Tracfone Apple iPhone 8 Plus 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone – 64GB – Space Gray – Carrier Locked

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  • 5.5-Inch Retina HD display; A11 Bionic Chip; Accelerometer; Compass; Gyroscope
  • 12MP iSight Camera with live Photos and 4K Video; 64GB Internal Memory; 3GB RAM; 2691mAh battery
  • Find freedom with a flexible prepaid plan, with no activation or cancellation fees, ever. Get Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage on the largest and most dependable 4G LTE Networks.
  • Note: This phone is carrier locked; Customers must have had their locked device activated on Tracfone service for no fewer than 12 months, redeemed air time cards in no fewer than 12 months, and not have had their telephone number recycled or ported.

8 reviews for Tracfone Apple iPhone 8 Plus 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone – 64GB – Space Gray – Carrier Locked

  1. G.G.

    The phone overall is good.Does not feel as well made as my 6s plus-which it replaced.The back made of glass-is slippery.It slides on surfaces.

  2. Mike L

    Excellent quality for an unlocked IPhone. Fingerprint reader perfect. Make sure to download newest version of IOS under Wi-Fi rather then data plan. Since it’s an 8plus keep a portable charger handy since running multiple apps will drain battery life. Perfect for any traveler in a pinch.

  3. Bocker

    Purchased the 8 plus because it is the last model made with the fingerprint open. My husband has the 11 and he HATES it due to the lack of the fingerprint button. He said his next phone will be a fingerprint model even if he must switch brands.

  4. Cooler Daniel

    Theres alot to like and dislike. Feels like a solid phone, seemed new, might have been since its tracfone locked. Battery was completely dead when I received it but it charged and worked fine. Says battery health was 100%. Never used it more than a day, not a fan of Iphone, theres too many compromises for my phone needs. I used the phone for a samsung trade-in. Got $400 trade-in value to get the latest tablet they offer. 10/10 pristine phone to trade in tho.

    Opening the box was nice tho, the iphone feels premium, apple is great at crafting the experience they want you to have. Its a phone for anyone, just not a phone for me.

  5. Tomas

    Good product. Meets all expectations of an Apple iphone.

  6. carlos roberto galvez


  7. Lisa W.

    I upgraded from a Galaxy and it was the best decision ever! I’ve used Tracfone for many years, it’s so affordable and it meets my needs. Most of my family and friends have iPhones, and I never really thought I needed one. But I did have a nice iPod touch, and I found myself using it a lot to message and use the apps. So finally I decided to upgrade, and I was a little reticent because I didn’t know how well a TracFone iPhone would work. I needn’t have worried!

    I received the iPhone 8+ in a sealed Apple box and a separate Tracfone SIM card to install. The phone itself is not Tracfone branded in any way and has no Tracfone apps on it, this is a brand new iPhone as you would get it right from an Apple store. It works exactly like my daughter’s phone, and she has hers through AT&T. TracFone also uses AT&T and other networks, so this works exactly the same and just as fast and good. Instead of spending $80 per month through AT&T, I only pay $20 every three months, lol. I can also get more data whenever I need it, but one gig per month is fine with me. However, TracFone also has really low cost unlimited talk and text plus different gigabyte amounts, starting at around $25 per month. It’s such a great deal! You can definitely use any TracFone plan with the iPhone, it doesn’t have to be an unlimited, or even a Smartphone plan. You can still use the cheaper plans if that’s what you want, and that’s what I’ve been doing. So no problem with that at all!

    Activating this phone was simple and only took about three minutes. All I needed to do was sign in to my TracFone account and put in the serial number. The transfer was really fast, absolutely no problems at all, and I was up and running! If you’re transferring pics/contacts/apps from another iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, just have your product next to you turned on, and it will automatically set up your new phone.

    You can find out more about the iPhone 8 plus on YouTube, so I won’t go through all of the phone’s capabilities. I will say that it’s super fast, has a great display, is a really nice size, and is much faster than my Galaxy. I love that I have everything all in one place now instead of using some things that are Apple and some things that are android. It was a very easy transition to just the iPhone, and I feel very uncluttered now!

    Highly recommend this phone on the Tracfone network!

  8. Magdalena

    I’m glad the phone is a real iPhone happy customer 2022

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