Unlocked Google Pixel 5 128GB Just Black GA01316-US (Renewed)

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  • New, Unlocked Android Phone Gives You The Flexibility To Change Carriers And Choose Your Own Data Plan; Unlocked Smartphone Works With T-Mobile, Sprint, At&T, Verizon, And Other Major Carriers
  • 5G Capable Smartphone Gives You An Extra Boost Of Speed So You Can Download A Movie In Seconds,Enjoy Smooth Streaming In Ultra Clear Hd, Play Games At Home And On The Go, And Even Share Your 5G Speed With Friends
  • Charge Your Cell Phone Wirelessly Or Use It To Wirelessly Charge Other Qi-Certified Devices
  • Take Vibrant Photos On Your Phone Even In The Dark With Night Sight, Bring Studio Quality Light To You Pictures Of People With Portrait Light, And Get More Scenery And People In The Shot With The Rear Facing Ultrawide Lens
Product Dimensions

6 x 4 x 2 inches

Other camera features

Rear, Front



Included Components

Adapter, USB Cable

Battery Power Rating

4080 Milliamp Hours



Form Factor


Audio Jack

3.5 mm

Other display features


Item Weight

5.3 ounces

Display technology


Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

Wireless communication technologies



8 GB


Android 11.0


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Item model number


Date First Available

November 5, 2020

11 reviews for Unlocked Google Pixel 5 128GB Just Black GA01316-US (Renewed)

  1. David

    Remember that kid’s puzzle game where you put a circle in the circle, square in the square, etc…? This phone is on that level. But for the fingerprint reader on the back (the only reason I bought this particular phone), there is literally nothing about it that I’ve found to be geared towards adults. This phone is Android – I just don’t know what part. It’s as locked down as an iPhone. It should be called iPixel.

    1- no mobile settings in quick settings menu. I didn’t even know there was a phone made without this vital feature.
    2- abysmal cell reception. Even the 10yo Nokia flip-phone I used to use got better reception. I live on the edge of town so I don’t get great reception to begin with (I don’t expect more than 3 bars), but my ancient Nokia and Samsung phones got at least 1 or 2 bars – so much for improved technology. I don’t even know what a bar looks like on this one yet. (note: I was in town at the store today and got what looked like 2 bars – now I kind of know.)
    3- app folder (#1), is arranged alphabetically, and while that’s mostly how I want it, that’s the only way. Even if you want to reorganize it’s not possible.
    4- app folder (#2), not allowed to create/organize into folders. They say it has that function, but not on my Pixel 5 it doesn’t. When you open the app screen, every single app on the phone is listed alphabetically, but the phone does not allow for creating folders to organize.
    5- battery percentage is nowhere to be found unless you want to clutter your screen with a huge ridiculous widget.
    6- as to the widgets, it’s as if they were designed by and for small children. Big, bulky, colorful, and basic. No information on em’ and nothing to modify, kinda like a Tonka Truck.
    7- texting. I’ve had the text window just vanish whilst in the process of typing a message on 3 occasions (all 3 were somewhat long messages, one of the times I wasn’t even touching the screen, I was just rereading the message before I sent it). And yes, I had to reopen messages and start all over.
    8- swiping. It requires astronomically more patience than I have. Twice I’ve actually lucked out and gotten a ‘swipe’ to pull up all of my open programs the first time, but the norm is 4 or 5 swipes – max 13. Even when you do manage to get it to open in less than 5 swipes, accomplishing your objectives is head-scratching slow. You have to swipe up – hold your finger there for 1 second – then release – now you can go through/close your apps 1 by 1 only. No option to close them all at once.

    Maybe Google has fixed all or some of these issues with the Pixel 7 OS, but I doubt it – they’re notorious for not fixing anything with any of their products (I knew that when I bought this phone but I figured I’d give it a try anyway – fail). One thing I do know, if you’re a Samsung user and you’re looking for a phone with a fingerprint reader somewhere other than on the screen, consider this one out of the question, you will most certainly not like it (maybe the 6 or 7 is better, who knows). It’s ultra basic, locked down, few settings/preferences, and awful reception – it’s as-is. No idea what to get now.

  2. eRoddickONE

    I’ve had every Google phone dating back to the Nexus line, only getting maybe 2 of them brand new. I’ve always purchased used, year-old models from Amazon or eBay as I’m not the “need the newest one” kinda guy I was back in the mid-late 2000s. It’s been a mixed bag of results, as I’ve received some great condition phones that were only listed as “good” condition, and some clunkers that were listed as “excellent/like new”. For example, the Pixel 3XL I purchased on Amazon a few years back was listed as excellent but had a large scratch on the screen that my fingernail could get stuck in.

    This Pixel 5 was in the best condition that I’ve ever received a used phone in–no blemishes or scratches, even under very close examination. I’m very happy with the purchase.

    As for the phone itself, despite a few gripes, it’s a solid entry in the Pixel lineup.

