Uiosmuph LED Wireless Mouse, G12 Slim Rechargeable Wireless Silent Mouse, 2.4G Portable USB Optical Wireless Computer Mice with USB Receiver and…

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  • Rechargeable: Built-in rechargeable battery, no need change battery. Special soundless design for the right and left buttons, won’t disturb others.
  • Colorful Light: 7 different color changes randomly while in use, offering soothing lighting, creating cool and fancy atmosphere for work and play.
  • Energy Saving: The mouse will be in sleep mode in 8 mins of inactivity. And the LED light can be turned off by the bottom light switch.
  • Silm & Portable: About 4.4 x 2.25 x 0.79 inch,, Perfect for travelling carry and it can be easily put into your laptop bag and ultra-space saving.
  • Widely Compatibility: Works with Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10/Vista, Mac with USB port or Type C port. Suitable for homes, offices, travel and more.
Product Dimensions

4.4 x 2.2 x 0.79 inches

Item Weight

1.76 ounces


1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 23, 2020



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12 reviews for Uiosmuph LED Wireless Mouse, G12 Slim Rechargeable Wireless Silent Mouse, 2.4G Portable USB Optical Wireless Computer Mice with USB Receiver and…

  1. Gene D.

    What a pleasure treasure! I am in love with this mouse! It’s better than I’d hoped for!

    Even though I have a Microsoft Surface and it has a cursor pad to navigate the screen, when I have to do detailed work with art, finances or even writing an email, I prefer the feel of a mouse. However, I wanted something simple, reliable and a little fun to help with the hours I spend at my computer. Well… this little buddy has helped fill all of those niches in my needs.

    Here we go!

    1) – It’s small. Not tiny, or mini, just small, which I love. Like an actual mouse it fits anywhere! I need to slide it into computer case pockets and sleeves; you’d never know it was there. Heck, you could even slip it into your actual pocket in your pants, skirt or corporate dress shirt.

    2) – It’s not heavy at all, it almost feels delicate, based on how light it is. But it’s durable and secure. I accidentally dropped it twice and I think it works better than before, ha! The light-weight design is so helpful as it does not add to the overall weight of my computer bag.

    3) – Its smooth texture is a pleasure to grasp. Like a mini-Tesla it’s sleek and slim, modern appearance is a just fun to look at as well, without looking tacky, as I do need a professional appearance with my work.
    It brings a wonderfully smooth, relaxing tangible experience to the on-line work of my every-day digital journeys.

    4) – Finally, the LED lights that seamlessly glow while softly fading into each other is hypnotizing in the best possible way. It’s like observing a UFO hovering close to the ground as its tiny little crew explore a new world. Can you tell that I am in front of a screen all day?!?!? HAHA!

    The entire experience of using this mouse reminds me to take things slowly, as I watch the LED lights gently glow and transition, I’m reminded to take a moment and enjoy the little thing…like these lights. Like this mouse, like I have a life to not take for granted…. This actually happened to me while working until 3am one evening.

    Also, and absolutely, the price is perfect. Sometimes you spend a lot, and you get nothing special. Well, with this beauty I didn’t spend a lot at all, and I completely received something very special. Enjoy it! The thing even can substitute as a fidget toy to get rid of stress. It’s just a joy to hold, move around and click… oh… the clicks are so soft and welcoming, and so very quiet, I look for things to click on… THIS is my click bait, Haha!

    Thanks for reading!

    Life’s short!


  2. Amazon Customer

    I love it. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that you have to click it to wake it up once it goes into sleep mode. I’d prefer it if you could shake/move it and it woke up. A couple of times I’ve clicked to wake it up and accidentally clicked on things (buttons) on the screen and had to undo my action. (I have 3 screens so sometimes it is hard to find the cursor.) Other than that, it’s great. Good size, battery lasts a long time, accurate even when used on a white laminate desktop surface, good control of the cursor, and easy to “install” (just plug it into the USB port and it works!)

  3. Dita v. Delapluma.

    Lo cargué, lo conecté como decían las instrucciones y resulta que no funciona. Para que el ordenador lo coja tiene que estar muy cerca del conector (y cuando digo “muy cerca” quiero decir “AL LADO”, en cuanto lo pones en la mesa, ya no va), y aún así se ralentiza y no va. Lo voy a devolver, es una porquería. No lo compréis.

