GoPro Max Grip + Tripod – Official GoPro Mount

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  • Can be Used as a camera grip, extension pole or quick-deploy tripod
  • Extendable from 9 to 22in (23 to 56cm)
  • Extension pole locks into position with a simple twist
  • Foldout legs with magnetic closure can be Used on any level surface
  • Designed for 360 Capture, and can be Used with any GoPro Camera
Product Dimensions

1.38 x 9.06 x 1.38 inches

Item Weight

7.8 ounces

Item model number


Date First Available

October 1, 2019



13 reviews for GoPro Max Grip + Tripod – Official GoPro Mount

  1. Breckon Carter

    I do like how it extends however it’s not very far how the whole thing is extended. I would try to find another tripod that extended more than a foot and 3/4.

  2. prosarchie

    Extension too short. A bit clunky. GoPro moves a little on hinge.

  3. Bianca Noveno

    I like how it has its own tripod on its end. Quite handy. It felt flimsy and plasticky for its price. Its also shorter than I expected. Wouldn’t recommend.

  4. Hazel

    It didn’t feel sturdy for the price and it snapped at the neck. It’s also not long in the neck. It’s very short in height if you want to place your GoPro in front of you it goes up to thigh.

  5. Grace

    My GoPro Max sucks, I am on my 4th one in less than two months but the tripod is awesome! Not sure if you’re supposed it, but we use it in the water. we added a wrist strap to it and it helps with carrying it around.

  6. Alejandro Carrillo

    It’s “ok”, it does the jobs but it has some cons:
    – stick is too short
    – tripod base is short, wind may make it fall
    – expensive

  7. MLT

    Image quality in hero mode is poor.
    No manual for 360 editing software, a lot of wasted time trying to figure things out. I reget buying it.
    Stabilisation excellente.
    I was expecting better from GOPRO

  8. Adrian831

    This product is very good and sturdy. Mounting system is good and doesn’t let the camera move around

  9. mirella253

    Good quality, sturdy, good grip. The only problem is that it’s a little hard to twist it to the right position when you want to extend or retract it.

  10. Allen

    If you own a max, you need this tripod. Period. It’s so good it should have came with it in the first place. Waiiiiit, thats how they get you, isn’t it!


    I’m sure the price point is higher because of the name, but it’s a decent product and I don’t mind paying a premium for quality. I would rate this product worth about $30 and I’m sure it only costs GoPro half of that or less to manufacture. Regardless, it works fine and it has the little details that make it nice to use.

    The twist and extend method is a little sticky in places where it doesn’t flow smoothly up and down so you have to be careful not to monkey it and break it when it sticks. I might apply some graphite powder on the sliding areas to see if that helps. I feel that part could be engineered better, but hey, it works. Like I said, it just takes some patience to mess with it.

    I do like the tripod feature (three legs) that extend out and the grip of the device feels nice and secure in the hand. The connection part for the GoPro camera is fine. I don’t see why people complain about it and make remarks that it’s cheap. People tend to abuse things and are way too rough when they handle stuff. It’s perfectly fine!

    Overall this product fits the bill and I’m satisfied with my purchase, though I know I’m overpaying. Even fully extended, the device can support a typical GoPro camera fine without toppling over, even if there’s some wind. A GoPro camera is not heavy, but if you are trying to mount a full-scale larger camera with other accessories that might be a different story. But, for GoPro cameras you should be good.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  12. Mark Harris

    I bought this mostly for photos rather than video. It’s decent, especially with the stand – you can upload the photospheres to many websites and they will turn it into a sphere. The video is a little more challenging, on windows all you can do is generate a file that you could upload to youtube from what you recorded, its mostly transcoding. I haven’t figured out a way to reframe the video in DaVinci resolve yet – there was a promising addon being developed but its not being supported.

    Definitely could do with more resolution, and low light capability.

  13. Paul Cunliffe

    Maybe i got a faulty one? as most of the reviews are good! but i had it a day, and one of the times i extended it, it broke? sent it back for a refund, which they did no problems, so not a bad review for the seller, they were amazing, just the product

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