    -The battery on this is the best I’ve used, possibly ever on a smartphone. It lasts all day no problem, even under heavy usage. I’m frequently left with 30-40% battery when I go to bed, which is fantastic, especially for a used phone.
    -I love that they brought back the fingerprint scanner. Even though it’s “old tech” it works so much better than the face unlock I’ve had on previous Pixels. Others may disagree, but this is my favorite unlock/security method to have on a phone.
    -The camera is great. While it may not have the snappiest photo processing, it does take a great picture.
    -I really dig the green color and am a fan of not having a glass back. I always seemed to end up with cracks, even with a case, on my glass-back phones. Sure this back is plastic, but it doesn’t feel super cheap–it has a tile-like feel.
    -There’s no wasted front real estate. It’s got an edge-to-edge screen, so no forehead or chin that would make the phone unnecessarily larger.
    -While this is a person-to-person, carrier-to-carrier issue, on my Pixel 4XL that I bought used from Amazon, I was locked out of WiFi calling on that device by my carrier. I read that this happens to some AT&T customers when they purchase a preowned phone. It took me MONTHS of contact and threatening to switch carriers to get that finally activated. No such problem on this phone

    -I’ve always had the XL models of the PIxel and they did away with that for the 5, so this is smaller than I’m used to. And I kind of miss the larger size.
    -Not super wild about the left-aligned hole-punch front camera. I think I’d rather have it in the center.
    -While I did mention I like the edge-to-edge screen, the sacrifice for this is having the front speaker hidden under the glass. As others have mentioned in reviews for the Pixel 5, this is noticeably a worse sounding phone than my 4XL, and probably a few generations before that. Overall, the sound is disappointing.
    -As this is a review in 2022, as of now it just seems like the Pixel 5 is a forgotten entry for Google and aftermarket manufacturers. Sure there are still plenty of cases and accessories that are compatible, but I’ve found that a few popular case manufacturers don’t make Pixel 5 cases anymore. For example, I have a leather Bellroy case for my 4XL that I loved, and wanted to get one for my 5. I look on their site and they have the leather case available for the 2, 3, 4, 5a, and 6–not the 5! And when I contacted them to ask about it, they said they will not be making any more and “tend not to reproduce older cases as they become obsolete very quickly”, which doesn’t make a ton of sense since cases for older Pixels are available on their site. I’ve noticed a few other manufacturers not having Pixel 5 cases as well.

    Overall I really do enjoy the phone. It’s in wonderful condition and the battery life helps reduce the sting of the small gripes that I listed above.

  3. Marco Gallegos

    Pese a que dice eatar desbloqueado para otros operadores, solo esta liberado para Verizon y no es posible desbloquear, no tengo la menor intención de pagar mas por un teléfono que se supone asi compré

  4. mahopson

    This was an upgrade from a relatively cheap Samsung I’d been using for the last 5 years. I find the sound quality to be great and apps open quickly. The camera is the best I’ve ever had, which was the main reason I wanted the Pixel. So far the battery has been lasting a solid 48 hours with moderate internet browsing, music streaming, etc. While I was hesitant to get a refurbished phone at first, I can say that I’m extremely pleased with this purchase and I would recommend the Pixel 5 to anyone who wants an upgrade from an older smartphone, but isn’t wanting to dive into the cost of brand new 2022/2023 phone.

  5. Fernanda

    The media could not be loaded.

     Llegó el producto hace unas horas, desde que lo conecté, no prende. No carga.
    Es un celular descompuesto.

  6. Hasan

    I bought the one in excellent condition.

    The biggest issue was the fingerprint scanner didn’t work when I was registering my finger. It was saying clean the sensor while it was clean. The battery life wasn’t lasting like a new or close to new phone but it was ok I would say. I used %45 of the battery in 2,5 hours. So, don’t expect a 8-9 hour screen on time like battery test videos. I would say it would last around 5,5 or 6 hours. Other than these, it was pretty well for a mid- entry level phone.

  7. Cliente de Amazon

    El celular estaba impecable, estética de 9.5. Sin problemas en cámaras y en funcionamiento general. Pero no esta liberado, así que si lo vas a comprar para usar en México, no te va a servir.

  8. Jesus lopez

    Todo muy bien 9.5, pantalla muy bien, trae cargador generico y los accesorios, por la parte trasera solo las marcas de uso de una funda anterior, liberado 100%, solo problemas con mi proveedor de servicio ALTAN Redes que no tiene 5g y tarda en conectar las llamadas de salida, con el recibo de llamadas y datos, sin problema

  9. Erick Espinosa

    Aunque Amazon jure que hay garantía de reemplazo en productos reacondicionados es una mentira, no me quisieron hacer un reemplazo y lastimosamente voy a tener que regresar el equipo por un defecto en la cámara que tiene tierra, lo malo es que me van a dejar sin celular por 2 semanas en lo que hago la devolución y vuelvo a pedir otro esperando que este nuevo no tenga tampoco fallas.

  10. kirstin muradali

    hey, this product is good. it came in excellent condition with a charger. it works well, responds to touch on the main screen & the fingerprint sensor. very pleased with this purchase

  11. Cesar Rodriguez de los Santos

    De estética le doy un 10, hasta el momento ha funcionado bien, la batería va bien, liberado lo estoy usando con AT&T México. Lo único es que vino con cable genérico y sin ningún folleto de garantía de Amazon Renewed, pero me gusta la compra que hice.

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