  4. Billie Adler

    This lightweight, comfortable mouse exceeded my expectations for sure. I actually liked it better than my Apple mouse which, unbeknownst to me when I purchased it, had a fairly short lifespan. I love using this little guy and all worked well until I dropped it onto a concrete floor – my bad – a piece cracked off but it continued to work for a few days anyway. I just ordered a new one to replace it. What a great value; highly recommend. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that there is no way to tell when the charge is low. So I’ve just gotten into the habit of randomly charging it about once a week. That said, the charge lasts a long while, so no complaints there.

  5. Noah smuck

    This works well for me since i work from home and use it for gaming when im not working, the sleep mode helps when u forget to turn it off it saves the battery life on it so you dont have to charge it as much. Its also nice to have it be wireless because having all the cords on the desk tends to get aggravating and this just frees up some space on the desk and makes sure things are running into eachother.

  6. Gabriel

    Hace 4 meses que lo compré.

    Se ha usado poco (unas 2 horas cada tres días).

    Ha dejado de funcionar al 4º mes.

    Al conectar el usb se oye el sonido de conexión a windows. Por lo que la conexión usb está ok.

    Al conectar el interruptor se encienden 2 led rojos y seguidamente se apaga.

    Lleva una pila-batería interna que está perfecta, por lo que falla es el hardware.

  7. Yvon D

    Je fais du traitement photo sur mon ordinateur et je cherchais une souris qui pouvais me donner des mouvements précis afin de déplacer lentement les curseurs de chaque paramètre photo du logiciel. A ma grande surprise j’ai enfin trouvé la souris parfaite pour ce travail. Fini les achats de batterie a répétition, la recharge dure plus d’une semaine pour le travail que je fais et j’apprécie énormément son ergonomie car je n’ai plus mal au poignet lors de son utilisation.

  8. Laura aragón

    Inicialmente funcionó perfectamente, me gustó mucho el tamaño, los colores, la presicion y lo silencioso. Además la batería duraba bastante, las primeras cargas duraban casi un mes de uso diario, aprox de 8hrs. Sin embargo, después de 4 meses de uso ha dejado de cargar, por lo mismo ya el cursor se hace demasiado lento y es imposible trabajar con el. Yo espero q solo sea mala suerte con esta compra, pero les comparto la experiencia.

  9. Katybleu

    Had the phone a week, charged it and never had to recharge in that week. Love the lights. Accurate pointer and click. Only thing it just wasn’t right for my hand. I am on computer everyday for hours and my hand and wrist began to ache because of the way I had to hold the mouse. Other mouse I could rest my palm on this one you can’t but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a bad mouse just not right for me. Disappointed because otherwise I really liked it. So I had to return it.

  10. SMcClure

    I wanted to try this because it seemed I was constantly replacing batteries on my mouse. Charging was quick and I can get almost a week between charges with daily 8+ hour use. I love the sleep mode – it really saves the power. The lights are fun. I also like the storage slot on the bottom for the USB – nice for travel to make sure it doesn’t get lost. I do notice a little more achiness in my hand when using this vs the ergonomic mouse I previously had – this one is super flat across the top rather than more of a dome shape with fingertip indentions. It’s smooth and easy to use except when trying to highlight and scroll thru a large section of text – there seems to be a stiff spot on the scroll wheel that gets hung up and because the top is flat instead of raised, it’s easy to inadvertently hit the right side of the mouse for the options instead of continuing to scroll and highlight. Not having to buy batteries is enough to make me overlook this one tiny issue. I’d recommend and buy again.

  11. Linda Lee

    I love the light system on this mouse. The light makes it so much easier to find because I do all my computing on my bed. The ongoing color changes are fun.

    I very much appreciate the color choices. I bought the white one. It’s beautiful.

    This is the first mouse I’ve ever owned that has a metal bottom with two inlaid glide pads. I don’t believe these glide pads will ever come off like they do on every other mouse I’ve owned.

    I like the 1-inch low profile and slender build.

    (Because I have a small palm, my personal preference is a 3-inch length in the build. That’s the only reason I took one star off.}

    Even though I keep my mouse on 24/7, I recharge this wireless mouse approximately every other day.

    I highly recommend the Ulosmuph mouse.

  12. Christine Kemp

    This mouse was great; I ordered it September 30th 2020, it took a while to come in.

    It was so quiet, and comfortable to use; it fit well in my hand, responsive. Great little mouse!

    December 1st 2020, it no longer works. Right when I needed it to too.

    I want another one, but I don’t think I’m going to go with it again, unless I can get some sort of guarantee that I won’t be making the same review 2 months later.

    RIP mousie, you were great for that short while

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