how I have sausage fingers the extra space on the expanded keyboard is awesome. Now as for battery life that is where this phone is a bit confusing, if I am using it lightly it seems to eat battery, but if I am putting a heavier load on it the battery it feels as if it last longer. I could just be crazy; either way this is not a bad choice if it will not put you out to much.

  8. Conner Flowers

    I’m going to get the little bad things out of the way. There is a little but of wear around the charge port. You could tell the previous owner wasn’t very good at finding the hole ;). Nothing too bad just enough to take a little bit of the black paint off. Other than that physically the phone seems to be in great shape.
    As for the phone in general? I have had iPhones since the 10 and I have no regrets. Build quality seems top notch and the whole phone feels sold to hold and to fold/unfold. This is the first time I have been excited to pull my phone out and play with it in years.

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