Spigen Tough Armor (MagFit) Compatible with MagSafe Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Black

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  • Magnet integrated case – Compatible with MagSafe
  • Extreme Protection Tech provides shock absorption and maximum protection
  • Tactile buttons for solid feedback and an easy press
  • Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption
  • iPhone 14 Pro Case Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro
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6.05 x 3.06 x 0.47 inches

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1.54 ounces

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Korea, Republic of

Date First Available

September 7, 2022

13 reviews for Spigen Tough Armor (MagFit) Compatible with MagSafe Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Black

  1. Joseph Roby

    Have used spigen and speck cases for almost all my phones all the way back to a galaxy 6.

    When I bought my iPhone 14 Pro I compared this to the otterbox cases and a couple apple cases that I bought at same time as the phone..

    This spigen case is more durable and protective plus fits nicely on my belkin MagSafe car mount and charger.

  2. Sam123

    had a choice between this and another case but I chose this as the cutout in the middle of the case provides some heat dissipation for MagSafe charging. the case was also featured in a drop test video which showed it handled drops pretty well.

  3. Andy

    Seems like great protection and seems superior to a Mous case which I normally . A little heavy and bulky though, but I’m a dope and this has protected my phone.

  4. cynicator

    Bought this Spigen Tough Armor MagSafe case to protect my new iPhone 14 Pro; my first iPhone after years of Androids. I also bought a 3rd party, MFI-certified charging cable. What I learned is that this case is so thick near the phone’s charging port that the 3rd-party lightning cable could not be inserted deeply enough for charging to take place. I had to remove the iPhone from the case in order to use the cable I purchased.

    This isn’t the 1st time I’ve run into this situation. My previous phone, a Samsung S8 Active, had the same problem with the USB charging cable and a Spigen Tough Armor case: the case was too thick for a 3rd-party charging cable to properly seat in the phone. I’m convinced this led to an early death of my Android phone, because after a while no cable would charge that phone, and I tried as many as 6. For the last 18 months of the Samsung’s life, I could only charge that with a wireless charger, and was unable to connect it to my PC. (While I like the idea of a hardened phone, I’m done with Samsung. The Android I liked the most over time was an LG G3, but that, too, had it’s problems).

    Bottom line on this Spigen Tough Armor MagSafe case for the iPhone 14 Pro is: be aware that it is too thick for some 3rd-party charging cables to be inserted deeply enough to provide a charge.

  5. juliana

    Love my case. Would be awesome if it had a vertical stand too. I have dropped my phone a few times (just being clumsy), but this has saved it on those occasions, phone is still a-ok. Magnets work great and I can still wirelessly charge.

  6. MyTwoCents

    This is a great case. I bought this for my iPhone 14 Pro, which just replaced my prior phone which was a 12 Pro, which also had this same case on it, though I needed this new case because the phone is just slightly different in size, primarily where the buttons are placed, requiring one to get an updated case with the phone. This otherwise seems nearly identical to the previous case, with the same interior padding and same cut outs. This case fits perfectly. The phone feels well protected and the phone looks great in this case. I had the occasional minor drop of my prior phone in the previous case, and it was always well protected. I like the center round cut out in the back, as it gives a place for your fingers to grip the phone all the better, and I particularly like the little stand that pops out, which comes in handy often and works very well. The phone slides in and out of pants pockets easily in this case. The material has just the right amount of slight grippiness, so that it does not slip out of your hands easily, but also still slides in and out of pockets easily. I like that the rim is elevated just enough over the front and also around the lenses so that the front and lenses are protected when the phone is placed on the surface. Because the 14 Pro has bigger lenses than my previous 12 Pro, the lens area does now protrude some, so the phone will rock slightly when placed lenses down on a surface, but I don’t notice this unless I am intentionally looking (for the purpose of this review). It is not at all bothersome. The phone looks great in this case and I like the protection. This is a perfect balance for me between having good protection without an overly big bulky case. I like this case a lot, and that is why I purchased this same case again for my new phone and got the same case also for my son’s phone. I also bought the tempered glass screen protector from this same brand as well, and same for my prior phone, as the easy installation device works very well and the tempered glass fits perfectly in combination with this case, so I do recommend considering using this brand screen protector with this case. I hope this helps. I definitely do recommend this case.

  7. Koopa

    More expensive than other cases but it’s worth paying the extra for it, looks great on the iPhone 14 Pro.

  8. Jeff R

    Quality materials and great design. It’s the only case I’ve been buying for my phones for over 10 years. You will not be disappointed once you feel it In your hands.

  9. D. C.

    My first order arrived with slight damage but a replacement was sent very quickly with Amazon exchanging it. The magnet is very strong and works well with magsafe mounts. I haven’t tried magsafe charging but regular Qi wireless charging works thru this case. The kickstand feels pretty fragile but it has lasted for the last month or so with regular use. The kickstand can only be used in landscape mode since it is off center to provide space to MagSafe.

    I am a little unsure about how protective it will be of the camera module but it is mostly Apple’s crazy design. The camera module on the 14 pro is crazy thick and the case would have to add serious thickness to really protect it. I think Spigen has done the best they can.

  10. SFM

    Perfect fit. Good looking. Works well with mag holder in car. Buttons work well.

  11. Mike R

    I’ve used Spigen for years. My iPhone 12pro was dropped from 40 feet and luckily landed on a corner, so the case completely protected it. My gripe is these cases were £10-20 before. The new price point is ridiculous. But when you invest so much in a phone you have to get a good case.

  12. Joe

    The very similar model lasted for ~4 years on my iPhone XS. Shopping for another for my iPhone 14 Pro was a no-brainer. Just about a perfect iPhone case. Lightweight enough, protection enough, Etc. I especially like the grip it provides – iPhone are slippery. On this updated version the lightning port opening looks to be sufficiently large enough to accomodate larger aftermarket cords. The buttons power and volume feel seamless; you don’t feel any vagueness using those controls. The ringer switch is perfectly surrounded yet easy to operate with a thumbnail. Add the Spigen screen protector for the perfect set. One minor quibble as always: the handy kickstand works only in landscape orientation. I do not have any MagSafe accessories so no comment other than it’s listed as supported.

  13. Gemma

    Best cases ever, been using these on my iPhones since I had the X along side a screen protector, and since using them I’ve never broke a screen since to date after many phone drops (X, 12 and now 14). Highly recommend!

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