Tracfone Motorola moto g Stylus 5G, 128GB – Prepaid Smartphone (Locked)

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  • Go even longer on a single charge with a 5000mAh battery..Form_factor : Slate
  • 48MP quad camera system: Showcase your creativity from every perspective, from ultra-wide angle shots to detailed close-ups and everything in between.
  • 128GB of storage and up to 1TB expandable with microSD, blazing-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G processor, and 4GB of RAM; 6.8” FHD plus Max Vision Display
  • Carrier: This phone is locked to Tracfone, which means this device can only be used on the Tracfone wireless network.
  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Data plans starting as low as dollars20/month
Standing screen display size

‎6.8 Inches


‎4 GB

Average Battery Life in hours

‎1.5 days




‎Moto g Stylus 5g

Item model number


Operating System


Item Weight

‎1.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎7.25 x 1.65 x 10.25 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎7.25 x 1.65 x 10.25 inches



Processor Brand


Flash Memory Size

‎128 GB


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



Date First Available

‎August 14, 2021

8 reviews for Tracfone Motorola moto g Stylus 5G, 128GB – Prepaid Smartphone (Locked)

  1. Reese Perry

    Very nice android phone especially for the price. $100 for a 6.8″ screen phone with a nice camera, good amount of internal storage, stylus pen, good internal antenna and more! Perfect phone if you don’t Wana spend a fourtune on a Samsung but want some quality and don’t care about having the best of the best. It’s just a great phone. The battery last alot longer than the last version of this phone the moto 4. Alot of good upgrades actually from the 4. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the finger print reader. The moto 4 the finger print reader was on the side, the moto 5 is on the back. It’s a bit awkward to get your thumb to the back on ur phone to use the feature, just took some getting use to. Was n is not a deal breaker though. I stand by truly liking this phone, especially the bang for the buck and phone plans that are beyond affordable.

  2. T. F. Palella

    Although this phone has great amount of built-in memory, the additional memory card that you can add (for my personal files, etc.) cannot be accessed through your computer when a USB cable is plugged into the phone. So, in order to add any updated or new files to that card, you must remove it from the phone which is easy enough. But putting it back into the phone gets tricky! The cards (Sim included) have a tendency to pop out of their holder as you slide the holder into the phone. It’s just not as convenient as plugging the phone into your computer to transfer data.
    Next, the phone doesn’t allow you to assign distinctive ringtones to your contacts. Everyone gets the same ringtone that you picked! ALSO, the same goes for your alerts. All alerts get one sound that you picked. No separate sound for email or Facebook or Ring, etc.
    But the phone is 5G, Android 11, has a 6.8″ screen and a stylus.
    Maybe I should have waited for the LG Stylo 7 to come out!!!
    I discovered that I can use a device known as a Dongle which plugs into the charge port and has a USB connection on the other end to plug in a USB drive. I can put any updated or new files on the drive, from my computer and transfer them to the phone.
    2nd update:
    When I plug my computer into the phone, I discovered that there is a tiny info line under the USB symbol which gives you more options (like file transfer instead of just the charging option)!
    One problem solved.

  3. Just me

    For what I use a phone for, texting, Email, phone calls, some lite gaming this phone is great. The Stylus option is pretty cool too, for writing quick grocery lists, and such. Works great in my car with Android Auto as well. Battery lasts 3 to 4 days depending on how much I’m on it. All in all for the money, and day to day type use I do, it is a great phone. Hello Moto. ; )

  4. raw6560

    I have only had this phone for a couple weeks and really like so far. I was hesitant on getting another phone as I an older senior and wasn’t looking forward to learning a different brand phone. I have not have much trouble learning this phone. I did download the user manual which has helped me a lot. I like the big screen and it does hold a charge very well. When I have the WiFi turned it does run the battery down a little faster. I also like the many features and the large storage capacity.. Got on black Friday for $99 which I consider a great buy..

  5. D. G. Pratt

    Coming from an older phone to a new one is always a learning experience, but the default screen navigation used on the Moto g Stylus 5G is not that hard to master. Fewer screen buttons than my last LG phone but the swiping to go back, versus an arrow button, is fairly straightforward. However, I find that the traditional three buttons at the bottom of the screen are just easier to use. The good news is that you can easily turn them on: Settings>Accessibility>System Navigation>3-Button Navigation.

    The “gesture” feature allows the phone to be turned on with a shake and a swipe up, when the screen activates, to get to the lock screen. Or just push the button on the side. One really handy gesture feature is that the camera can be instantly turned on, even on a locked phone, with a double twist of the wrist and it is really easy. I do think smartphones are getting crazy big nowadays and this one, being slick, is hard to hold securely. Once I got a good holster case for it, that wasn’t a problem anymore.

    Getting my phone number switched from the old phone was a bit of a hassle because the Tracfone website is famously flakey, but I managed to do the switch by using the website chat feature. Took a few minutes, once I reached an agent, and the new phone was up and running. As with most Tracfones, this one is CDMA, which means that it uses the Verizon network. Yes, really. You need a Verizon signal for it to work.

    One reviewer here complained that one can’t set different ringtones for contacts. Not true! Page 61 of the pdf user manual explains how to do it: open up your contact then touch the three dots in the upper right corner for “more options,” one of which is “Set Ringtone.” You can choose different ringtones for different contacts. I prefer to set a generic ringtone using the usual settings menu and then have all my contacts have special ringtones that I made myself. That way I can tell by the ring if it is a known or an unknown caller. If unknown, I don’t answer — if they leave a voicemail I can get back to them. Known caller ring and I answer. Not that I get many real calls, like most folks, my contacts and I prefer text messages.

    I am quite pleased with the Moto g Stylus 5G!

    Edit: This question comes up a lot: The phone shipped with Android 11 and my phone just got an update to Android 12 on 5 August 2022. So, yes, it will get updated to Android 12!

    If you have access to fast internet, this phone will do WiFi calling automatically. I find that WiFi calling is so good, so seamless, that the only way I know that the call was made over the internet, versus the cell network, is because of the little WiFi symbol on my call log!

    Another Edit: After another Android 12 system update, my phone lost mobile data connection (WiFi was fine). After a chat with Tracfone service, it turned out that it was an obscure setting under “APNs” that had been turned off by the update: Settings>Network and Internet>Mobile Network, make sure Mobile Data is on (of course) then at the bottom:; “Access Point Names”>”Tracfone Internet VZWINTERNET” should be selected (on). [In case this happens to someone else!]

  6. bruce knutson

    Lots of memory, good cam. Very happy.

  7. vincent tuzzolo

    Large screen ,quick.

  8. stoutdog

    This replaces my Moto G6 which was a smaller phone and had half the on board memory. I like the larger screen and most of my apps are more vivid. The OS is much better and I’m still in the learning curve and most my apps and data migrated over successfully. I’m very please with it.

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